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Hotel and Commercial Hair Dryers

Commercial and hotel hairdryers are perfect for hospitality and leisure companies! Allow your customers to feel at home by providing them with an easy to use hairdryer that fits your company's needs perfectly, whilst giving them easy access to one of their home comforts.

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Hotel and Commercial Hair Dryers

A hair dryer mounted onto a wallHotel and commercial hairdryers are extremely useful to have within hospitality companies or sporting and leisure centres. They offer hair dryer facilities to both male and female customers, in a discrete and easy way, due to them being able to be fixed to a wall or inside a drawer. Here at HSD, we offer a wide range of commercial hairdryers, ranging in size, colour and shape – allowing you to find the perfect model for you! Depending on the environment you wish to place the hairdryer in, HSD offer hairdryers suitable for both sporting centres, which may be prone to damp environments and luxury hotels. Either way, you can ensure your business will receive the best hairdryers available, resulting in happy customers.

Hairdryers for Gyms and Leisure Centres

Hairdryers are often needed for customers to dry their hair after a swim or shower when exiting leisure centres. Particularly in the colder months, leaving a facility with wet hair is extremely unpleasant – it can actually cause colds and cases of flu! In order for your customers or employees to avoid this, the correct hairdryer must be fitted to avoid accidents from happening – particularly with sporting centres being exposed to water regularly through swimming pools and saunas. This can be a hazard for many companies, causing avoidable accidents from taking place. Luckily, Hygiene Supplies Direct can provide a safe, stylish and affordable model – that not only dries hair but keeps your customers safe!

What Features on a Hairdryer are Best for Leisure and Sporting Facilities?

Our extensive range of hairdryers will offer you the perfect model for your business. However, there are certain features that best suit a sport and leisure facility. For example, if you wish to keep tight control over your costs, whilst also making sure the hairdryer is not being used for too much time by only one individual, then a coin-operated hairdryer would be perfect! Our models take both 20ps and 50ps, making it convenient for customers to use their spare change. This also prevents vandalism, as these hairdryers are fixed firmly to a wall, with the coin mechanism being stored inside a secure, durable stainless-steel box, which fixes the hairdryer to the wall.

Due to gyms and leisure centres being extremely busy places, the durability of your hairdryer must be second to none. That’s why at Hygiene Supplies Direct we offer excellent quality hairdryers in both plastic and stainless steel. Both are hardwearing and easy to clean, yet there are some important factors to take into account. If your hairdryer is going to be fixed near water (taps, sinks or showers), avoid buying stainless-steel hairdryers, due to the risk of them rusting. Instead, opt for a plastic model that will not be damaged by any moisture in the air.

Another feature we recommend for sporting facilities is a pipe fixture instead of a coil wire. These prevent tearing in the wire, which is extremely dangerous for areas that may come into contact with water. The pipe also ensures that the hairdryer is easily wiped down, as well as preventing tears that may happen on a thin wire.

Wall-mounted hair dryers are much more convenient for gym and leisure centre customers, as they can easily use it, whilst looking in a mirror nearby. Wall-mounted models are also discrete, with them easily being fixed to any wall, providing a neat and easy place for users to pull out the nozzle when needed, and then returning it to the holder on the wall. This also provides peace of mind to yourself, as vandalism and stealing are much less likely to happen if it is securely fixed to a wall.

Hairdryers for Hotels and Other Hospitality Companies

Running a hotel, Airbnb or a bed and breakfast is a business that thrives on pleasing their customers. Fitting your rooms with a hairdryer will allow individuals who are staying in your facilities to have a vital home comfort, without having to take up valuable space in their luggage by bringing their own! However, any hairdryer isn’t going to do for your hotel or Airbnb rooms – you require the best to fit in seamlessly with your stylish and comfortable rooms! That’s why we provide high-end, luxury hand dryers that not only look great but work amazingly too.

What Features on a Hairdryer are Best for Hotels and Airbnbs?

OnA luxury hotel hair dryere of the most useful features some of our commercial hairdryers have, is that they can be fitted inside a drawer. This is perfect for any room where members of the public are staying, as the room can remain uncluttered – allowing you to maintain that luxuries feel in any room! Drawer-fitted hairdryers are also perfect for those rooms that have drawers fitted near a mirror (which most hotel and Airbnb rooms have!) making it the perfect storage solution for your guests.

Hotels offer an escape for your guests, they look forward to visiting your room and every extra bit of luxury you can deliver ensures your customers have the best experience possible! That’s why our Northface and Valera hairdryers deliver an outstanding performance, as well as looking like a designer product. Northface have an excellent warranty (4-6 years depending on the model), meaning you can be put at ease with your purchase, as you are able to return it if it doesn’t deliver as promised. These models look designer, whilst also giving your customers an excellent experience whilst drying their hair due to the high speed and heat settings they offer.

Unlike gym and leisure centres, coin-operated hairdryers will look out of place in a premium hotel room or Airbnb. Therefore, we offer button operated options too – allowing your guests to use their hairdryer as they would at home – giving them the best experience possible!

We also offer hairdryers that can be fitted inside en suite bathrooms, that provide shaving sockets for your male customers. This allows an easily accessible hairdryer and shaving socket near a mirror, which allows your guests to use these facilities easily, without having to worry about unwinding knotted cords or pulling them into a position where they can easily see themselves.

Hair and Body Dryers 

A hair and body dryerOur hair and body dryer is perfect for care homes and high-end hotels who wish to give their guests added luxuries! Avoid wet and dirty towels (and therefore washing!) by investing in one of our hair and body dryers. Easy to use, these can allow disabled and elderly users to dry themselves as independently as possible, as well as providing excellent results. Easily fixed to any wall, they provide an alternative to guests in your facilities who may wish to dry themselves free of towels, giving them an extra added experience during their stay.

No matter what your business, we have the hair dryer to suit you. Explore our extensive range here, and explore the different options you can offer to your customers. A hairdryer may be a luxury item to many, but having it available within your workplace allows for satisfied customers who can feel at home during their stay away, or before leaving a long sporting session.

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