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Dyson airblade hand dyrerDyson Airblade Hand Dryers

Hygiene Supplies Direct is proud to offer this exclusive Dyson Airblade hand dryer range. Designed to be a more hygienic and cost-efficient alternative to other hand dryers, they will provide your public washroom with the most efficient hand dryer on the market!

Dries Hands in Seconds

Designed to dispense 20 litres of air at 430 miles per hour, the air power of these Dyson Airblade hand dryers is second to none! This decreases the time it takes to dry your hands to just 10-12 seconds, preventing queues forming in the washroom and allows users to leave your facility quickly! With the hand dryer being used for a shorter period of time, you’re not only saving the customers valuable time, but you’re saving money too!

Low Noise Hand Dryers

These Dyson hand dryers are one of the first to be rewarded with the quiet mark by The Noise Abatement Society! This means that they have been recognised as being noticeably quieter in comparison to other hand dryer models, making them the perfect option for all businesses. There’s nothing worse than overly noisy washroom facilities, especially when you can still hear that noise in the surrounding rooms! Prevent your hand dryer from distracting other employees or guests by opting for these quiet, yet powerful Airblade hand dryers.  

Perfect for Schools, Nurseries, Care Homes and the Food Sector

Although loud noise can be a nuisance for us all, it can be particularly frightening for children, the elderly and those with learning difficulties. Due to these Dyson hand dryers being extremely quiet to run, they will prevent anyone within your facility from feeling on edge or scared – making their experience much more pleasant and comforting!

With staff in busy kitchens needing to be in constant communication with each other, these hand dryers are perfect for the food sector! They allow your employees to wash their hands regularly (which is extremely important when handling food!) without continuously distracting other kitchen staff when they do so.

Dyson airblade in whiteExtremely Hygienic

There have been many rumours surrounding the idea that hand dryers aren’t actually as hygienic as we once thought. However, these hand dryers have been certified as hygienic by the HACCP and the NSF. This means that they have been tested and proven to be hygienic for commercial and food sector use; perfect for restaurants, pubs and kitchens! With hygiene standards being of great importance, you can be assured that you’re buying an extremely hygienic model for your employees or customers – making them happy to use your washroom time and time again!

To increase the hygiene factor of these hand dryers further, they are both fitted with HEPA filters. These filters are great for allergy sufferers, as they trap any pollen or dust that may be found in the air, before dispensing it back into the room. This ensures that the air that is being dispensed is filtered and clean – unlike many other hand dryers that simply re-dispense unfiltered air!

Energy Efficient

Proven to cost up to 80% less money to run than most other brands, these Dyson hand dryers will provide you with excellent results, whilst also saving you money! Due to the small amount of time they take to dry hands, the hand dryer will use much less electricity, making it more environmentally friendly to run!  This makes them the most affordable and green option – even when compared to paper towels! Dyson estimate that these hand dryers have a 6 months payback time if you switch to them instead of using paper towels, and are fully backed with a 5-year warranty!

Upgrade Your Washroom

To save yourself time and money, browse our Dyson Airblade hand dryer range today. Proven to be more hygienic, efficient and quieter than most models, they will provide your washroom with an outstanding facility, sure to keep you and your customers happy!

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