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Home & Garden

Upgrade your home and garden in time for spring with this range of handy appliances, cleaning chemicals, and DIY tools. We've got the most trusted brands in the UK at the best online prices, so browse below and pick up a bargain!

How to Update your Home and Garden for Spring 2019

Spring home with yellow flowersDuring the cold winter months, we can often find that our homes and gardens have been neglected of some well needed TLC! Then, once the sunshine finally makes an appearance, it shines a light on the areas of our homes and gardens that we have left untouched (and unloved!) whilst the warm weather has been missing. Our gardens become overgrown and as a result, very unwelcoming for potential barbeque guests! This is often reflected inside, with our homes crying out for a spring clean and a well-needed change in décor! Luckily, Hygiene Supplies Direct offer a wide range of cleaning products, DIY tools and appliances to update your indoor and outdoor space, transforming them into the perfect place to celebrate the return of the sunshine!

Spring Cleaning

Before you can start redecorating, buying new furniture, or inviting friends and families round for garden parties, you need to start spring cleaning! Spring cleaning gets its name from the spring months shining light (literally!) on the dust, mess and dirt that has started to form whilst you’ve been indoors, trying to keep warm. This means a spring clean is a very thorough clean, designed to transform your home back to the tip-top condition you had it in previously. Although it may not be fun, it doesn’t have an endless slog either thanks to our range of effective cleaning products!

Cleaning Your Home

Spring cleaningYour home is a place for you to come home and relax in. It’s where you invite your friends and family year after year for parties, meals and cups of tea – but are you really likely to do this if your home isn’t as presentable as you’d like? No need to worry – we have all the supplies you need to have your home looking spotless in no time.

During the winter months, deep cleans can be few and far between. This often leads to your kitchen being neglected and in need of a good clean! Start with your worktops – simply spray them with a good quality cleaning spray and wipe away any bacteria, stains or dirt that has started to build upon your worktops. With kitchen surfaces often being the home to just as many bacteria as a toilet seat, it is extremely important that you routinely wipe your worktop surfaces, especially when you will be preparing food there!

Now that your worktops are sparkling, you can turn your attention to the flooring. Kitchen floors are notoriously difficult to clean; they attract dirt and food crumbs at the best of times, and through the winter the wet, muddy weather only makes this problem worse. We recommend using a mop and a strong floor cleaner to get rid of all of that dirt, resulting in them being lovely and clean!

For carpets, sometimes a quick vacuum just isn’t enough! After those winter walks, muddy shoes (or doggy footprints!) can be walked over the carpet. This doesn’t just make your carpet look filthy, it allows bacteria to breed deep down in your carpet pile, which they can cling to even after a vacuum. Our carpet cleansers provide the perfect solution – simply mix with water and apply to the carpet to remove bad odours and down-trodden dirt! Once the solution is dry, the treated area is completely safe for both pets and children, ensuring your house remains perfectly clean without jeopardising the safety of your loved ones.   

Now that the larger, more time-consuming jobs are taken care of, you can start focusing on the smaller jobs that can really make a difference. If you want to transform your home and know that it truly is as clean as it can be, we recommend descaling your kettles, irons and any other appliances that require hot water. Although not dangerous to your health, limescale is a huge factor as to why appliances can break or become faulty. However, this is easy to prevent by using a descaler, that will easily remove any existing limescale from the appliance by immediately dissolving it, leaving the treated appliance limescale free!

Cleaning Your Garden

Patio and drive way cleanerWhen the rain, wind, and cold weather arrive, our patios are often left covered in dirt – resulting in them looking extremely unsightly! A dirty patio or decking is definitely something you want to avoid as you’ll be spending a lot of time there in the summer, especially if you’re throwing a BBQ or garden party. However, cleaning your patio can seem like a daunting task due to a large amount of space being covered in deep layers of dirt. That’s why we’ve ensured our patio cleaner gets to work immediately, removing the grime the winter weather has left behind! Simply apply the product onto your patio and leave it for two hours (or preferably overnight) to remove stains and dirt without having to worry about any deep scrubbing or brushing! After you’ve left the product for a few hours, simply use a hose to wash the area down to reveal a lovely clean patio, perfectly suitable for your family gatherings!

Artificial grass can also need some TLC once the rain has vanished and the sun has arrived! Our artificial grass cleaners are easy to use and will remove deep-rooted dirt and odours (even those caused by pet urine!) from your grass. Simply dilute the product with water (or use neat in very stained or smelly spots) and dispense it onto your artificial grass to make it look good as new again! Once the treatment has dried, the artificial grass will remain completely safe for both pets and children, allowing all the family to join in with the summer fun!

If you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub, we’re sure you’ll be wanting to use it at the first chance you get! As soon as those rays of light start to break through onto your lawn or patio, it’s time to invite your friends over and enjoy your hot tub together. However, before this, you’ll want your hot tub to be just as clean as the rest of your garden! Thankfully, our hot tub cleaners easily remove bacteria, dirt and grime, as well as smelly odours, giving you a pristine hot tub that’s ready to relax in.

Rejuvenate Your Home and Garden

Now that your home and garden are sparkling clean, you can turn your attention to those finer details that really make the difference. Whether you’re a natural interior designer or a complete novice, these easy steps will transform your space into a place perfect for welcoming in the new spring season!

Update Your Garden

MYLEK paint sprayerIt’s the simple things that make the biggest difference, especially when you’re wanting to update that old and used garden fencing. When spring comes around, brightening up your fence can make your garden look fresh and ready to welcome your family back around! By using MYLEK’s electric paint sprayer, you can breathe new life into your garden without spending hours with a paintbrush! Whatever colour you’re fancying, this paint sprayer will dispense the paint evenly and easily – allowing you to have more time with your friends and family, and not painting the fences!

When you organise garden parties or barbeques, your guests can often end up staying late. This means that before those warm summer evenings arrive, you and your guests will remain outside in the garden long after the sun goes down. Installing a garden heater and some outdoor lighting, can transform your garden into the perfect environment for your guests – no matter what time of day it is! If you have young children, outdoor lighting is even more important. It’ll make your garden a much safer space for them while they’re playing while also making it easier to keep an eye on them! Furthermore, the outdoor heating will provide those still wanting to enjoy the spring nights (long after the sun has disappeared!) with added warmth and comfort while they enjoy your new, clean garden!

Update Your Home

Although spring welcomes some well needed sunshine, April showers also arrive! When you’re enjoying your spring walks, you never know when a shower may start. This can lead to your clothes getting drenched and you having to return home dripping from the rain. To combat this, why not invest in electric clothes horse airier? Ideal for those who do not have a tumble dryer, this airier will provide a convenient place to dry your clothes, avoiding wet puddles being left around your newly cleaned home!  

Although it may appear that the warm weather is approaching, we are all aware that spring nights can often be chilly and still feel like winter! When you’re tucked up in bed, the last thing you want to feel is cold, which is why our electric blankets are perfect for this transitional period into spring. They are available in several different sizes, ensuring they can be used in any sized bed, providing warmth to every family member. There’s nothing better than sitting in the garden on a spring evening, and then when the weather starts to change being able to return inside and get comfy in a heated blanket! They will also provide any guests you may have with an added extra, ensuring they feel welcome and comfortable in your home.

DIY – What Can You Do?

MYLEK cordless drillWith upcycling furniture being a huge topic of discussion in home magazines and websites, now seems like the perfect time to get creative with your outdoor and indoor furnishings. By simply adding some prints or pictures into your rooms will add some instant colour – brightening up your home for the new season!

Adding new shelving units or mirrors can also have a huge impact on a room. Mirrors are known to create the illusion of a bigger room, whereas shelving units can give you the room to proudly display any ornaments, pictures or candles you may have. However, in order to fix these, you’ll need a good quality, easy to use drill. Our MYLEK cordless drill comes with 13 pieces, ensuring it can be used to complete a variety of different tasks. Without the cord, it can easily be moved from room to room, without you having to worry about any annoying cords or wires being in the way – perfect for all of your DIY jobs!

For further ways to update your home, take a look at our blog post that covers several different ways to transform your home ready for spring!

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