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Why do you Need a Soap Dispenser?

Soap dispensers are essential for any business workroom. They provide a hygienic way for customers to wash their hands - which is a vital part of health and safety regulations in the UK. Bars of soap are often covered in bacteria, hairs and other unpleasant objects that no user wants to handle! A dispenser allows the public who are using your facilities to wash their hands, without having to worry about what may be lurking on those bars of soap! Unclean hands spread diseases, which in a busy workplace or school can cause illnesses extremely quickly. In order to prevent this, a soap dispenser will provideA brushed stainless steel manual soap dispenser a quick and easy solution, making sure that hand soap is always available to your customers, employees, or pupils. Available in varied shapes, sizes and colours, there is a dispenser for every company – providing you with the perfect design that will fit seamlessly into your existing facilities!

What Size Soap Dispenser is Best for Your Company?

Soap dispensers are available from Hygiene Supplies Direct in different sizes – which means we meet the needs of every business! Ranging from 300ml – 2L in size, the perfect soap dispenser depends on your business’s needs. Smaller dispensers perfectly suit a small company, where there are only a few employees using each of your washrooms, as they hold a smaller amount of liquid soap. These discreet models allow for an easy to use dispenser, without being bulky in size – perfect for a smaller washroom! Although the smaller models will need refilling more regularly, this will not be an issue if the dispenser is checked regularly.

Larger soap dispensers are perfect for businesses or schools, where there is more people using the washroom facilities. Due to their large amount of storage to hold the soap, these dispensers will allow your customers to wash their hands often, each day, without having to refill them as regularly as smaller models – resulting in much less work for you! Larger models are also much more convenient for medical environments, where soap is an essential part of hygiene routines before operations, observations or check-ups. Avoid situations where soap is needed urgently but a small dispenser has run out by investing in a larger model – trust us, it will be worth it!
Automatic vs Manual – Which is Best?

Hygiene Supplies Direct offers both automatic and manual dispensers, allowing you to choose the correct dispenser to suit your and your customer’s needs.

Manual soap dispensers are typically best suited for schools, larger businesses, and gyms, as they can lead to a waste in soap (if not used properly). In schools, where pupils will be using the dispensers quickly, manual dispensers allow for them to get the amount of soap they require, without the risk of missing the soap (which may happen with an automatic). The manual models are also a more affordable alternative, which, in areas prone to vandalism, (such as bus and train station washrooms) are a much more sensible choice.

Automatic dispensers are the perfect investment for medical workplaces. With doctors and nurses needing perfectly clean hands, the ‘no hands’ experience of an automatic dispenser provides the most hygienic option. Without having to come into contact with any pump other uses will have used previously, medical professionals can be reassured that their hands will be as clean as possible.

Shower Gel Dia chrome shower gel dispenser for hotels and gymsspensers

As well as soap dispensers, we also offer shower gel dispensers – perfect for gyms, hotels, care homes, or workplaces where members of staff may wish to shower at the start or end of their shifts. Our shower gel dispensers feature easy to use pumps, which will allow your employees or customers to have easy access to as much shower gel as they may need.

Cartridges and Manual Refill

Most soap dispensers can be refilled manually or through cartridges. Our manually refilled dispensers require refills to be made by pouring soap solutions into the dispensers, whilst cartridges simply need switching, once the old one has run out Depending on your required facilities, cartridges are convenient for larger companies and schools where refills will be needed more regularly (preventing the amount of time needed to manually pour the soap), whereas manual refills are easily managed in smaller workplaces. 

What Material Should My Soap Dispenser be Made Out of?

Hygiene Supplies Direct offer both plastic and stainless-steel soap dispensers. Depending on the type of business or washroom you have will determine which material is best for you!

Our plastic dispensers are perfect for schools and small-scale businesses. Easy to clean and keep looking fresh, they provide the perfect option for washrooms where particularly dirty hands may be using them! Simply wipe away any dirty fingerprints to reveal plastic that looks good as new!

For washrooms that are open to the general public (and therefore much more likely to experience vandalism), our stainless-steel dispensers are much more heavy duty. Providing a sleek and professional finish, the stainless steel is tough, easy to clean and durable – exactly what you need in a busy washroom!automatic dispensers

Bad Hygiene Facilities Causes Bad Business

Ultimately, bad hygiene leads to bad business. With the internet allowing the public to leave bad reviews about your company without any hassle, hygiene standards are essential. One of the most common complaints online about public washrooms is that the hygiene facilities are not adequate (often lacking soap for the public to wash their hands). Once these complaints are posted online, they cause members of the public to avoid visiting these places.

In order to avoid this from happening to your own company, take a look at our extensive range of soap dispensers to provide your customers and employees with the correct hygiene equipment.

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