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Heat Pads for Sciatica Pain Relief

Applying an electric heat pad directly to the source of your sciatica pain will help improve circulation to the area your body needs it most, and, if you’re having treatment for the underlying condition that’s causing sciatica, using a therapeutic heat pad is likely to make that treatment more effective!

Sciatica can be extremely painful and uncomfortable to live with.Heat Pads for Sciatica

Sciatica is a very common and painful condition that can occur in the back, legs, hips and even feet. It is caused by the sciatic nerve that runs from your hips to your feet being irritated, which is often triggered by a compressed nerve in the lower spine. For most sciatica sufferers, symptoms will last between 4-6 weeks but for many, it can be an ongoing occurrence! Heat therapy has been known to help ease the pain of sciatica, allowing sufferers to go about their daily lives, without having to feel constant pain in the lower half of their bodies.

What is Heat Therapy?

Simply put, heat therapy is the use of heat to aid pain. Placing heat onto a painful part of the body encourages more blood and oxygen to target the area, decreasing any tension or tightness as the surrounding muscles start to relax. For sciatica sufferers, this is ideal as the trapped nerve (which is most commonly the culprit) can start to feel less constricted, making the pain much less severe. Due to sciatica not always being in one specific area, heat pads are an ideal tool to use to decrease any pain, as you can move the heat pad accordingly!

Heat pads for sciatica sufferers.Heat Pads

Our heat pads have been designed with comfort and practicality in mind. With a choice of three heat settings to choose from, you can take full control over the amount of heat that is being dispensed, making them the most versatile form of pain relief available! Made from luxuriously soft fabric, all of our heat pads are gentle on the skin, providing an extra level of comfort while you relax and feel the benefits of heat therapy.

Designed with your safety in mind, our heat pads have built-in safety features. With an overheat prevention system and an automatic 90-minute cut off feature, you can be assured that the pads will never overheat or stay on for too long – perfect for when you’re relaxing and accidentally fall asleep, or when you’re using the heat pad to help you doze off on a night time!

For those who suffer from sciatica in their feet, our heat pads are perfect! Foot Warmers

For many people, sciatica can even be felt in their feet. If this is the case, our foot warmers are ideal, as they target the feet and ankles directly, soothing that deep-rooted pain! Designed to fit most shoe sizes, the foot warmers provide a comforting and safe place to put your feet after a long day.

Fitted with an easy to use controller, you can adjust the temperature to make your feet as warm and cosy as you wish! The foot warmers also have an overheat prevention system and a 90-minute cut off feature, making them extremely safe, giving you peace of mind as you relax and enjoy the benefits of heat therapy.

Explore our large range of heat pads to ease your sciatica today. Whether you feel most of the pain in your back, hips or feet, we have the perfect one of for you!

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