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Commercial Heaters

Every business needs an efficient and effective heater. Keep your staff productive and your customers happy with one of these cosy heaters - there are indoor heaters, powerful fan heaters, outdoor heaters, and more at the best online prices!

Benefits of Top-Quality Commercial Heaters

A commercial heater should be an essential purchase for any business. While some smaller rooms may benefit from a smaller panel heater or an oil-filled radiator, these are often not designed for large commercial spaces. If you need something to heat a large warehouse or a shop floor, for example, a panel heater that’s been designed for small bedrooms isn’t going to do very much! By picking up a commercial heater, you’ll ensure your staff are kept comfortable and productive while also reducing wasted energy. We’ll outline a few benefits of these heaters below to help you decide which is the best choice for your business.

Improve Productivity

office workers in a cosy officeDid you know that 80% of workers complain about their workplace temperature? Office workers waste, on average, between 6.4 - 8.5 minutes per day adjusting their office temperature, and this wasted productivity is found across other workplaces, too. By ensuring you have an appropriate heater installed in your workplace, you’ll dramatically reduce the amount of time wasted by employees feeling the chill.

Welcome Your Customers

If you’re a customer-facing business, you want to give your customers a warm welcome the moment they step through your door. There’s no better way to do this than with a cosy heater! Shops, restaurants, and so on benefit immensely from air curtains and overdoor heaters as well as regular inset wall or ceiling heaters. They help your customers feel instantly comfortable so your business can focus on what it does best!

An Economical Way to Heat Your Building

Commercial heaters are simple to install and can provide an affordable way to heat your whole building. A few very powerful commercial heaters are much more efficient if you want to heat a large, open space such as a warehouse. They can blow warm air directly where it’s needed so you can heat up wide-open spaces as efficiently as possible. This will reduce your overheads and improve your bottom line.


There are many different kinds of commercial heater, so you can choose the one that works best for you. We’ll go into more detail on this later, but many give you the option to choose between using your hearer mounted on (or set into) a wall or using it free-standing. Depending on the nature of your business, being able to pick up your heater and move it around could be important!

Different Types of Commercial Heater

As with any kind of electric heater, commercial heaters come in all shapes and sizes.

Air Curtains and Overdoor Heaters

Mylek air curtainOne of the most common types of commercial heater, air curtains are mounted above doors where they blow a stream of warm air down over the doorway. They’re essential for shops, restaurants, or any other customer-facing businesses where first impressions are so important. As soon as your customers step off the cold street and into your business, they’ll be greeted with a comforting stream of warm air that instantly makes them feel welcome and comfortable. You don’t need us to tell you that comfortable customers are much more likely to spend more time with your business!

Air curtains have another practical use, too – one which isn’t exclusive to customer-facing businesses! The warm air that’s blown down over an open doorway acts as a barrier that prevents draughts from entering the room. This means it complements your existing heating and helps it run more efficiently!

Our range of air curtains includes something for any budget and any size room. The affordable MYLEK models are designed to be mounted on the wall rather than set into it, so they’ve been made with a certain sense of style. They’re also really small and lightweight, so they’re simple to fit and use. If you want something a bit more powerful, we stock larger units designed to be fitted into a wall recess from world-renowned brands like Dimplex and Heatstore.

Fan Heaters

Commercial fan heaters are essentially beefed-up versions of traditional convection heaters. They come in two main varieties – portable and wall-mounted (some units let you do both!). They’re simple, economical, and effective. This simplicity means fan heaters tend to be a bit more durable than other types of heater, so they’re usually better for very busy or hectic areas such as construction sites and warehouses.

Fan heaters work by using a fan to blow air across a heating element. Their heating performance is determined by the power of the fan and the size of the heating element. When you see a fan heater advertised as a 3kW model, for example, this 3kW comes from the power required to spin the fan and heat up the heating element. This is important as it’ll help you choose the right fan for your specific requirements. We have a large range of both portable and wall-mounted commercial fan heaters, so it’s easy to browse and pick the one that best suits your requirements.

Infrared Heaters

infrared heaterInfrared heaters work a little differently to fan heaters. They don’t circulate warm air around and instead use infrared rays to warm objects directly. These rays are emitted by a halogen lamp which gives out that trademark reddish-orange glow. Because of the way they work, they’re effective outdoors or in poorly-insulated rooms. They also provide heat almost instantly, whereas fan heaters need a little time to warm up first. As a result, infrared heaters are common in beer gardens and smoking areas.

In addition to regular infrared heaters, our range also includes far infrared heaters. These heaters work on a different part of the infrared spectrum and are made of a large ceramic panel, giving them a sleek, elegant appearance. This makes them much more suited to stylish areas where the décor is really important! While they do use a different wavelength of infrared, the principle is the same as regular infrared – they heat you directly as opposed to the air around you, providing instant warmth.

The third variety of infrared heaters are quartz heaters. Their lamps are made from quartz rather than glass, meaning they can reach higher temperatures (quartz has a higher melting point than glass). If you want the most heat from an infrared heater, a quartz model is the way to go, but they’re only really necessary for specialist purposes such as docks, loading bays, and factories.

Plinth Heaters

Plinth heaters are simple but powerful heaters designed to be fitted inside kitchen units or shop displays. They’re usually subtly fitted near the floor, so they’ll keep your staff and customers cosy without most people even noticing them! They’re great for saving floor space, so are common in shopping centres and shops where every inch of floor space matters.

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