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Urinal Mats

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Urinal mats are one of the small details that can make your washrooms feel much more comfortable for your customers or staff. Urinal mats sit over the drains of any urinal and trap any foul odours that might build up in your urinals over time. They also prevent your drains from getting clogged up with chewing gum, cigarettes, or anything else that might find its way down there, making them vital for pubs and nightclubs. They aren’t the most glamorous product, but they’re essential for keeping your washrooms feeling fresh and smelling clean.

Why Choose HSD for Your Urinal Mats?

We offer a range of styles, fragrances, and shapes to fit any washroom. We understand that the small details are incredibly important for any business, and your washroom is no exception. We pride ourselves on making sure every product passes out strict quality tests, meaning our urinal mats are some of the most low-maintenance you’ll find and you won’t have to be constantly changing them. They also pass our strict requirements for environmental standards, and so do not contain any ozone-depleting chemicals.

Don’t let the small details let your business down and ensure you keep your bathroom fresh with the most cost-effective amenities you’ll find anywhere. For an even fresher washroom experience, you could also consider looking at our range of air freshener dispensers, perfect for any busy business.

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