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Paper Products

Paper Products

HSDonline offer a large range of paper products

Please call if you need advice. Most of these paper products : paper towels, commercial toilet rolls are available on a next day delivery service.

Hygiene Supplies Direct are the leading online Washroom company in the UK and offer our customers quality and affordable paper products from the leading paper manufacturers in the UK.

We primarily supply businesses and provide a one stop solution for toilet rolls, hand towels and other toilet tissue products.

Commercial Toilet rolls

Whilst we also provide conventional toilet rolls as found in supermarkets, our specialism is in jumbo sized toilet rolls. Providing fantastic value for money to businesses, utilising a jumbo toilet roll dispenser and jumbo rolls provides a business with over 5x as many uses as standard sized toilet rolls, reducing staff time on checking and refilling the dispensers without a sacrifice on paper quality.

These jumbo toilet rolls are available in numerous guises, with a mini jumbo toilet roll offering a user a roll length of 125 metres up to 200 metres in length. These fit into mini jumbo dispensers and are less bulky than larger jumbo rolls, saving space in a bathroom whilst remaining more cost effective than normal rolls. They are also easier to store than larger jumbo rolls.

Now there is often some confusion in regards to what constitutes a mini jumbo roll, whether it be the metreage or length of the roll or the core size of the roll itself. It is the roll length that is classified and not the core size. Core sizes can be varied regardless of the length of the rolls.

We also have the Midi jumbo rolls, available in different core sizes that are larger in size with a 250 metre roll length. We do not offer any of our toilet rolls in less than a 2ply paper quality. There may be cheaper 1ply rolls out there but we feel these are not acceptable for our customers and therefore your own customers and staff.

We always state that your bathroom and washroom's reflect on a business. Whether this be the hand dryers you have and their performance or the state of your toilet roll dispensers, every aspect psychologically affects your customers experiences of your premises. None more so than the toilet paper they use which is why we offer only 2ply paper that is soft to touch, durable and upto the job in hand.

The largest commercial toilet roll we offer is 400 metres in length per roll, available in 2 different core sizes. These provide fantastic value for money and enable a business to relax, safe in the knowledge that they have hundreds of uses before refilling a dispenser needs to be considered.

Paper towels

Following on from our range of toilet rolls, we also offer a range of paper towels across different colours, fold types and qualities to suit your businesses needs, budgets and dispensers.

The range are designed to fit all leading paper towel dispensers with the fold of the hand towels clearly stated. Some of our paper towel dispensers only take a certain fold of paper however the majority of our best selling dispensers are described as multi fold and are built to take any fold of hand towel. C fold paper towels are our most popular type of hand towel and enable a user to easily grab a batch of hand towels. Interfold hand towels also known as Z fold paper towels display one at a time reducing the paper usage and waste.

The majority of our hand towels are available in 2ply but some are available in 1ply for budget reasons. They are available in white, a natural colour, blue and green to suit each businesses preferences.

We also stock large amounts of Centrefeed rolls in a white and blue finish for all your office requirements. These are available in multiple case sizes for greater savings compared to the standard pack sizes. We also offer more unusual paper requests including paper to fit Evadis dispensers that is specially designed for their dispensers as well as Extra1 paper to suit the Extra one sheet dispenser from ESP paper.

We are confident that HSDonline can provide you with the finest quality bathroom paper products at affordable prices due to our power and reputation within the industry. If you need any assistance or would like to order any of our products, please feel free to contact our UK Based customer service on 01977 552000 or 0800 0913171

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