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MYLEK Remote Control Over Door Heater with Illuminated Display, 2kW

One of the Lowest Priced Over Door Heaters available in the UK!

Product Code: 228852

42 reviews
  • This stylish over door heater has a modern finish and high thermal efficiency
  • Clear, illuminated LED display with a long range remote control included
  • 8 hour timer setting, self-regulating ceramic PTC element,
  • Provides immediate heat into doorways, conservatories and reception areas
  • Perfect for all year round use with a fan only mode
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  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
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Product information

Brand - Mylek
Height - 22.5 cm
Width - 55 cm
Depth - 15 cm

This ultra modern over door air curtain is perfect for a variety of locations. It has a stylish finish and high thermal efficiency and can be programmed to suit you with its 8 hour timer setting.


This over door heater by MYLEK has a clear, illuminated LED display and can be controlled from a long range with the remote control. 


Using a PTC heating element, this air curtain provides fast and immediate heat into doorways, conservatories and reception areas. The ceramic PTC element is self-regulating and varies its wattage to maintain a preset temperature. This means that it only draws the required current to maintain the temperature.


  • Choose from 2 heat settings at 1kw or 2kw and a fan only setting to control both heat output and running costs
  • Unit is fitted with an 8 hour timer - programmable in terms of heat and running costs
  • Variable temperature from 10 - 49°c
  • Long range remote control and indicator light
  • Large digital LED visual display
  • Fan only mode - perfect for summer use!


Rating 4.8 out of 5 based on 42 reviews.
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6 Jun 2018
Louise Milton
Good over the door heater fan with oscillating and thermostat features and timer Only 4 stars because on set up every day it appears u have to go back and reset(after turning on and setting already doing that day) otherwise it will just heat to 31 degrees whatever the weather.
28 Mar 2018
Janette Smith
Brilliant service, quick delivery ,recommended this heater to anyone I give it a10 out of 10,. its that good I have a big area so thinking about purchasing another one
30 Jan 2018
R W Munn
Over door heater, easy set up, works well, remote is a bit flimsy but works, will need looking after if it is going to last long. The actual heater heats up quickly and works well. The built in digital thermostat is WAY out, reads about 15-20' too hot, but I can live with that. It's cheap, so build quality isn't the strongest, but let's face it when it's up it won't be getting handled much so that's not a long term worry. For the price, excellent but of kit.
23 Jan 2018
Stephanie Burrows
Not very effective, doesn't give off much heat and the controls are confusing
9 Jan 2018
Guy, Cumbria
Yeh great product. Does the job
20 Dec 2015
Neil, South Yorkshire
Simple but quite effective. Haven't got the remote to work, but can't think why you'd need one! For the money, its superb value.
12 Feb 2015
John, Suffolk
very good product,works very well.
11 Feb 2015
Zabir, South Yorkshire
Very effective and good selection of settings. I have already recommended these to business owners in my network.
10 Feb 2015
Joe, Norfolk
For the price it has performed well so far. A good feature set for the price range
7 Feb 2015

Frequently asked questions

Please can you advise how long the power lead is. Thank you Mark
The power lead is 1m long.
Can this unit be placed low on a wall to blow upwards.
No this would cause the unit to overheat and burn out.
Can it be ceiling mounted
This unit is for wall mounting only.
Can it be ceiling mounted
This unit is for wall mounting only.
Can this be put in a bathroom.
This heater cannot be used in a bathroom. You have to have an IP rated heater for this environment. Please see the link below for our range of IP rated heaters suitable for a bathroom.
Dose this have to be mounted over a door, or can it be put on a wall. I only have 4 inches above my door .
This heater can be wall mounted.
Once wall mounted does this product plug into a socket or does it need to be wired by an electrician?
This heater comes with a plug and can be plugged into a standard 3 pinned UK socket. 
Can you adjust the vents to change the direction of the air? Or does it just blow straight down?
The unit has a series of multidirectional vents built in so air travels in multiple directions, however there is no way to adjust the vents to change the directions of the air
What the size? Would it be suitable for a small down stairs toilet?
The dimensions are 550 x 150 x 225mm (WxDxH). We would not recommend this heater for a toilet as it is not IP rated. Please follow the link below to our range of IP rated heaters.

The heater is for our garage - but we can only have 1KW out there - is this heater suitable, as it has 1kw and 2kw setting?? Thank you
For safety reasons, we would not recommend anything over the limit of your electricity circuit. We would recommend heaters up to 1kw only.
Is clearance required between the underside of the ceiling and the heater and if so how much please?
A minimum clearance of 20cm (8") is required between the ceiling and the heater.
Hello, Please could you confrim that the unit is white - I have seen it listed as silver, and just would like to confirm it is white. Regards Ken
This heater is white.
I am looking for a wall mounted 1-2kw fan heater to heat a small room .I would be grateful for your suggestions. Thanks Terry
This would be ideal for your requirements. We would also recommend product code 224900.
how noisy is this heater
The heater is no more noisy than a standard fan heater.
What are the mounting requirements for this heater. height from floor / ceiling etc. Thank you
We would recommend a minimum distance of 1.8m from the floor to the bottom of the heater.
Could this be mounted on the walls of a log cabin?
If the log cabin wall can take the weight (approx 3.6kg) of the heater, and the wall it will be mounted on is sturdy enough, then this should be suitable for your purpose.
1 Can you plug two eater into a double socket 2 Is it easy to put a longer cable on Is the heat remote so that customers can not touch it.
Each heater will have to be plugged into its own plug hole. We would not recommend you to put a longer cable on as this will invalidate the Manufacturer's warranty. The remote control is for easier access to operate if the heater is installed over the door.
could u please tell me the approx hour running cost. Thank you.
On heat setting 1 (1kw) the running cost is approximately 10p per hour and on setting 2 (2kw) the running cost is approximately 20p per hour. (These prices are based on your energy provider charging 10p per KwH).
can you tell me how many Quick code: 228852 air curtain heaters l would need to maintain a comfortable heat in a show room with a floor space of 20 sq meters. Or what size and how many you would recommend of a similar product please Thank you Lillian
There are certain factors such as temperature required, insulation and the external temperature that may effect the results, but our calculation to obtain around 21 degrees celcius with average insulation would require one heater for your room size.
Hi were does the cable come out of the unit, is it at the back or if the side, which side, Thank you
The wire comes out of the bottom of the unit at the right hand side.
Hi you said the wire comes out at the bottom of unit on the right hand side. I presume this is right of the unit when it faces you. Am i correct. Thank you
That is correct - the right hand side as you look at the heater mounted on the wall.
Can this be used with an extension lead?
We would not recommend you to use this product with an extension cable.
Can this be used with an extension lead
We would not recommend you to use an extension lead with this heater.
Can you use it for cold air in the summer
Yes although it isn\'t as powerful as a traditional fan 
How hot is the air coming out of this heater, at the full 2kw setting? Is it as hot as the air from a normal 2kw ‘Steel/Wire Coiled Element’ based Air Curtain? I need the air to be as Hot as possible being blown out from the Heater, as we have an open door policy.. Looking forward to your reply.. Thankyou.
The temperature of the air coming out of the heater would depend on what you set the thermostat to. The highest setting is 49 degrees C, so if you want the heat output as hot as possible, we would recommend you to set the thermostat to full.
Does the fan stop running in the heating mode once desired temperature has been reached?
The heating element is self regulating to maintain the pre-set temperature, so will continue to run.
Is this suitable to use in a kitchen above an external door
Yes, this heater is suitable to be used in your kitchen above an external door.
Can I use this product for my pharmacy shop. Roughly 30sqm
This would be suitable in a pharmacy. However, the 2kw may struggle to heat the room size you have given, therefore we would recommend 2 units.
Can this heater be used in a bathroom with an external switch
No, this heater cannot be used in a bathroom as it does not have an IP (Ingress Protection) rating.
Hi would it be possible to add wiring as 1 metre long cable from where I’m installing the unit would not reach a socket?
We cannot recommend you to change the wiring, as this would invalidate the product warranty.
how do I set the heater to a low temp for cold air. I've used the remote to get down to 10degress but it keeps adjusting back to 25 -
We would advise you to completely turn off the heater to reset it. Then press the red \"on\" button just once, and this will activate the fan only setting. 
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