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Heat Pads for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is one of the most common complaints among adults. Whether you've pulled a muscle, trapped a nerve or simply slept funny, the pain can become unbearable! Our heated cushions and pads will relax your muscles and joints, decreasing the amount of pain you're feeling.

Deep-routed shoulder painHeat Pads for Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is one of the most common complaints among adults. With shoulders having many muscles and tendons, they are extremely easy to damage or injure due to their delicate nature. Our shoulders are made up of two ball and socket joints. This means that the bone is fit inside a cup-like hole, in order for the bones to move and rotate. However, this also makes them vulnerable to dislocate, fracture or for the surrounding muscles to be strained or pulled. The most common types of shoulder pain are created by tendon and muscle inflammation, instability, arthritis or a fracture. For a fracture, it’s important that you see your GP immediately, although most shoulder pain can be treated successfully at home. Therefore, shoulder pain is a very common and often very painful sensation that many people can suffer with for several weeks. For pulled muscles and tendons, our heat pads are the perfect way to ease that horrific pain and start to make the ache decrease, giving you more movement and freedom to go about your everyday life, pain-free!

How Do Heat Pads Work?

Our heat pads are designed to target the painful area directly, encouraging more blood and oxygen to travel to that area. This decreases any tension and tightness, as the heat starts to relax the muscles and tendons, making the shoulders feel more relaxed. We recommend that you use our heat pads whenever the pain starts to hinder everyday activities and due to the heat pads being able to be used several times a day, they are the perfect way to keep the pain at bay! This makes them the ideal pain-relief tool, as they can be used as often as needed, ensuring that you’ll never have to go a full day in agony again.

Sweet Dreams Shoulder and Neck Heat Pad Different Types of Heat Pads

Hygiene Supplies Direct is proud to offer a wide range of heat pads for shoulder pain, allowing every person suffering to find the perfect one for them!

Shoulder and Neck Heat Pads

If you’re wanting a heat pad that is going to target the whole neck and shoulder area by dispensing an even amount of heat, our shoulder and neck heat pads are the ones for you! Designed to wrap around your neck and shoulders fully, you can be sure that your shoulder pain will be relieved, whilst the heat pad sits comfortably and securely around your neck and shoulders.

Our Homefront and Sweet Dreams neck and shoulder pads are the best on the market! Made from luxuriously soft material, these heat pads are extremely comfortable to wear. This, combined with a choice of 3 heat settings, ensures that you’ll always be in full control over the heat pad, allowing you to pick between an intense or mild amount of heat with every use!

XL Heat Pad for Shoulder PainSmall Heat Pads

For shoulder pain that is only felt in one specific spot or one shoulder, we recommend opting for our small heat pads. Compact in size, these heat pads will dispense heat directly onto the chosen surface, allowing the painful area to be treated instantly. Furthermore, our small heat pads are also easily portable, allowing you to take the pad everywhere. This means that you’ll never have to suffer on public transport, at work or on holiday again, as you can easily take the heat pad with you!

Large Heat Pads

For shoulder pain that covers the whole shoulder area, or shoulder pain that is also combined with backaches, our large heat pads will be perfect! They are big enough to cover both of your shoulders, as well as being able to cover your back when moved down. Our large heat pads are also the most versatile, allowing you to use them on almost any body part - perfect if you’re prone to aches and pains.

Heated Cushion for Shoulder PainHeated Cushions

If you feel the most pain on a night time and have trouble sleeping, our heated cushions are perfect. Made from a luxuriously soft fabric, our heated cushions are perfect to lay on as you sleep, giving you relief from any pain or tension that may be preventing you from sleeping. Our heated cushions are also fitted with an automatic switch-off feature, which means that heat will stop being dispensed after 90 minutes, allowing you to drift off into a peaceful sleep, without having to worry about the heat pad running all night long!

When Not to Use Heat Pads for Shoulder Pain

If your shoulder is red and swollen, or if you’ve been diagnosed with tendonitis (which causes your tendons to become inflamed) you shouldn’t use heat. Heat pads are great for increasing blood flow to an area, but if your shoulder is swollen then you need to decrease blood flow to the area to bring the swelling down. Use an ice pack on your shoulder to reduce swelling if this is the case.

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