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Commercial Soap Dispensers

Commercial Soap Dispensers

Commercial Soap Dispensers

A complete range of soap dispensers for commercial premises. Available in a range of sizes and finishes to suit any requirements from 5* luxury hotels through to local sports clubs. From traditional manual dispensers to automatic sensor operated soap dispensers for dispensing foam or hand soap at a consistent and economical level.

Commercial Soap Dispensers

With over 100,00 units sold online, HSDonline boasts a range of commercial soap dispensers to suit any need and budget. We have sourced a range of soap dispensers including traditional manual fill soap dispensers, through to modern automatic cartridge soap dispensers. As pump technology has improved, the majority of the dispensers can be purchased with a pump specific to beaded industrial gel through to alcohol hand sanitizer.

Bulk Fill Soap Dispensers

The majority of our soap dispensers are refilled manually by the user pouring soap into the dispenser. (We offer a range of bulk soaps at great prices too including our best selling Pro-Kleen range). These dispensers allow you to fill the unit with a soap of your choice, with a variety of types (anti bacterial white soap, perfumed pink soap) available

Cartridge Soap Dispensers:

If you would struggle to manually tip the soap into the dispenser, cartridge models would be suitable for you. The cartridges hold the soap of your choice and fit neatly into the specific dispensers which prevents the mess that can come about from pouring the soap into the dispenser. These are particularly ideal for low traffic premises where the cartridges offer a value for money option (you can get a years supply with a case of 12) compared to buying 5 litres of soap in bulk.

Manual/Push Button Soap Dispensers

The most popular type of soap dispenser, these units are activated by the user pushing the level which releases the soap onto the hands. We have tried to ensure each of our dispensers releases an even amount of soap every time they are pushed. This allows for a premises to estimate accurately how many uses until refilling is required, and presents a a professional, clean image of the premises in question as well as promoting good hand hygiene.

We have units with a variety of capacities depending on the space available, and dependant upon the traffic of your bathroom. A local Cricket club can use a 400ml soap dispenser in white plastic (low risk of damage and vandalism) whereas a busy nightclub will install several stainless steel units of a larger capacity (900ml or above) to protect from damage and vandalism.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

For businesses in the hospitality industry, such as hotels and health clubs, the added touch of finesse from an automatic dispenser does imply a sense of luxury and customer care greater than the norm. If you place your hands under the dispenser, soap is automatically dropped onto your hands, making the experience more user friendly and more hygienic (no touching of the dispenser is required). These types of dispensers, due to their improved hygiene levels, are also very popular in healthcare premises.

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