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Bathroom Cleaning

Whether it's your household or commercial bathroom that needs cleaning, it's important that you choose the right products to give you the best results. All of our bathroom cleaning products are designed to give your bathroom a deep clean, leaving it looking, working and smelling better than ever before!

A beautifully cleaned bathroomBathroom Cleaning

Whether you’re looking to clean your household or workplace bathroom, it’s important that you get the best supplies to keep it looking clean and fresh all day long. With bathrooms being one of the rooms that contain the highest number of bacteria, your cleaning products should work to remove all of the germs from your toilets, sinks, floors and other bathroom surfaces. However, with so many options available, it’s hard to know which products are worth buying! That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find your bathroom cleaning essentials, for the best prices online!

Toilet Cleaning Products

It’s no secret that your toilet (especially work and public ones) can hold thousands of different bacteria. With them being used several times a day by different people, it’s easy for them to get contaminated with dangerous germs and give off very unpleasant smells. To prevent the bacteria from lingering and to keep the bad odours at bay, our toilet cleaning products are a must!

Pro-Kleen Macerator Cleaner and DescalerToilet Macerator Descaler and Cleaner

If you’re wanting your toilet to remain sparkling clean, whilst also running as efficiently as possible, it’s important that you descale and clean your toilet’s macerator. Limescale is prone to build up within your macerator, making it start to break down and stop working. Eventually, this will cause your toilet to start working inefficiently, which can lead to blockages and bad odours. Our Pro-Kleen Toilet Macerator Descaler and Cleaner works to remove any dirt, matter or grime (as well as the limescale), giving your macerator a thorough clean! The formula contains phosphoric acid which targets and breaks through large amounts of build-up, ensuring all of the dirt is removed, preventing any macerator units from failing. We recommend cleaning and descaling your macerator every 3 months to make sure that it stays clean and clear all year long!

Toilet Cleaner

If you want your toilet bowl to remain clean and fresh-smelling, it’s important that you clean that too! Our toilet cleaner is available in a fresh-smelling apple fragrance, making your toilet and the surrounding cubicle smell appealing to the next user. Not only does it give off a lovely smell, but it also removes germs and bacteria that linger within your toilet bowl, making sure that it is always germ-free, perfect for your family and customers to use!

Pro-Kleen Drain UnblockerLimescale Cleaner

It’s not just your macerator that is prone to a build-up of limescale! Your taps and showers are also very likely to get large amounts of limescale that can not only look very unsightly, but they can also stop your appliances from working to the best of their ability. By using our Pro-Kleen Limescale Remover and Cleaner, you can remove any limescale, whilst also getting rid of germs and bacteria that are lingering around or on top of your bathroom surfaces. Once removed, your bath tiles, taps and showers will look sparkling clean – ready to welcome family members, friends or customers to use your facilities!

Drain Unblocker

Blocked drains lead to bad smells and that’s definitely not what you want to have in your bathroom! Drains can become blocked for several different reasons from toilet roll blockages, a build-up of hair, or something being stuck within your plumbing system. Our Pro-Kleen Sink and Drain Blitz Opener and Unblocker is designed to dissolve and remove clogged up hair, toilet roll and grease, allowing water to run freely down the plug – preventing any floods or leaks!

Pro-Kleen Mould RemoverMould Remover

There are very few things that look as unsightly as mould does! Mould is caused by an excess amount of moisture, making it extremely common in both household and commercial washrooms. Not only is mould unappealing in looks, but it can also be dangerous to breathe in, making it even more important that you remove it as soon as it starts to grow. To get rid of the mould as quickly as possible, we recommend using our Pro-Kleen Mould Killer and Remover Spray – removing not just the mould itself, but those dreaded black and brown stains that mould leaves behind! This Pro-Kleen mould remover is extremely easy to use by simply spraying the solution onto the mould, letting it sit for 10-20 minutes and then rinsing with warm water! This is sure to leave your bathroom mould free, making it look cleaner, as well as making your bathroom a safer place to be!

Whirlpool Cleaner 

Whirlpool baths are notoriously difficult to clean. Due to their large size, it’s hard to give every inch a deep clean – especially when you use your whirlpool bath regularly. Our Pro-Kleen Hygienic Whirlpool, Bath and Hot Tub Cleaner not only removes any grease, dirt and germs from the tub itself, but it will also access the internal plumbing system and completely flushes out any dirt, grime and bacteria to keep your tub running at maximum efficiency! 

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