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Under Sink Water Heaters

Under sink water heaters are perfect for tasks that require small amounts of hot water. Due to them being directly fitted to your tap, they prevent water waste and are much more energy efficient. Browse our extensive range today to find the right model for you!

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What Are the Benefits of Under Sink Water Heaters?

under sink water heaterUnder sink water heaters provide you with a low cost, efficient way to heat your water. Perfect for washing up, washing your hands and even washing hair in hairdressers and salons; these water heaters provide you with hot water instantly. Due to their ability to be plugged into conventional taps instead of far away boilers, they prevent waste in water and energy! (This is because the distance from the hot water source is significantly less, allowing the water less time to travel to the tap, as well as less time for the water to be heated.) We’ve all ran a conventional tap that isn’t directly connected to a heater for minutes, waiting for a hot water supply to finally run – with these water heaters, there is no wait or water waste! These under sink water heaters are fitted as closely to your taps as possible, whilst either holding hot water or heating it instantly. This makes them the perfect addition to a sink that is only used for jobs that require a small amount of water (such as hand washing), making them perfect for outhouses, garages or workrooms.

Instant Under Sink Water Heaters   - What Are the Differences?

An instant under sink hot water heaterInstant hot water heaters do exactly what you’d expect – they heat water instantly! Designed to dispense hot water instead of holding it, these models are extremely useful for places that need hot water, fast. Using an electronic heating element, these instant models heat the water working under permanent pressure for high performance and reliability! They also provide a continuous amount of hot water, which makes them perfect for businesses that need hot water as quick as possible, without having to wait for cold water to dispense beforehand, or wait for the supply to be reheated. However, all under sink water heaters are for light use only, and are not suitable for large water heating jobs such as baths or showers.

In contrast to instant water heaters, other models simply hold a certain amount of water (depending on the size you get!) and heat the water up before dispensing it from the tap. Our models range from 1200W to 1800W, allowing you to pick how much water you wish the heater to hold. For example, if your heater is being stored under your household sink, we recommend buying a larger model as it is more likely to be used on a regular basis (if you’re using it to wash up and wash your hands!) Most of our water heaters are fitted with an easy to see indicator that clearly tells you when the hot water is ready to use – making it easy to see when the heater is in the process of heating water, or when it is finished and ready to deposit.

Which Under Sink Water Heater is Best For Me?

a white under sink water heaterYou’ll need to choose your water heater based on the type of business or room it’s required in. As previously mentioned, it is extremely important that these models are only used in moderation for jobs that do not require a large volume of water.

If you’re looking for an under-sink water heater for your home or office kitchen (washing up or hand wash use only) we recommend our larger heaters, that store water instead of releasing hot water instantly. This is due to the fact that you will usually have time to wait for the water to heat up, as well it not being used as many times throughout the day. These under sink water heaters are designed to be used a few times a day, allowing the heater to refill and reheat water once it has been emptied. The supply of hot water not being hooked to a boiler (which is often fitted far away from kitchen sink taps), provides you with a much more efficient way to access hot water, without any waste.  

For catering vans, outhouses, workrooms or café toilets, we recommend our instant under sink water heaters. Due to the hot water being available instantly, these are perfect for workplaces or less busy washrooms where only a few people will need access to the water. This will prevent customers from waiting around, as well as providing easy access to hot water for individual use in garages and workrooms where you may need to wash your hands more regularly. For catering purposes, these heaters are also much more efficient - especially when hungry and thirsty customers are waiting!

So, whether you’re looking for an instant water heater for your salon, your kitchen or your catering business, we have a wide variety for you to choose from! Click here to pick your perfect water heater today.

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