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Air Coolers

Air Coolers

Air coolers give you more chill than a fan for a fraction of the cost of an air conditioner. They use natural evaporative cooling to blow cold air around your room. Choose from a variety of stylish, modern designs below - our range includes models with remote controls, timer functions, ionisers, and more!

Sticky heat and scorching weather can be a real pain for many people around the world, ultimately making them feel uncomfortable and irritated. Air coolers are the ideal products to get your environment feeling much cooler and give you some much-needed respite from high temperatures.

Products such as the Evaporative Portable Air Cooler allow the user to adjust the levels of cooling to suit their temperature needs, ultimately giving them the option to adjust and readjust the cooling effect depending on the conditions. Not cool enough? Just throw in the ice packs that we provide for extra chill!

Why Choose HSD For Your Air Coolers?

HSD offers a range of portable air coolers at very affordable prices – perfect for cooling down when you’re feeling the heat. What’s more, they come courtesy of leaders in the market such as MYLEK, Koolbreeze, iKool, among others!

Our remote control air coolers give you the ability to operate the machine without even touching it, while products such as the Koolbreeze Koolmist 450 provide you with a built-in ioniser for cleaner air and a timer for you to set how long you want the cooler to function for.

We even offer a 4-in-1 air cooler which can be repurposed on the fly to accommodate any situation. It can be used as an air cooler, heater, air purifier or humidifier, making it ideal for anyone who wants a multi-purpose air cooler. To top it off, the machine only uses 70 watts for cooling, helping you to save money on your bills.

No matter which option you go for, be safe in the knowledge that our range of air coolers are eco-friendly, portable, and cost effective. All of our air coolers are covered by our price match guarantee, meaning we won’t be beaten on price by anyone!

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