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Burco Cygnet Electric Catering Urn, 30 Litres

£87.59 inc VAT
£72.99 exc VAT

Burco Cygnet Electric Catering Urn, 30 Litres

Packed with Features to provide you with hot water on demand

165 reviews
£87.59 inc VAT
£72.99 exc VAT

Order now for delivery 26th March

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  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Product Code: 116635
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Product information

Brand: Burco
Height: 48 cm
Width: 40 cm
  • Burco catering urns are the reliable, safe, economical and robust solution for catering premises who demand regular hot water when they need it.
  • Larger 30 litre capacity than Swan urns, leading to more time and drinks between refilling the urn. 
  • A powerful 2.5KW heat up time that helps keep the water hot and a faster heat up time once the temperature of the water eventually drops.
  • You have the choice of temperature with 9 heat settings, allowing you to find the ideal level of heat for your customers, leading to a more positive experience in your premises.
  • Robust materials with a durable stainless steel finish
  • The lid is lockable for safety for staff and vulnerable users
  • Concealed element for easy maintenance and cleaning and a higher reliability rate than other catering urns.
  • Thermostat setting Approximate water temperatures below;
  • Setting 1 37°C (99°F)
  • Setting 2 55°C (131°F)
  • Setting 3 68°C (155°F)
  • Setting 4 82°C (180°F)
  • Settings5-6 97°C (207°F)


Rating 4.6 out of 5 based on 165 reviews.
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Mr J Warke
Excellent Value
26 Feb 2019
Very reliable and we get a lot of use out of them.
18 Dec 2018
Just what i needed at the right time,and the right place and the right price,.
20 Nov 2018
Terry, Hertfordshire
First class service
17 Aug 2016
Needed it next day and it was there brilliant service and very polite man and helpful on the phone
Brilliant boiler
25 Jul 2016
Anne, Suffolk
Product worked well and covers the use for which it wes intended, would recommend
8 Feb 2016
Elizabeth, Herefordshire
We are using the urn for the lambing season, for warm water for mixing lamb powder etc. Brilliant!
11 Mar 2015
Ian, Cambs
An excellent quality product
14 Jan 2015
Mr Richard Galloway
Excellent product, well priced, good value. Delivered on time.
13 Feb 2014
An excellent urn and ideal for brewing!
30 Aug 2013
Amazon Customers
148 Amazon customers reviewed this product

Documents & Instructions

Frequently asked questions

i have a model c 28H2 Bruco but the switch is broken. Can I buy a new switch .
Sorry, but we do not supply spare parts. Please call Burco directly on 0344 8153744.
Is this suitable as a 30 litre homebrew boiler ? - will it allow full 90 minute rolling boils - can the thermostat be overridden - can a hop strainer be fitted - is tap suitable etc....
This catering urn can only be used for boiling water. 
Is the urn thermostat accurate enough to control the temperature to use as a sous vide. What is the range of the thermostat. Thanks Alex Moss
This unit is not suitable to be used as a Sous-vide. 
can i use this to heat milk? if not, what would be suitable? needs to be at least 30 litres
The Manufacturer does not recommend this for milk as the tap cannot be detached and cleaned. 
can this boiler be used to boil small white clothing items. We have a burco boiler which has given us over fifty years service but has now started to leak
These units cannot be used for this process. 
How does the boil dry mechanism work, Also does it have a reset buton when the above happens & where if is this button. Thank you Best wishes Kieran
The boil dry mechanism will automatically switch off the urn if the water runs out, or if the unit is switched on without any water in it. This will protect the urn from damage. The reset button is on the underneath side of the base of the urn.
Hello, what is the temperature range of the thermostat?
The temperature range is approximately 37 degrees Celsius to 99 degrees Celsius.
Is the body construction actually stainless steel or is this plated or polished other metal?
The body construction is made of a durable stainless steel.
What is the weight of this unit, when empty?
The weight is approximately 4.4kg.
How many cups will the boiler deliver before refill is needed? What is the heat up time from cold / normal water? Finally can it be topped up with boiling water from a kettle?
This will deliver around 120 x 250ml cups before refill is needed. The heat up time is approximately 70 minutes from cold. There is no reason why you cannot use water from a boiled kettle to top up, but we advise with caution. Transferring boiling water from one source to another can be dangerous, so to avoid scolding, we would recommend to use cold water.
Should the boiler be left empty over night or on days when it is not being used? Is there a recommended length of time that you can leave it on for?
We would advise you to turn the urn off overnight if the premises are unoccupied. If unused for a long period of time, we would advise you to empty the urn and unplug. If the urn is to be used constantly, it can be kept on continually.
I can't find any detail about the power source and need something that is truly portable. Does the urn plug in via a normal electrical plug and if so is the lead supplied?
Yes, this electric urn comes supplied with a cable and a standard UK three pin plug.
In a indoor environment with 20°C, how long does it take to bring 30 liters of water to the boiling point?
The heat up time is approximately 70 minutes.
We want the urn to be kept hot for many hours. Is it safe to put an insulating jacket round it?
If the urn is connected to the mains electricity it will stay hot all the time. We would not advise you to put an insulating jacket around it.
Will the tap stay down without being held for a continual flow of hot water? Thanks.
The tap can be locked for continual flow, by turning the tap lever, to line up the open padlock symbol with the white dot at the front of the tap body. However, the continual flow will cut off after a certain time, and will not flow to totally drain the urn.
Hi, I’m looking to pick up an Urn for my mobile catering unit. I understand it uses 2.5kWz. Is this it’s constant consumption or does it drop after the initial boil?
The urn will not use the full 2.5Kw all the time. It will be considerably lower on the \"keep warm\" mode. Energy consumption per hour is 1Kw.
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