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Cockroach Killer

Cockroaches are one of the most revolting looking pests around, and their presence is enough to give most people the jitters. Although they won’t cause you much harm, an infestation will cause you problems, particularly if you run a restaurant or another customer-facing establishment.

Unfortunately, those are the places most prone to the onset of cockroaches. Food, water, and warmth are the three main things a cockroach desires, and it just so happens that most kitchens have those in abundance. From a reputation standpoint, a cockroach infestation can prove to be very problematic for businesses that have to maintain certain hygiene standards. It’s also not a nice sight in your home – for you or for your poor unsuspecting guests.

The trouble when it comes to dealing with cockroaches is how tough they are. The hard exteriors and cannibalistic tendencies of cockroaches can certainly make them difficult to put a stop to. Yet, because of the filthy and unhygienic nature of them, it’s quite important that you don’t let them take root in your premises. The most effective way of dealing with them is through the use of insecticidal products.

Why Choose HSD For Your Cockroach Killer Products?

At HSD we stock a number of cockroach killer products to help you get your household back to normal. While physical attacks won’t do much to halt their progress through your premises, the use of insecticides and traps certainly will – and they’re all extremely cost effective in our catalogue too!

Cockroaches are known for their fast speeds and scurrying movement, but they can’t go anywhere if they are trapped. Luckily, we offer a range of traps to help contain them when they’re on the move. Even better, our traps are all pre-baited, meaning you won’t have to bait them yourself. These items are useful when it comes to detecting the population of cockroaches in your premises.

For extermination purposes, insecticidal sprays are highly effective products for eliminating cockroaches. The spray can be used on surfaces such as carpets, beds, wardrobes, and other similar areas where cockroaches may have infested. Protector C for example – with its aqueous nano emulsion formulation technology – will kill any of the pests that come in contact with it. What’s more, it has a lasting effect of up to six weeks just in case you happen to have any more cockroach invasions within that timeframe.

But what about those sensitive and hard-to-reach places in the home? Don’t fret because we have the perfect product for those areas too: dusting powder. Cockroaches move very quickly, and hiding places like cracks and crevices in windowsills, skirting, and walls are very accommodating to them. However, with dusting powder, you can pour it into those gaps and holes that are difficult to get in at. There’s a reason why one of our happy customers called it a “miracle” in their review, and that’s because of how invaluable it is for awkward spaces in households.

Fumers definitely deliver the most impact thanks to their ability to inhabit large spaces in one fell swoop. This wide coverage can be attained by lighting its fuse, opening all cupboards and drawers, sealing off the room, and leaving it to set for at least three hours. The results are astonishing as the active ingredient in the smoke will greatly affect the central nervous system of the pest, before killing it off. These are fantastic for large buildings like warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, and more!

Finally, we stock Protector Natural Aerosol which is the perfect choice for the kitchen area because it is usable on surfaces which normally have food around them such as cupboards, drawers, worktops and more. It is also ideal for using in bathrooms as well. If you want all of these products in one go, your best bet is our cockroach killer kits. Get these and you’ll be well equipped to deal with any cockroach issues that may arise.

All of these HSE approved products are simple to use and effective for dealing with large and small cockroach infestations. We offer fast delivery and parcel tracking for the benefit of our loyal customers, and if you have any queries regarding our cockroach killer stock, feel free to contact our customer service team for advice.

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