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Sanitary Bins & Bags

In order to provide your female washroom users with the sanitary bins and hygiene facilities they deserve, browse our wide range of products today! Our bins, bags and odour neutralizers are all of high quality, providing your washroom users with the best products on the market!

Sanitary Bins and Bags

Sanitary bin with lidIt is a legal requirement that you provide your female washroom users with a sanitary waste bin in every toilet cubicle. Not providing one will cause your customers to flush their sanitary waste, which can cause blockages, leaks and floods! Prevent this and keep your washroom users’ content by exploring our wide range of sanitary bins and feminine hygiene products, ensuring that all of your female customers and employees receive the adequate supplies they need!

Sanitary Bins

As previously stated, it is a legal requirement that all female-used toilets are fitted with a sanitary waste bin. Although there are no specific features a sanitary bin needs to have, there are certain elements that will keep your washroom clean and fresh-smelling, as well as ensuring your customers have a pleasant experience using the facility. 

Sanitary Bins with Lids

All of our sanitary bins are fitted with a secure lid. This prevents any overflow of products or bad odours from being deposited and keeps the washroom looking presentable and hygienic. An open top sanitary bin can look unsightly, which for your business or public washroom can be off-putting to potential users. Opting for one of our many closed-top bins will ensure your female customers never have to worry about this, as well as allowing them to deposit their sanitary waste in a contained and clean unit!

Sanitary Bins with a Chute

A chute is designed to take the sanitary waste into the bin on a slope, without the user having to see or touch any of the other waste that has already been deposited! This makes them the most hygienic sanitary bins available, as the sanitary products are kept securely inside the bin, ensuring no leaks, overflow or bad odours are able to escape!

Pedal Operated Sanitary Bins

Chute and pedal operated binTo avoid having to touch the bins completely, our pedal operated bins are perfect! Simply place your foot on the pedal and the lid will be lifted upwards, allowing the user to put their sanitary waste inside. With hygiene standards constantly increasing, this feature will be extremely appealing to washroom users and will encourage them to want to use your facilities again in the future!

Safe and Durable

All of our sanitary waste bins are durable and long-lasting! Made from stainless-steel or ABS fireproof plastic, you can be sure every waste bin we sell has been made to last. For public washrooms, our stainless-steel waste bins will prevent vandalism and graffiti, due to the fact that they can be wall-mounted! Both the plastic and stainless-steel waste bins are easily wiped clean, ensuring your washroom remains clean and tidy!

Sanitary Bags and Dispensers

To ensure maximum hygiene, why not provide your employees or customers with sanitary bags? These will provide the users with a place to securely place their used sanitary items, before then placing them in the waste bin. This not only seals in any bad odours, but it also makes the emptying process much less messy and more hygienic!

Sanitary Bag Dispensers  

sanitary bin dispenserSanitary bag dispensers can be wall mounted, providing a hygienic and convenient way to store the bags. They signal to the washroom user that sanitary bags are readily available, whilst also providing a clean and tidy place to store them, out of the way of bathroom floors and toilet seats!

Odour Neutralisers

To prevent any foul smells from forming in your sanitary bins, we offer an extensive range of odour neutralisers to place at the bottom of your sanitary bins! Available in loose granules or sachets, our odour neutralisers work to remove bacteria and bad odours, before releasing a fresh scent in its place! This will prevent any foul odours from lingering in your toilet cubicles, making the experience of the user much more pleasant! Our odour neutralisers use a natural mineral carrier from a sustainable source, ensuring the products are completely biodegradable and provide no danger to the environment.

To ensure you are providing your female washroom users with a hygienic, easy to use and odour-free facility, explore our wide range of sanitary waste bins and feminine hygiene products today!

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