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Swan 20 Litre Electric Catering Urn, SWU20L

£69.59 inc VAT
£57.99 exc VAT

Swan 20 Litre Electric Catering Urn, SWU20L

Perfect for providing hot water at events and in the workplace

765 reviews
£69.59 inc VAT
£57.99 exc VAT

Order within 4 hrs 46 mins for delivery 25th February

  • Generous 20L capacity - provides hot water for 100 to 150 cups
  • Concealed element for longevity and protection
  • Unique lid design to keep the boiling noise to a minimum
  • Perfect for providing hot water for drinks at charity events, offices and more
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  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Product Code: 110393
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Product information

Brand: Swan
Height: 56.5 cm
Width: 35 cm
Depth: 35 cm
Weight: 5.1 kg
  • 20 Litre capacity that can provide hot water for 100 to 150 cups.
  • Simply fill the urn manually using a jug, turn the urn on and wait for it to boil and reach temperature
  • Unlike cheaper catering urns available, this Swan model has a concealed element for longevity and protection of the element
  • The Swan catering urn will keep the water hot throughout the day and reboil at certain points to ensure your tea and coffee is at a suitable temperature
  • The tap is specially designed as not to drip unlike cheaper models available
  • Unique lid design to keep the boiling noise to a minimum which is ideal for offices as well as preventing condensation
  • Distance between tap & tray 125mm
  • Wattage: Boiling: 2200 Watts Keep Hot: 150 Watts


Rating 4.3 out of 5 based on 765 reviews.
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The urn works well and it was easy to use.
29 Jan 2019
Excellent for the money, does exactly what we need it for. Very happy customers
11 Dec 2018
Gill Barrow
Exactly what we needed, have purchased from your company before and would do so again.
2 Aug 2018
John b
Very efficient and fast heating. Great product at a good price.
1 May 2018
Michael, Cheshire
The condensation reduction on the lid is really effective.
9 Dec 2014
Jacqueline, Buckinghamshire
Great product. We needed an Urn for our community Hall and the tea/coffee events we run - this is perfect!
12 Jun 2014
Charlotte, Hampshire
Product was delivered to a different site so unsure of quality but have not received any complaints
28 May 2014
Lesley, Oxfordshire
As expected,very good
26 Jan 2014
William Tasker
I bought one for our Village Hall 8 years ago and it has stood the test of time. We bought another to lend out as necessary to others because they are so reliable. You cannot beat the genuine article.
13 Dec 2013
Keith, Lancs,GB
13 Aug 2012
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Frequently asked questions

does this 20 litre swan tea urn have an adjustable thermostat or is the temperature pre set
Unfortunately this item does not have an adjustable thermostat or temperature pre set.
does this 20 litre swan tea urn have an adjustable thermostat or is the temperature pre set
Unfortunately this item does not have an adjustable thermostat or temperature pre set.
Hi, i was wondering if the drip tray is removable so that i can place the Urn over a table to fill larger Tea Pots. thank you keith
The drip tray is removable.
Does one manually fill the urn, and does it operate by plugging into a wall socket?
This unit needs to be manually filled and it does come with a standard UK plug. 
Can the boiler be used outdoors with an extension lead?
This is fine as long as the weather is permitting and the urn is under cover. 
Can this product be topped up when hot, if the water gets low?
The urn can be topped up but you will have to allow time for the urn to reboil to the correct temperature. 
Approximately how many cups can a 20 litre boiler hold?
This 20L urn can produce about 80 standard coffee/tea cups.
Has the boiler an automatic cut off at boiling point?
Yes, this boiler will automatically switch to 'keep warm' mode once it reaches boiling point.
How much electricity does the 20 litre urn use? Assume it's on for normal office working hours and approximately 60 average size cups of tea/coffee are consumed.
This all depends upon your energy suppliers rates but the running cost is on average 20pence per hour.
can you tell me the height of the swan 20 litre catering urn please
565 mm 
i have a swan but it boils the hole time it doesn't stop so its look like the thermostat broke. where can i buy just a thermostat ?do you sell one and how much does it cost thank you
Unfortunately we do not sell spare parts. We would advise you to contact Swan directly.
Does this urn have an automatic shut off when the water runs out?
The unit does not automatically shut off but it does have a boil dry safety feature. This means the unit would have to be reset if the unit boils dry. 
How long does it take for a full urn to heat cold water to boiling point?
Depending on how cold the water is this normal takes 25-30 mins
Can this product be plugged into a 13 amp wall socket or does it have to be plugged into a cooker socket.
These items come fitted with 3 pin UK standard plugs so can be used with standard wall sockets.
do you sell any electric tea urns that are self filling i.e that are plumbed into the main water supply
We do have a series of Autofill water boilers these can be found here:

Please feel free to contact our team on 08000 913 171 if you wish to discuss your specific requirements further.
Will the plug on this unit work in an electrical outlet in Canada? Thanks,
This Catering Urn is designed to be used with UK standard plug sockets. 
Hello, can something like hot sauce be cooked in these urns? I need to make 20+ ltr at a time. Cheers, Robert Powers
These urns are for heating water only, therefore we would not recommend to heat hot sauce in them.
At our church we need an urn that can be filled and switched on then left for an hour or so. After the church service we need the water immediately to fill large tea and coffee pots. Will this urn bring the water to boiling point and keep it at that tempe
Yes, this catering urn will keep the water hot enough to make drinks. It has a special 'keep warm' function, and would be ideal for your requirements.
Sir, Please advise 20 ltr urn kettle element is concealed and it is immersion coil or not?? Also curious , we can make tea in the same kettle?? or it will stain in the kettle??
The element is concealed and is a horseshoe shape in the base of the urn. This product is designed to heat water only, and we cannot recommend you to heat tea in it.
Hi Can you recommend a descaler that can be used in the Swan urn please Many thanks
We would recommend our Pro-Kleen Descaler available in 1L or 5L bottles. Please see product codes 229141 and 229218 for further details.

Is there enough space between drip tray and spout to fit a standard size tea pot?
You may struggle to fit a teapot underneath the space between the drip tray and the spout. This is approximately 5"(13cm), and is enough space to fit a standard tea/coffee cup.
I have a catering power is battery question is..would you be able to advise me as to what size inverter would run the 16 or 20 litre swan boiler?
Unfortunately you would need to speak to a qualified electrician regarding the invertor.
But we do sell the Burco LPG Water Boiler that could be more suitable.

Do you have an urn that can be emptied easily if pre boiled water is left. If so how is this done.
The tray can be removed so a teapot can be used and then emptied disposing the boiled water.
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