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Silverfish Killer

It can be easy to simply dismiss silverfish as just being a minor annoyance, however, they can cause their fair share of problems. For example, they eat through clothes, books, and other materials – ultimately causing some serious expense in the long run for infested households.

While they may not be dangerous to humans like some other pests are, silverfish are nonetheless unwanted visitors due to their unsightly appearance and wild eating habits. They look for dark and damp spots in the home to dwell in, and they will gnaw on practically anything in the house for nutrients.

It’s good to nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of hand, however, try not to stress too much over it as they aren’t dangerous. Silverfish are annoying when in large numbers but bear in mind that they won’t hurt you. If you’re irritated by them, though, there are ways to get rid of even the largest of infestations – key steps you can take to finally rid your home of this costly nuisance!

Why Choose HSD For Your Silverfish Killer?

HSD offers a number of products to help you with the onset of silverfish in your household, ranging from dusting powder to smoke bombs. What’s more, they all complement each other – making for the perfect combination for those who want maximum impact and coverage on infested areas of their home.

First off, our assortment of insecticidal sprays are very effective for exterminating silverfish. In fact, the spray will kill the pest upon contact, and even more beneficial, it will last up to six weeks after the infestation has been dealt with. This means that you can take preventative measures before anymore of the pests enter your home. Another neat bonus is the fact that a lot of our sprays are multi-purpose, meaning they will wipe out any other insects that you might be plagued by.

Alternatively, our range of dusting powders are ideal for those places in the house which are too delicate to spray such as plug sockets, household appliances, and other electrical equipment. The powder is also designed for those hard-to-reach cracks and crevices in the home – perfect for pouring down skirting, bed frames, and other nooks and crannies where silverfish may reside. It then quickly dehydrates and kills silverfish.

Smoke bombs are another popular product for ridding your premises of silverfish. Unleashing this in your home will kill off the pest thanks to an active ingredient in the smoke which severely damages the silverfish’s ability to function – ultimately leading to their death. With its unparalleled coverage and its stellar reputation amongst pest control professionals, these items are perfect for hitting all rooms in the home.

As mentioned earlier, our sprays, powders, and smoke bombs work best when they are used together, with smoke bombs killing most of them, the spray wiping out those that enter the sprayed areas, and the powder killing off survivors in the tighter spaces of the home. They work incredibly well alongside each other to completely wipe out even the most entrenched infestations. We stock large infestation kits for homes which have multiple rooms infested with silverfish. For those houses which aren’t as heavily swamped with the insect, we also offer smaller infestation kits.

Don’t let your favourite shirt or rug get ruined by silverfish – HSD is here to help you get rid of them before that happens! All of our silverfish killer products are covered by our price match guarantee, meaning we won’t be beaten on price by anyone!

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