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Wall Mounted Water Boilers

Wall kettles are perfect for businesses. They provide your staff with instant hot water, preventing those long queues waiting for the kettle to boil! With different styles and sizes to choose from, we're sure we'll have the perfect one for you. Designed to hold more water than

Tea and Coffee Wall KettleWall Mounted Water Boilers

Wall kettles are perfect for big businesses that require a large amount of daily hot water. In many workplaces, many members of staff drink many cups of tea and coffee during the working day. However, with all members of staff wanting a hot drink, this can lead to queues in the kitchen or staff room waiting for the kettle to boil, reducing their productivity levels greatly. Although great for household use, the standard kettle is simply too small to cater for the many people working during the day and therefore, a wall kettle would be a great fixture to implement into your space. Designed to heat large amounts of water and keep the temperature hot, your members of staff can always have access to hot water for tea and coffee – without having to wait several minutes for the kettle to boil!

Wall Kettle LincatHow do Wall Kettles Work?

Wall kettles are designed to be fitted onto any wall within your kitchen, workroom or office space and be plumbed into an existing (and drinkable!) water source. This makes them the perfect appliance for kitchens that have a limited amount of counter space, as they will not take up any room on your much-needed countertops. Once fitted, wall kettles will heat water to the desired temperature (if fitted with an adjustable thermostat) and if not, will heat water up to 98°c – giving your staff the perfect tea or coffee every time! Once heated, you and your staff members can easily deposit the hot water into their drinks, noodles or soups using the non-drip tap, making the whole process extremely simple, whilst also ensuring that no water waste will occur!

Variable Temperature

Many of our water kettles are fitted with a variable temperature gauge, allowing you to pick the temperature that best suits the needs of you and your employees. This is perfect for catering businesses as you can change the water temperature easily, with many tea and coffee drinkers requiring a lower temperature to enjoy their brew!

Stiebel Wall KettleBuilt-in Timer Feature

Who doesn’t love walking into work and instantly being able to have a hot drink? With many of our wall kettles having a built-in timer, you can programme your wall kettle to turn on and start to heat the water before you arrive at work, allowing you to have boiled water from the moment you step into the office! Not only does this save time, but it is also extremely energy efficient. By being able to programme your wall kettle when to turn on or off, you can make sure the wall kettle will turn off as soon as your company closes, ensuring the device is never left on overnight, giving you peace of mind and a lower electricity bill!

Non-waste and Energy Efficient

Our wall kettles are designed to ensure that water waste is never an issue. All of our wall kettles are fully insulated and most feature a non-drip tap that stops any water from being wasted, as well as ensuring the water stays at the required temperature, all day long! With the water staying the same optimum temperature after it has boiled, this cuts down on your electricity bills massively, as the kettle is not having to constantly keep reheating the water. When the water supply runs out, the water supply will start to refill itself, making the whole process extremely straight forward and easy to do!

Redring Wall KettleMade to Last

With hot water being something you, your staff or your customers will always want access to, it’s important that your water kettle is built to last. All of our water heaters are made from robust steel, making them extremely hard-wearing and strong. With this in mind, you can be reassured that your chosen wall kettle will provide hot water for many years to come, without worrying about the longevity of the appliance.

Variety in Sizes

Whether you own a small, medium or large-scale business – we have the wall kettle for you! With a variety of sizes, our wall kettles hold a varied amount of water and therefore, can make a varied amount of hot drinks! For very large-scale companies or catering businesses, our extra-large wall kettles are perfect. They are designed to hold a large amount of water, making sure that no matter how many people will be using the facility, the wall kettle will never become empty!

Safety Features

All of our wall kettles are built with your safety in mind. With a cut-out option for if the device ever did become too hot, you can be assured that the kettle will never overheat, potentially causing injuries. Many of our wall kettles are also fitted with an anti-overflow feature, ensuring that there are no leakages of boiling hot water. This can give you peace of mind when buying the appliance for your employees or for customers, that they will not receive any injuries from the water kettle due to inefficient safety features.

To upgrade your work kitchen, staff room or catering business today, explore our wide range of wall kettles. Designed to cut down on the queues and the waiting time it takes for the kettle to boil, these water heaters will ensure everyone within the workspace can have easy access to hot water every day!

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