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Heat Pads for Back Pain

Man suffering from back painHeat Pads for Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common amongst adults. Due to poor posture, pulled muscles, trapped nerves, period pain or even sciatica, back pain can result in you not being able to carry out your everyday tasks. Our heat pads are designed to relieve that awful pain, relaxing your muscles and reducing the tension you feel!

How Do Heat Pads Work?

Heat pads work by dispensing heat onto the painful area. Heat has been scientifically proven to relieve pain and tension by encouraging blood and oxygen to flow to the targeted area, encouraging healing by relaxing any tightened muscles. Our back-pain heat pads have been specifically designed to help relieve symptoms of backache, allowing you to feel instant pain relief wherever you are!

Lower back heat padDifferent Types of Heat Pads

Whether your back-pain spreads across your whole back or only targets a specific area, we have the perfect heat pad for you! Our heat pads are all made from luxuriously soft fabric, ensuring that they are extremely comfortable to use and feel pleasant when they come into contact with your skin.  

Stomach and Back Heat Pads

If you experience both back and stomach pain together (which is often the case with period pain), our stomach and back heat pads are perfect! They are designed to fit snuggly around your back and stomach, and will dispense an even amount of heat throughout the entire area! These heat pads are an easy and effective way to make sure that all of your aches and pains are targeted at once, ensuring that you’re not having to constantly move a smaller heat pad around!

Lower Back Heat Pads

Similarly, these lower back heat pads will also wrap around your back and stomach area to ensure that the pad is fitted securely onto your body. However, these will only dispense heat onto your back area – perfect for trapped nerves, pulled muscles or sciatica! Our lower back heat pads can be worn under your clothes at work, on public transport or even at home while you relax, giving you a convenient way to relieve your pain, all day long!

Sweet Dreams Heat Pad for Back PainLarge Heat Pads

If you’d rather have a heat pad that you can lay on, or place onto a specific part of your back, our larger heat pads are perfect! These large heat pads are also extremely versatile, allowing you to use them on any body part that you start to feel aches and pains in all year round!

Small Heat Pads

For a more compact and portable option, our small heat pads provide just as much pain relief, without the bulky size! If your back pain is specific to a certain area, these small heat pads can be placed directly onto the ache or pain, giving you much more control over where the heat is mostly applied. This will ensure that the area is targeted specifically, giving you much quicker pain relief!

Make sure you never have to endure another day of pain again by browsing our large range of heat pads for backs. With multiple styles, shapes and sizes, you can be sure we’ll have the perfect one for you!

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