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Homefront Luxury Soft Electric Heated Throw Over Blanket with Timer - Chocolate

£41.99 inc VAT
£34.99 exc VAT

Homefront Luxury Soft Electric Heated Throw Over Blanket with Timer - Chocolate

9 heat settings and 9 timer settings with ultra fast heat up

Product Code: 150963

113 reviews
£41.99 inc VAT
£34.99 exc VAT

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  • Sumptuously soft chocolate fabric
  • Advanced heating elements for an energy-efficient cosy warmth
  • Easy to use for anyone
  • 9 heat and 9 timer settings
  • Machine washable and fitted with overheat protection for your safety
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  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
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Product information

Brand - Homefront

This luxurious chocolate heated throw is perfect for keeping warm both in bed or on the sofa even on the coldest winter evenings. Superbly soft and indulgently cosy, every stitch of this throw is made with Homefront’s trademark attention to detail.

Made from sumptuously soft fabric, this large electric heated throw is the perfect mood-booster on a chilly evening. With luxurious material that’s made for wrapping yourself in, this heated throw keeps you warm in the lap of luxury with its modern, chocolate-brown design.

The thick fabric retains heat really well and works with the advanced heating elements inside the electric blanket to warm you up quickly and efficiently. Choose from nine heat settings and nine timer settings, sit back, and relax as this luxury heated throw soothes your body and calms your mind. Costing less than 3p per night to use, you can use your heated throw with complete peace of mind as it keeps you warm for a fraction of the cost of your central heating.

With advanced overheat protection and nine hourly timer settings, you can safely use your luxurious heated throw all night long. Program it to shut down at any time through the night or let it keep you cosy until you wake up.

The throw is machine washable with a detachable controller and is easy to use, making it the perfect gift for anyone who isn’t confident with technology. It also comes with a free carry case so you can store it away through the summer months – although it’s so stylish, you might want to leave it as part of your home décor all year long!

CE certified and RoHS compliant.


Rating 4.9 out of 5 based on 113 reviews.
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Janet Smith
Very happy with product, warm and cosy.
17 Jan 2019
Lovely and soft. Very generous size. Only bad thing I can say is it doesn’t seem to heat up in random patches
15 Jan 2019
carole hodson (carole0177)
As described, very good value, brilliant heated throw, really pleased with it
18 Oct 2017
Stephanie Kerr
Great item.. and very fast delivery
20 Mar 2017
Kate Campbell
Very pleased with purchase. Heats up quickly with plenty of room for adjustment of temperature. Good colour blends in well on the sofa. Most importantly is the width of it - generous so enough for two of us. Lovely to stay warm and cozy in the winter watching a movie. Washable too.
2 Feb 2017
Miss yvonne humphries
The service was excellent from start to finish and the blanket was a gift which my friend is delighted with
24 Jan 2017
Mrs Yeats
Absolutely fabulous heated throw that deserves 5*. Would highly recommend.
14 Jan 2017
This is the second heated electric throw that I have ordered. We are very pleased with the quality & the ease of the controls. I highly recommend this product.
13 Jan 2017
Gift for my husband who is always complaining of chilly legs. He loves it and it's big enough for me to get under on the sofa too :-)
12 Jan 2017
Brilliant, such a lovely product, loads of settings just so cosy!
3 Dec 2016

Documents & Instructions

Frequently asked questions

This add states that is cost 2p a night to run....if this is the case how long is this based on and on what setting?
It costs from as little as 2p per night this would be on the lowest setting.
Re: the quote of 2p per night. How many hours at the lowest setting is this based upon? The quote only refers to "per night".
Calculation for electrical appliance running costs:(average uk electricity provider cost is 10p Per kw per hour)

1kw or 1000w based on 10p per kw per hour would cost 10p per hour.

The Chocolate throw is only 150w, So this is a rough guide on the lowest setting at 6 hours.
Could you tell me what is the longest the throw would stay on for please, Thanks
The longest this would stay on for is 9 hours.
Do the heating elements cover the whole area of 120 x 160? I have been told they are only in the middle and wide unheated area all round.
The elements cover the whole blanket just leaving a two inch area all around the edge of the blanket. 
Would it be suitable to use when I do reflexology over a single size massage couch. thanks vivien James
The unit is designed to by used as an overblanket or throw but you can lay on it. I would recommend getting an electric blanket with tie wraps which you would be able to strap around the massage chair.
I have a duvet on my bed. Could this be used under the duvet, as a blanket, covering me, in tandem with the duvet. Hope this makes sense, Many Thanks, Annie.
Yes Annie that would be fine.
Do you need to unscrew the power supply before washing or does it un click some other way?
The control simply clicks in to connection point on the throw. The control needs to be unclipped when washing.
Hi again, after unclipping the throw i noticed the metal pins are visible at the connection point, is it safe to wash the throw with the metal connection point being exposed?
Yes it is 100% safe to wash with the metal pins visible. Please ensure the connection point is completely dry before it is plugged back in. 
Hi again, after unclipping the throw i noticed the metal pins are visible at the connection point, is it safe to wash the throw with the metal connection point being exposed?
Yes it is 100% safe to wash with the metal pins visible. Please ensure the connection point is completely dry before it is plugged back in. 
how long does it stay hot for if you diconnect the power supply? Is it safe for children to use?
The heated throw is perfectly safe for children to use. It is heated by extremely thin wires which run through the blanket, therefore as soon as the throw is switched off it will begin to cool. 
Is it okay to lay on the blanket, ie to wrap it around the whole body?
Yes that is fine.
can you tell me the size please?thanks
Size 120 x 160 cm
What is the maximum temperature the blanket can reach and how long does it take to reach it? Thanks
This unit reaches the max temperature of 35'c
Could you please confirm the size of the throw? On the 'details' page the size is quoted as 120 cm x 160 cm. Further down under dimensions it is quoted as 130 cm x 160 cm. On the FAQs page I have seen both sizes quoted - very confusing!
The size of this unit is   120 x 160 cm
Hi could you tell me how much this product weighs in the packaging? Many thanks
The unit weight is 2.5 KG
can this throw be used to watch TV. it will not be flat and may be wrapped around someone and creased
This item is suitable for use in this way.
hi can you use these with a memory foam mattress only you cant a normal electric blanket that you lie on thanks
Unfortunately we would advise not to use this item with memory foam mattresses.
I need a to replace the eletric control cable can anyone tell where I can buy one in the u,k, thanks
You need to contact the person you purchased the goods from and action under the warranty 
If you have the device on say 9 every night for 7 hours, how much will that be costing?
This unit uses 100 watts of power when on full so if you had it on for 10 hours this will use 1kw of power you will have to check what your electicity supplier charges you but you will find this will be pence.  
Would the electric washable overblanket be safe for my mother who is incontinent? She uses bed protectors and pads etc? IF not, can you suggest another make or it is not safe at all? Kind regards Clare Roberts
We have been in touch with Manufacturer as this is an over blanket. It isn't suitable to be slept on, but it can be laid over the top of you. They would recommend an under blanket instead for use on a bed. They also recommend speaking to the supplier of your bed protectors to see if they are sufficient to contain any fluid from seeping through.
Hi, Once washed can you dry the throw on a radiator?
We would recommend to dry as natural and as flat as possible, so you are not bending the wires within the blanket. Over a washing line is the recommended way to dry the blanket. 
Can I fold it in half and place items in between to keep warm? Thanks Pam x
We would not recommend you to fold any electric blanket as this will damage the wires, and the blanket may only heat in patches, if not at all.
Hi is the heated throw ok to use as a throw over a top sheet and comforter , I have a 4 inch memory foam topper with a fleece under blanket then the fitted sheet I lie on with a top sheet and comforter on top.i wanted it as a throw on top .thankyou.glenny
This heated throw can be used on top of the covers on your bed.
I have purchased 3 of these which I have loved however the controller's has gone after the year is out. How can I get a replacement please. Model No ACHHT01 Regards Lorna
Unfortunately, if the heated throw was purchased prior to October 2015, we no longer have spare controllers available.
I purchased one of these blankets last year tonight it has failed to heat up the controller is working please can you advise?
Please call our Sales Team on 0800 0913171, and someone will assist you further.
Hi, does the timer start the heat controller automatically (let's say 15 mins before getting up) for the throw to be warm when I get up in the morning?
The timer is the actual amount of time the blanket will remain on (ie 1 to 9 hours). The blanket will start to heat as soon as the timer is switched on and will have to be turned on manually in order for it to function.
Hi, How long is the mains cable? Best, Pete
The cable is approximately 2m long.
I have had a pacemaker fitted and want to know if a overblanket is suitable for me to use.
We would advise you to contact your GP to discuss this. Individual medical circumstances may/may not be compatible with using this product.
Hi, Could you please advise if this product is safe to leave on whilst in bed asleep as I know a number of your blankets are? With many thanks.
Yes, as long as it is on the top of the bed. If it is placed between sheets/duvets it may overheat which will damage the throw. 
Is this ok for sitting on in a chair
The heated throw is designed to be used over your body. Unfortunately, if the throw is sat on, it may become folded and if the wires become bent with added body weight, they may become damaged.
My throws controller has shut down due to overheating because it was covered whilst oh high. How do I make it work again, I am lost without it.
Unfortunately as it has overheated it has gone in to a safety cut out mode and would therefore need replacing.
Why am I getting E When I turn on my blanket, how do I fix it Thanks
Please may I ask you to turn the control all the way down, unplug from the throw and switch off by the plug to see if this solves this issue.
Hi. Cause l am disabled do l have to pay the VAT. Thank you. Lisa
This product is not a vat exempt item. They are usually mobility items.
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