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Wasp Killer

Not to be confused with the relatively harmless bee, wasps are a much more menacing breed of flying insect. If allowed to settle, wasps can make nests which number in the thousands, and their sting can cause physical pain as well as allergic reactions. Needless to say, it’s probably best not to go near them empty handed!

During the summer is when they are at their most active, with social wasps tending to build their nests close to homes and other buildings. It is during this period that they go hunting for sugary food sources – ultimately making their bed close to homes and establishments that possess these.

They can even nest inside the household in places such as roof spaces, while also being able to inhabit the outside area in dwellings like bins. If they perceive a threat, they won’t hesitate to sting the perpetrator, however, there are other ways to dispose of wasps without taking them on directly…

Why Choose HSD For Your Wasp Killer Products?

Here at HSD we understand the nuisance that wasps can pose to households up and down the country, which is why we stock some of the best products for getting rid of them. Whether you choose a spray, a powder, a repellent, or all three – rest assure you’re getting top of the line pest control items in order to solve the problem.

For starters, our insecticidal sprays are very effective when it comes to exterminating wasps. The HSE tested Protector C is one of our top items thanks in part to its aqueous nano emulsion formulation technology. Simply spray surfaces around the home and it will wipe out any wasps that land on them. What’s more, it can be used outdoors – perfect for eliminating wasp nests in a similar fashion to the Wasp Nest Destroyer Foam. Protector FCIK on the other hand is also a useful spray, allowing the user to apply it directly onto the target for immediate disposal of wasps upon contact.

If you’re after an aerosol product, Protector Natural Aerosol should be your first port of call. This water based insecticide is ideal for use in bedrooms, flats, and hotels, and delivers comparable results to our sprays. If you want to contain the insect, we also offer a range of lures and traps – brilliant for keeping the wasps at bay when you’re trying to get things done in and outside of your house!

Of course, there are always those places in your home that aren’t as easily accessible, and for those areas, a potent dusting powder should do the trick. The word “effective” pops up a lot in the customer reviews for this product, and with an active ingredient that causes the wasp to dehydrate and die, it’s not hard to see why. This item is particularly beneficial for using around household appliances and plug sockets, as it is safe to apply in those sensitive spots.

If you’re dealing with a large infestation, fumers are incredibly impactful products. Our stock of Xterminate Smoke Bombs and Fortefog P Midi Fumer will disperse throughout your entire domestic or commercial property in order to rid the premises of wasps. This fantastic coverage is made even better by an ingredient which zeroes in on the pest’s neurological capabilities to survive – ultimately leading to its demise.

If you are dealing with wasp infestations and nests, we also ship complete eradication kits so you can totally wipe out the problem with maximum force. Last but not least is PreVent Insect Repellent – an aerosol which will help to protect you from wasp stings. We offer fast delivery and parcel tracking for the benefit of our loyal customers, and if you have any queries regarding our wasp killer stock, feel free to contact our customer service team for support.

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