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Kidz Gamez

Kidz Gamez

These incredible-value garden games are the perfect way to get your kids more active this summer. They’re fun, safe, and exciting for all ages! A fun garden game is the perfect way to keep your kids entertained through the school holidays, at family BBQs, and even on camping trips.

If you think your little ones are spending a bit too much time in front of a screen, a simple set of garden games offers them a fun incentive to go out and play. Kidz Gamez’s range included everything from simple ring toss games to full football training sets, so there’s something fun for every child on this page!

Affordable Garden Games

Every child deserves the chance to smile and have fun. That’s why Kidz Gamez makes all their game sets as affordable as possible, so there’s something for every budget.

A Massive Range of Games

This range includes something for everyone, whether you just want something new to keep kids entertained or you want to encourage their interest in sports.

Football Sets

Kidz Gamez football goals come with a range of accessories so your kids can play however they want. They can have a simple, fun kickabout on the weekend or practice their skills after school.

Basketball Sets

Basketball is a really accessible, simple game for all ages. This range even includes an indoor basketball set for those rainy days!

The Classics

Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. Simple games like ring toss and frisbees have been around for generations, and there’s a good reason for that; they’re just fun! Kidz Gamez’s classic multi-game sets are fun for all the family, so grandparents can join in the fun, too.

Ladder Golf

An increasingly popular game, ladder golf can be simple and relaxing or intense and competitive! It lets you play however you like, so it’s great for young children as well as older kids.

Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

Every Kidz Gamez play set is made to be simple. This means they’re easy for toddlers and young children to pick up, but it also encourages them to get creative! When kids are playing outdoors, they’re always looking for new ways to play. These outdoor games let your kids play in any way they want, so let them come up with their own crazy games and develop their creative skills.

Get Kids Active and Keep Them Healthy

Kids will naturally be more active when they have more room to play. A kickabout or a game of basketball will help them stay healthy as it prevents weight gain and helps them build strong bones. The earlier your kids learn how important it is to stay active, the more likely they are to stay healthy when they grow up!

Build Social Skills from an Early Age

Being cooped up in front of the TV from a young age is no good for kids’ social skills. Outdoor play gets them used to going outside and being sociable. This will help them develop at school, as they’ll be more willing to try new things and make new friends!

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