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Floor Standing Fans

Sometimes you just need a fan that will accommodate a room full of people, and in that regard, floor standing fans are among the most effective for the job. These high velocity machines pack a serious punch thanks to their unparalleled power and high-speed motors.

If you share a space with many other people in it (e.g. workplace), floor standing fans can make all the difference for those not close to the cooling device. However, they also make for good additions to your home too – striking a lovely balance between domestic and commercial use.

Floor standing fans can produce a tremendous amount of cool air, and even better, they can be tilted and maneuvered for maximum coverage. But what if you don’t have a wide-open space to put one in? No problem – floor standing fans are just as suitable for use in smaller rooms too. So, if you’re considering getting one, you’ve certainly come to the right place!

Why Choose HSD For Your Floor Standing Fans?

HSD prides itself on offering the best products at the most reasonable prices, and our range of floor standing fans are no different. They come courtesy of several esteemed brands and manufacturers in the market like MYLEK, Hydor, Addvent, and more. Whether it’s Prem-I-Air’s Chrome Air Circulator Fan or Addvent’s Black Office Air Circulator Fan – HSD has something to suit your all of your cooling tastes.

With astonishing airflow volume and uncanny flexibility, the floor standing fans are the crème de la crème of cooling machines – perfect for establishments such as gyms, offices, theatres, and other locations where people tend to congregate. What’s more, all of our floor standing fans strive to be as quiet as possible so as to not distract office workers and other professionals that require quiet working areas.

We stock a variety of sizes, ranging from 12”-24” – a nice selection available which will be dependent on the size of the room your putting it in and the amount of people that will be in the room at one time. Another lavish feature is the ability to control the speed at which the fan operates – one more reason why it is just as compatible in smaller rooms as it is in bigger rooms.

It’s also worth flagging up the aesthetic beauty of our floor standing fans. None of these products will be an eyesore in your home or office space, with colours ranging from a silky chrome sheen to an eye-catching shade of black – perfect for those of you who deliberate over the style and décor of a room. And if you’re still struggling to pinpoint the correct one for your premises, why not go for the Remote Control 3-in-1 Fan. With this bad boy you can attach and detach the stand until you get the fan exactly how you want it.

Our range of floor standing fans simply blow away the competition – and they’re all incredibly cost effective too! All of our floor standing fans are covered by our price match guarantee, meaning we won’t be beaten on price by anyone!

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