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Heat Pads for Shoulder Pain

When your shoulders are in pain, simple everyday tasks can become very difficult. Depending on the cause of your shoulder pain, you might be constantly bothered with a dull ache, you might have a severe stabbing pain, and you might struggle to rotate or lift your arms. Shoulder pain is a common problem for people of all ages and is usually a symptom of an underlying injury or a condition such as arthritis or frozen shoulder.

How Can Heat Pads Help with Shoulder Pain?

Heat treatments are all about improving flexibility in your joints and muscles. This is because heat increases circulation to the affected area while blocking out pain signals that get sent to your brain. As so many causes of shoulder pain also restrict movement, an electric heat pad is the most effective way to relieve pain in your shoulder and get your arms moving freely again.

All of the electric heat pads above offer effective shoulder pain relief and have multiple heat settings so you’re always in control of your own comfort level. They’re also fitted with advanced overheat protection systems, so you can use your electric heat pad with complete peace of mind even if your shoulder is numb.

Depending on the kind of shoulder pain you’re experiencing, you may want an all-purpose heat pad that you can hold on your shoulder or shoulder blades, or you may want a specialist neck and shoulder heat pad. These special heat pads fasten loosely around your neck and drape over your shoulders and the top of your back for a heat that gets just where it’s needed.

When Not to Use Heat Pads for Shoulder Pain

If your shoulder is red and swollen, or if you’ve been diagnosed with tendonitis (which causes your tendons to become inflamed) you shouldn’t use heat. Heat pads are great for increasing blood flow to an area, but if your shoulder is swollen then you need to decrease blood flow to the area to bring the swelling down. Use an ice pack on your shoulder to reduce swelling if this is the case.

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