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Plastic Paper Towel Dispensers

Paper Towel Dispenser - The Complete Range

Whether you require a luxury automatic paper towel dispenser or a budget plastic dispenser, HSD offer the full range to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

Working with leading manufacturers to offer you the highest quality range of dispensers online and accompanying paper products at the very best prices.

Paper towel dispensers are one of the most popular purchases from HSDonline. We have a variety of materials, brands and styles on offer as we have to satisfy the requirements from a range of establishments including leading hotels and health clubs due to schools and other public sector buildings. Paper towel dispensers remain popular despite the rise in hand dryers as a quiet, hygienic way of drying hands.

Multifold paper towel dispensers

The majority of our range of paper towel dispensers have been designed with consumer choice in mind. By altering the design of a base C fold paper dispenser, we can allow the dispenser to accommodate different types of paper including Z, V and I fold towels.

This allows a premises to offer the paper their customers prefer as well as not be tied down to one type of paper that is vulnerable to availability or price issues.

Plastic paper towel dispensers

On the cheaper end of the scale of dispensers are plastic units. Typically ideal for low traffic premises where customers are local and known to the premises (local pubs etc) These premises are less likely to suffer from vandalism and damage. ABS plastic is still a tough material and is smooth to touch and typically white in colour but just will not withstand the prolonged damage a stainless steel dispenser can take. They can also be found in kitchens to help with wiping up spills and general hand cleaning whilst preparing food.

Stainless Steel hand towel dispensers

As mentioned, stainless steel paper dispensers are generally manufactured using grade 304 stainless steel. This is incredibly durable, tough and vandal resistant, making it an ideal fit for nightclubs and schools, where the risk of vandalism is high. In recent years, these dispensers including toilet roll and soap dispensers have hugely risen in popularity in hotels, casinos and health spas. They are smart, simple and suit modern minimalist trends that have become more and more popular.

Automatic sensor operated paper towel dispensers

Some luxury premises have purchased what we call a blend of a paper towel dispenser with a automatic hand dryer. Placing your hands under the paper towel dispenser (like you would a sensor operated dryer) and a paper towel is deployed for you. These are more hygienic as no one has to touch the dispenser and give greater satisfaction to customers, making them popular in 5* hotels and high end premises. These are typically much more expensive than manual dispensers and are available in stainless steel or powder coated white metal to suit any type of décor.

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