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Garden Shed Heaters

Keep your garden shed cosy or simply protect its contents from frost and damp with these garden heaters. Our range covers it all, from the simple and practical to the luxurious and cosy.

cosy garden shedIf you’re a green-fingered person, you might think of your garden shed as a sort of home away from home. Whether you use it for nurturing seedlings until they’re ready for planting, or if you simply use it to store your tools, you probably have something you need to protect in your shed. A garden shed heater is a cost-effective - and just plain effective - way for you do this. How? Our buyer’s guide will explain it all.

Prevent Damp

Damp is a real problem in most garden sheds, but a low-wattage tubular heater could help prevent it. Damp occurs for a variety of reasons including poor ventilation and small leaks, but it can also appear as a result of the temperature inside your shed.

Warm air naturally holds more water vapour than cold air, and the air inside your shed will naturally be a little warmer than it is outside. On chilly days, the air outside makes the surfaces of your shed – especially any glass windows – very cold. When the warmer air inside your shed comes into contact with these cold surfaces, it immediately cools and releases the water vapour it’s holding. The result: condensation! This means that damp will appear even if you don’t use your shed through the winter months.

When you have a low-wattage heater on in your shed, it’ll keep the wood and glass surfaces just above the “dew point” (the point at which condensation starts to form). This means you’ll end up with less condensation and less damp, keeping your shed in much better condition all year round.

Prevent Frost

frost windowDamp isn’t the only issue you need to think about on a cold day – you need to be aware of frost, too. If you don’t keep anything of value in your shed, frost probably isn’t that much of an issue. However, ice-cold temperatures can damage tools and other equipment you have stored in your shed. Low-wattage tubular heaters aren’t powerful enough to keep you cosy while you’re in the shed, but they will keep everything warm enough to prevent frost. As they’re so low-energy, you can leave them on for weeks at a time when frost is forecast without running up an expensive energy bill.

Take the Chill Out of Small Sheds

If you use your shed as a workshop, you can use a more powerful heater to keep yourself cosy while you work! A small, portable panel heater will allow you to enjoy spending time in the shed all year round, even in winter.

When looking for a shed heater, size matters! You want your heater to be as slim and compact as possible so it doesn’t take up loads of floor space. As sheds tend to be quite cluttered at the best of times, the last thing you want is to add a bulky heater into the mix! In the past, modern heaters were usually not powerful enough to make a difference, but luckily, modern heating technology means you don’t have to choose between size and heating power! Many heaters, such as this tiny portable panel heater from MYLEK, are more than powerful enough to heat most garden sheds.

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