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Tattoo Studio Cleaning Supplies

Tattooing is about so much more than needles and ink. Make sure that your tattoo studio is always clean and reduce the risk of possible infections by browsing our wide range of tattoo studio cleaning supplies today - designed to be simple to use, whilst also giving amazing results!

Tattoo studioTattoo Studio Supplies

It can be hard to strike a balance between making sure everything is clean and disinfected and having a business that’s still friendly and comfortable for your clients. That’s why we’ve made sure our tattoo studio hygiene products are simple, affordable, and effective. If you’re thinking about setting up your own tattoo studio or are already working in one, there are a lot of supplies you need in order to make the space inviting, safe and above all, hygienic. Tattooing is about much more than just needles and ink and without having the correct hygiene supplies, you’re extremely likely to cause infections, spread diseases and make your customers much less likely to return. Hygiene Supplies Direct offers everything that you need to keep your tattooing business clean and ready for your next client, making the artwork that you produce the main focus…just as it should be!

Coach roll for tattoo studiosCouch Roll Dispensers

With tattoo sessions often leaving clients laying and sitting in the same position for several hours, it’s important that they always have a clean place to relax. In order to keep your tattoo chair or bed free from the previous client’s germs, coach roll provides a layer of tissue that can be removed and replaced after every tattoo session! Getting a tattoo is often a painful experience, meaning that blood and sweat are likely substances to touch the chair or bed, which could then spread germs and diseases. Having coach roll over your bed or chair also directly tells your client that you’re hygiene conscious and have thought about their needs – making them more likely to return and leave positive reviews or recommend you to their friends and family members.  

Wrapmaster Cling Film

Our Wrapmaster cling film is the strongest and most durable cling film on the market. Designed for commercial use, similarly to the couch roll, you can wrap this around your tattoo bed or seat to make sure that the space is kept hygienic and clean. Cling film can also be wiped down to avoid any ink touching the client’s clothes – which is a common problem for many tattoo enthusiasts! Due to the lightweight nature, this is also ideal for conventions where you may be travelling to different cities to tattoo several clients during a day.

Hand Towels

Hand towels are essential in any tattoo shop as they are a multi-purpose item! If you’re a trained tattooist than you’ll know just how many paper towels are required to finish a tattoo and having plenty in your shop will avoid that panic when you start to run out. Not only are they extremely hygienic to use after washing your hands, but they also allow you to wipe down the tattoo you’re currently working on with a clean paper towel sheet, ensuring that the fresh tattoo is kept as clean as possible!

Pedal operated bins for tattooingPedal Operated Bins

During and after a tattoo, there are many things that you’ll be wanting to dispose of. From needles, ink, paper towels and cling film, they all need to be disposed of in a safe and easy way. Obviously both hands are needed to tattoo, therefore, opting for a pedal operated bin will prevent you from having to keep stopping and removing your gloves to dispose of any unwanted items.

Latex Gloves

As a tattooist, it’s extremely important that you take your own hygiene into consideration too! Which means having your hair tied back, wearing an apron and wearing latex gloves during every tattoo session. Gloves not only provide a barrier between yours and your client’s skin, but they also make sure that no blood or ink is passed onto your hands or wrists as you tattoo – making the whole process much less messy!

Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are essential for any tattoo studio! They can be used for a multitude of things, from cleaning up spilt ink, cleaning surface areas of the shop or even removing stencils that are no longer wanted or need to be moved. Buying them in bulk will make sure that you always have a way to clean your studio’s worksurfaces and any spillages, without having to worry!

Disinfectant Spray

Our disinfectant sprays will allow you to keep your tattoo shop clean and as hygienic as possible all year round! By using just a few sprays, you can remove any bacteria, germs or marks left by the previous client. Disinfectant spray is also perfect for cleaning your studio’s toilets. Simply spray the solution on and into the toilet, sink and any other appliances or surfaces to keep the toilet area spotless!

Hand soap for tattoo studiosDisinfectant Soap and Hand Scrub

Before dispensing your couch roll, cling film or putting on your gloves, it’s really important that your hands are as clean as possible! By investing in high quality, anti-bacterial soap, you can be sure that your hands will always be ready for the next client, giving them the most hygienic and efficient experience possible.

Hand scrub is an added step to use for extremely clean hands. Hand scrubs remove the first few layers of dead skin, removing any bacteria that may have been found on the top layers of your skin. This will leave your hands spotless – perfect for those long tattoo sessions where hygiene is extremely important.

Added Extras!

If you’re wanting your tattoo studio to stand out amongst the rest, you’ll want to invest in some none vital but useful hygiene products. These will not only make your life easier if any accidents or spillages were to happen, but they will also keep your studio sweet smelling – allowing your clients to have a pleasant place to relax in as much as possible, despite any pain they may be going through!

Air fresheners for tattooingAir Fresheners

Our air fresheners are available in a number of different fragrances and dispensers, making sure that you can find the perfect one to suit you and your businesses. An air freshener will keep your workspace and your toilet smelling clean and fresh, which is exactly what you want to ensure your customers have a pleasant time!  

Chemical Spill Kit

For when large amounts of ink are spilt, simply trying to wipe or mop it up won’t always work! By making sure that you always have a chemical spill kit available, will ensure that your studio is always prepared and can clean the ink up quickly – preventing any accidents or unsightly stains from occurring!

Buy all of Your Supplies Today!

To make sure that your tattoo studio is always as hygienic and inviting as possible, browse all of our tattoo studio supplies today. Designed to be extremely easy to use and effective at keeping your workspace bacteria and germ-free – you can be sure we have all of the supplies you need for the best prices online!

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