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Electric Foot Warmers

There’s nothing worse than having cold feet, especially during the winter months. When it’s already cold outside (or if you suffer from bad circulation that means that you have cold feet all the time!), you want to be able to get rid of that icy chill and relax. Thick socks and slippers are simply not enough in freezing temperatures or for extremely cold feet, which is why our electric foot warmers are the perfect way to keep your feet toasty warm every day!  

Arthritis and foot related injuries can also cause extreme discomfort in our feet, leaving them sore, swollen and aching after a long day. Our foot warmers will ensure that your pain is eased and any tightened muscles, nerves or joints are relaxed, giving you that much-needed pain relief that you require.

How Do the Foot Warmers Work?

If you’re suffering from cold feet, these heat pads and foot warmers will give you a warm and comforting place to rest your feet. The heating elements inside the soft fabric will start to heat up, dispensing an even amount of heat onto your feet, for a relaxing experience!

For foot injuries, our foot warmers will start to ease any pain and tension felt! Heat has been scientifically proven to increase the amount of blood and oxygen sent to the area, encouraging the muscles and joints to relax more, decreasing the amount of tension felt.

Heat therapy has been known to really help arthritis sufferers, as the increase in blood and oxygen will start to relax the muscles and reduce the likelihood of muscle spasms – making that tight and sore feeling much less intense.

Heated Foot Warmers

Designed to fit most shoe sizes perfectly, our heated foot warmers are designed to wrap around your feet and ankle area. When your feet are inside the foot warmer, the heating elements will start to warm up, dispensing a direct warmth onto your feet. Made from a luxuriously soft fabric, you can be sure your feet will feel extremely comfortable and relaxed, as the warm and soft fabric will start to get rid of those cold feet!

Heat Pads

Available in both small and large sizes, our heat pads are extremely versatile. If you’re prone to injuries, or have arthritis in other parts of your body too, opting for one of our heat pads will allow you to use it on all of your aches and pains and not just your feet. They are also easily portable, giving you the chance to take them to work or on holiday, making sure you never have to feel with cold feet or arthritis pains again!

Heated Cushions

For sore ankles, or if the pain stems from the bottom of your feet, we recommend opting for one of our heated cushions. Designed to be extremely soft and comfortable to rest on, the heated cushions will provide the perfect place to rest your feet and ankles on, whilst also giving you the pain relief you require. Our heated cushions can also be extremely comforting to cuddle up with and rest on during the night, making them very versatile and useful too!

Multiple Heat Settings

Most of our heat pads and foot warmers have three heat settings to choose from. This means that depending on how intense the pain you’re feeling is, you can adjust the temperature of the heat that is being deposited, giving you full control over the intensity of it!

Browse our Large Selection

Whatever type of heat pad or foot warmer you think will best suit you, we have it for the best prices online. Browse our large selection today and enjoy the benefits of heat therapy and the amazing results that it provides!

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