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Commercial Wall Mounted Child Seats

Our range of high seats are designed for commercial premises to offer a child a secure place to be seated whilst the guardian gets changed within a changing room or uses a toilet. The seats fit to a wall in a similar way to a baby changing table and often has numerous straps to fit around a child's waist, crotch or shoulder area. Available in a number of finishes to suit a particular premises.

Wall Mounted Baby Seats

As part of a complete baby changing facility, premises can offer a wall mounted baby seat that securely straps a baby into a seat to allow the guardian to have their hands free. This can be for when changing a babies nappy and you need to get the nappies and wipes from your bag, through to being installed in a dressing room, allowing a parent to safely position their child whilst they are getting dressed or trying new clothes.

As the popularity of child slings and hoists grow, less parents are using pushchairs and prams. When it then comes to going to the toilet, a parent all of a sudden have nowhere to keep the child safely in place. A wall mounted child seat allows you to keep the child safely in place and in sight.

The majority of our baby seats are supplied by Magrini who are also leading suppliers of baby changing tables and experts in this field. All the child seats are tested and certified to ensure they have been thoroughly tested to ensure the child is perfectly safe.

Premises who provide a child seat are seen to be going that extra mile for their customers, particularly in toilets including disabled toilets. This allows for a quick and hassle free visit to your toilets, ensuring the user are quickly getting back to the main focus of your business whether that be a cinema, restaurant or children's play area.

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