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Tankless Water Heaters from the Leading Brands

We are proud to offer a complete range of instant water heaters to suit wash basins, sinks or full shower units. The leading brands are available at fantastic prices to help you cut down on your energy and water usage by switching to a instantaneous water heater that provides heated, warm water on demand. The units are slimline and often sit above or below a sink in a discreet fashion to improve the efficiency of your home, without causing any inconvenience or change to existing decors and set ups in kitchens and bathrooms.

This range of instant water heaters has been built up using our experience gained in the industry since the birth of the business over 11 years ago. We ensure that not only do you receive only the finest water heaters available in the UK, but this is backed by a fantastic customer service and technical team to support you and ask any questions you may have, before, during or after your purchase.

Instantaneous water heaters allow for a user to install a smaller, efficient unit that provides heated water as you need it. Simply turn the tap on, and you will immediately feel warm water. This is in contrast to storage water heaters and other methods that have to run through litres of cold water before the heated water reaches you. As a result, you cut down on energy use and water waste making your home more eco friendly as well as cutting your utility bills down. The units are sited above or below the basin/sink you are servicing with some units only able to be installed above and some only able to be installed below the sink itself.

A wide range of units for all situations

Our range of models are designed to offer the customer a choice of units whatever their requirement may be. Looking to install a water heater for a hand wash basin? Select from the Perfect range, a Stiebel Eltron DHM model or even a Twister unit from the Electric Heating Company.

Looking for a multi basin option? Select from the Heatstore HSMF range or perhaps choose the Redring powerstream unit to serve a shower and a basin or 2 basins. These powerful, higher wattage units are popular in hair salons as well as catering areas where water is regularly required but often in short spurts.

The Leading brands of Instant Water Heaters

Throughout our years of experience, we have successfully whittled down the water heaters we are happy to associate with HSDonline. The leading brands in the industry are offered such as Redring, Heatstore and Zip as well as smaller names that have proven themselves to be some of the best heaters available such as the Perfect range of water heaters that are so popular with our customers, trade and retail alike.

Full technical and customer support

All of our staff are fully trained and we can provide installation details and data sheets to help you choose the right model for your needs.

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