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Sanitary Bins

Sanitary Bins

A huge range of Sanitary Bins and accessories - to suit any budget and washroom environment

- We offer a wide range of sanitary bins with different designs and sizes to suit any washroom environment

- From Pedal operated Sanitary Bins to automatic operation for improved user satisfaction and hygiene levels

- Providing you with the most competitive prices online - transform your washroom today.

Sanitary bins:

Every ladies toilet in a commercial premises must have a sanitary bin! Good sanitary facilities help to promote good hygiene as well as good customer care, making it good for business too.

Due to the variety of toilets and sizes they come in, we offer a range of sanitary bins for you to buy in different capacities, shapes and even colours to suit your toilet décor.

Pedal operated sanitary bins

These are our most popular types of sanitary bin. Activated by placing your foot onto the pedal, the sanitary bin lid then rises allowing you to place your sanitary waste into the bin. These are much more hygienic than bins where you need to manually lift the lid, easier to use as you don't have to stoop down to touch the bin, and so much user friendly for your customers.

Our sanitary waste bins also have a clever design feature that prevents the user of the bin seeing the contents once the pedal has been stood on. Again, it is all about offering a friendly, comfortable and hygienic experience for users which then reflects well onto the premises in question.

Plastic Sanitary bins

The majority of our sanitary bin range are manufactured from tough ABS plastic. These are easily wiped clean and will withstand every day use. Some of the applications our bins have been fitted in including shopping centres, cinemas, sporting stadiums as well as more healthcare based premises such as residential homes and care centres.

For the more commercially minded premises such as restaurants where aesthetics in the bathroom are important, the bins do come in a variety of colours from standard crisp white through to dark grey and platinum.

Sanitary bin liners and accessories

We also offer a full range of sanitary liners, sanitary waste bags as well as advanced accessories to prevent malodours in the bathroom.

Automatic sanitary bins

Sensor operated/No touch sanitary bins have risen in popularity in high end commercial premises. The bin lid lifts automatically leading to a smoother and more user friendly experience.

From our own user research, we would recommend having a bin in each ladies cubicle as well as in disabled toilets. Having ladies waiting to queue to use the one cubicle with the sanitary bin in will not lead to a good, positive experience.

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