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Homefront Slim Pro-XV1000 Abdominal Toning Belt

£27.98 inc VAT
£23.32 exc VAT

Homefront Slim Pro-XV1000 Abdominal Toning Belt

No Pads or Gel Required - Ever! Free Batteries Included

1299 reviews
£27.98 inc VAT
£23.32 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand: Homefront
Weight: 1 kg

Homefront Slim Pro-XV1000 - The Bestselling Abdominal Toning Belt in the UK!

With its 40 intensities, multiple program choices and its use of the latest E.M.S Technology, there's no wonder that hundreds of thousands have been sold across the UK.

Unlike other toning belt systems that require expensive gel and pad replacements to be frequently purchased, this abdominal toning belt has been designed so that you will never require no additional pads or gels. Be aware of hidden costs if you are considering purchasing a different muscle toning system. 

Using the latest carbon electrode technology, the belt simply requires water to be applied to the two circles before placing it on your abdominal area. It's that easy. Choose you program and intensity and you will start to feel your abs being toned. The Homefront Toning Belt is scientifically proven to work and also uses the latest E.M.S Technology used by professional athletes. 

Get abs on the go. Use while ironing, washing up, gardening or on the school run! 

With a choice of adjustable intensities from 0 to 40 – you can gain your six pack at a level and speed that is comfortable for you.


This toning belt has variable programs from 22 to 31 minutes to leave you in control of your workout.


Rating 4.1 out of 5 based on 1299 reviews.
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Kani Fuker
Great product and works as it should. Miles better than those pads i used about 20yrs ago and this has a programme set into it so it's different everytime. 10/10
26 Oct 2016
Shelagh, Staffs
2 Jun 2015
Mary, South Lanarkshire
You can see the difference on your abs within a couple of weeks I would recommend this abs belt to anyone
25 Jan 2015
Craig, Herefordshire
25 Aug 2014
Patrick Campion, Surrey
Have been using this belt for three weeks and it really works!, abs already look more toned
22 Apr 2014
David Harrison, Tyne And Wear
14 Mar 2014
Rob Oakes, Hertfordshire
Turned up very quickly and packaged well
10 Mar 2014
Sharon, Hertfordshire
Ive been using this product every day for the last 2-3 weeks and am seeing the results. This is a great alternative to the more expensive products on the market.
24 Feb 2014
Carolyn-jane, Gloucestershire
Comfortable and easy to use and quick results.
22 Jan 2014
Brian, South Lanarkshire
I works very well and the batteries last longer than the more expensive rechargeable models. I found that it was nicer to use moisturiser on my tummy instead of water to aid conduction.
18 Oct 2013
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1264 Amazon customers reviewed this product

Documents & Instructions

Frequently asked questions

Considering buying a unit for my father who has prostate cancer (controlled by medication). Would it be reasonably safe for him to use?
Unfortunately, we can not advise on this. Please contact your GP for this matter.  
Hi Can I use it on arm muscles?
This unit is designed for the stomach/abdominal muscles only. 
How do I add water to the electrodes and how much?
You can use cotton wool and the electrodes just need wiping. 
What size batteries do I need for the slim pro toning belt ?
The batteries required are AAA.
How often can I use this ?
This product has 5 different programs. You should do one program twice a day.
I have a 26 inch waist but no definition-- can I use this product? If not, could you recommend one?
This Toning Belt helps to train muscles and is ideal to tone the waist area.
What is the smallest waist measurement on which this product will work?
This Toning Belt is adjustable so will fit any waist size.
Everybody has mentioned smallest waist size, what about the other way? What waist size does it go up to? Largest?
The waist size is from 70cm to 130cm.
Would it be okay if I would use the belt six days a week 3x20 minutes on 3 different muscles? I would like to work more on my abs and thighs and was wondering which would be the best way? On the thighs I normally do 10 minutes front and 10 minutes on th
The belt has five different programmes and the recommended use is to choose one of the programs and do this twice a day. The belt is for abdominal/stomach muscle toning, and is not meant to be used on your thighs.
Im using this 2x daily on my lower abdomen. Would it be ok use it round my waist as a separate "workout" as well so im working on two parts of my body thank you
You can use on two parts of your body but the time intervals between two sessions is at least five hours.
Should i begin by starting on level a and going through the intensity up to 40 before going onto the next level and once on next level begin the intensities again
Yes, we would advise you to work your way through the intensity levels before moving to the next level.
does this do sides also or just the front?
The belt will work on any muscles in the abdominal area, where the electrodes come into contact with the skin.
I need a replacement belt for my slim Pro-v unit. Where can I buy this?
We do not have replacement belts available to purchase. 
Its been put aside for 12 months, now its all set on the display with good batteries but does not activate? any ideas please.It was fine when I put it aside.Thank you.
Check the batteries are fully charged. Press the on button once, making sure not to press too long. Pressing for more than 3 seconds will turn it off. 
Hi, when all set properly and display active the unit does not activate although the timer counts down. Batteries are good. Any ideas?
Please ensure the unit is fitted to the body as the unit will not work handheld as a safety measure 
Hi there I have changed batteries the batteries, display is coming up and display is going up through the settings but the belt is not starting. Can you advise lease, thanks
The toning belt must be worn and in contact with the skin before turning on and setting. This is a safety feature that prevents the user from any unpleasant sensation if the electrodes are not in contact with the skin.
im 50 waist is it still ok for me
The maximum waist size is 130cm (51 inches), so this should fit.
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