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Oil Filled Radiators

Oil Filled Radiators

Great deals on a wide range of top quality Oil Filled Radiators

  • HSD provides you with a wide range of the UK’s best oil filled radiators.
  • Whatever type of oil filled radiator you are looking for, HSD can provide you with it - from 500 W to 2.5 kW we have them all.
  • All of these radiators offer you a quiet and economic solution for your heating requirements.
  • Any radiator you purchase from us will come with an overheat protection system which enables you to have total peace of mind.

If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to call our friendly and knowledgeable customer care team @ 0800 091 31 71.


Oil filled radiators are perfect for you if you are looking for portable, efficient heating. When it comes to winter, none of us want to take the risk of our boiler breaking and not having any back up. This is where our radiators come in handy.

Oil filled radiator


→ They are affordable, versatile, portable, efficient and cost effective!

The units operate by heating the special dynamic oil which is contained inside the unit. This dynamic fluid is rather special as it can maintain heat for longer periods of time as opposed to other liquids like water. As a result of this, once the unit is switched off it will continue to heat the area around it without using any electricity, making them ultra energy efficient and cost effective!


  • Most of these oil filled heaters come complete with castors. These castors allow portability of the heaters giving flexibility and usage to all areas – they are very versatile.



  • Most of the units are also equipped with thermostats allowing you to set the desired temperature as and when you require. Some of the more advanced units come complete with 24 hour timers.



  • These particular systems are popular with businesses and large premises where heating is only required at certain times. They can greatly reduce heating costs and pay for themselves in no time.


Turbo fans are a new integrated improvement to oil filled radiators over the last couple of years. This feature works like a fan heater and circulates the generated heat from inside the unit around the room; increasing room temperature faster.


→ Oil Filled Radiators are The Solution to Your Heating Requirements!

Unlike many other alternatives, these have massive heat output potential with some of our units reaching 3 kW power consumption! That’s a lot of power from such a small, affordable heater. Their high heat output and complete portability make them extremely popular in homes, businesses and offices. The portable oil filled radiators are perfect if you want to heat multiple rooms at different times.

Another benefit of these radiators is that unlike other forms of portable heating, these units do not use convection heat. This means that the heater will not dry out the air in your room.

In regards to safety these are exceptional. The units are fully sealed and tested therefore you will never have to worry about hot oil escaping or leaking from you unit.

They are almost silent when in use, except the deluxe models with built in fan boost which provides you with optimum efficiency. The units do not contain any moving or noise producing parts; making them ideal options where silence is essential.

At HSD we have searched the market to provide you with the best selection of oil filled radiators that are available throughout the UK.

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