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Caravan Heaters

When you're wanting some peace and quiet, caravans are great for breaks away. Yet, in the winter they can become unbearably cold. Avoid this from spoiling your breakaway by investing in one of our caravan heaters today!

Caravan Heaters

Caravans are a perfect place to escape to, perfect for family holidays (or quieter breaks!) they allow you to escape to a familiar place that’s a home from home and full of personal touches that you’re proud of. However, in the winter, caravans can become extremely cold and off-putting to families, as the drop in temperature makes them very unwelcoming places to be. Luckily, we have an extensive range of caravan heaters, all differing in heat output and style to ensure you can easily find the perfect heater for your caravan! Picking the perfect caravan heater can be difficult, especially when there are so many options to choose from! That’s why we’ve created this buyer’s guide that breaks down all of the different models available to help you make an educated choice! Read on to find the perfect model for your caravan today and never miss an opportunity to take a break due to the cold ruining your trip!

TubPanel heater fitted in a caravanular Heaters

Tubular models are the perfect heaters for caravans with limited space thanks to their long and thin design that provides a generous amount of heat without consuming your much-needed floor space! Their discrete design also makes them extremely versatile, meaning you can move them around anywhere you require in your caravan and are also great for fighting damp and condensation. These tubular heaters can be wall-mounted or put on the floor, providing heat to all areas of the room. Spotted a damp patch on your roof? Simply fit the tubular heater next to it, and the heater will start combatting those pesky damp areas!

Many of our tubular heaters are also IP55 rated, meaning they are splash proof and can be fitted in your bathroom. This is a key benefit of these heaters, as bathrooms are especially prone to getting extremely cold. Install a tubular heater so your caravan bathroom is always nice and toasty. These heaters are also super cheap to run thanks to their low wattage, whilst also being energy efficient – providing with a cheap, energy efficient alternative to heating your caravan!

Fan Heaters

A fan heaterFan heaters provide a portable heat source that can easily be carried from room to room. Perfect for those who wish to only heat one room at a time to prevent wasting energy, many of our fan heaters have a carrying handle that will ensure the heater is moved safely. They are also extremely light-weight and versatile in design, allowing them to be stored horizontally or vertically. As a result, they conveniently fit into any space, without having to change your furniture around to make room for a larger heater.

Many fan heaters can also be fitted into en-suites or bathrooms thanks to their IP55 rating. They fit seamlessly above doorways, with a handy pull-switch to turn it on. Once switched on, these fan heaters start to work immediately, ensuring that they provide quick and reliable heat to warm up your caravan. Fitted with an adjustable thermostat, you can also set them to heat your caravan to your desired temperature.

Some of our fan heaters can also be set to dispense cold air too, making them the perfect all-year heater, as they act as an air conditioner in the summer months when your caravan can start to feel like an oven! Many also have built-in frost protection, allowing you to feel reassured that the heater will not break or become damaged throughout those icy-cold winter months.

Convector Heater

Convector heaters provide us with a stylish and homely-looking heating source. They look very similar to traditional radiators, yet are portable and can be easily moved from room to room. In addition to their appealing design, these models also have an adjustable thermostat and a 3-speed setting. This ensures that the heat dispensed is always at the correct temperature for your family, whilst also allowing the heat to be dispensed at different speeds, depending on the time of day. For example, when the weather is coldest (mornings and nights) you may wish for the convector heater to dispense the air quickly, allowing the full room (and eventually, surrounding rooms) to be heated quicker, whilst a lower heat setting may only be needed during the day to maintain the temperature. Many models are also digitally controlled with an electric display with built-in thermostats and timers that are extremely accurate down to the exact degree and minute! Convector heaters are an affordable option to buy and run, whilst also providing a reliable heat source for warming the rooms in your caravan!

Electric Panel Heater Electric Panel Heaters

Perhaps the most stylish type of heaters we offer are our electric panel heaters. Easily wall mountable to take up less space in your caravan and fit in the smallest of rooms with slimline designs, they are great for those in search of a stylish yet functional heater that won’t cost a fortune to run. Panel heaters are extremely energy efficient which saves you money over time thanks to their low running costs.

Adding to their stylish design, some are even fitted with a touch-activated display which controls both the built-in timer and the thermostat. As previously mentioned, these digital displays ensure the temperature is perfect during every use, without worrying that the air temperature may become too hot or cold. Furthermore, the timer feature allows you to programme the panel heater to start generating heat before you wake up, and then turn off after it has reached the target temperature. Programme the heater to only be used during the time you’re in the caravan and to cut back on excessive heating costs.

Panel heaters are child-friendly and splash proof, allowing them to be fitted in en-suites and bathrooms, as well as around children without the worry that accidents may occur. Certain panel heaters also have frost protection so you can have peace of mind that they won’t break while your caravan is out of use, and some even have Frost Mode which means they’ll switch on if the room drops below 7 degrees to avoid damp in your caravan!

Oil-filled Radiators

An oil-filled radiatorOil-filled heaters are filled with a special type of oil that retains heat extremely well. Therefore, once the radiator has been heated, the oil remains hot (even after the heater has been turned off) providing an energy efficient and low-cost solution for heating your caravan. Eventually, the oil will then cool down until you turn the heater on again – giving you full control over the heating in your caravan!

Fitted with a thermostat and timer, these heaters are easily controlled to suit your needs.  Simply set the thermostat to the temperature you want the heater to reach, and the timer to the correct times you want the radiator to turn on and off, and enjoy a perfectly heated caravan! Once the heat drops, these heaters will then turn on and heat the room to your desired temperature, ensuring your caravan is never cold while you’re there again!

Pick the Perfect Heater for You

Explore our extensive range of heaters to pick the perfect one for your caravan. With a huge range from panel heaters to oil filled radiators and tubular heaters, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be kept warm all year round and even help to avoid your caravan from getting damp during colder winter months.

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