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Homefront Fully Fitted King Size Electric Blanket with Dual Controls

£43.99 inc VAT
£36.66 exc VAT

Homefront Fully Fitted King Size Electric Blanket with Dual Controls

Awarded a Which? Best Buy Award & placed in The Independent's Top 10 Blankets

1021 reviews
£43.99 inc VAT
£36.66 exc VAT

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  • Placed in the top 10 by the Independent Newspaper!
  • Independent dual controls with 3 heat settings to choose from
  • Fully fitted to fit tightly to any king size mattress
  • Safe for use all night long - King size 152 x 203cm
  • Costs as little as 2p per night to run
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  • In stock
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Product Code: 147909
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Product information

Brand: Homefront
Bed Size: King
Skirt Length: 32 cm
Blanket Type: Underblanket
Blanket Controls: Dual

A Which? Best Buy Award-Winning Blanket That’s Extra Soft, Superbly Comfortable, and Affordable

(Also available in Single, Double, and Super King Size)


Homefront is an award-winning brand of electric blanket. Find out why with this luxuriously cosy fully fitted heated blanket for king size beds.


  • Ultra-soft fabric for a cosy sleep
  • 3 heat settings with extra foot warmth
  • Safe for all night use with Overheat Safety Protection
  • Machine washable with a simple, detachable analogue controller
  • Deep elasticated skirt to fit all mattress types
  • Costs as little as 2p per night to run
  • 152 x 203cm


Keep warm in bed for less with a touch of luxury

With advanced fast-heating elements, this blanket won’t leave you out in the cold while you wait for your bed to warm up. The heating elements work with the blanket’s cosy, soft-touch fabric lining to retain heat, giving you a cosy and comfortable warmth that quickly spreads across your whole king size bed without leaving any cold patches. The thick, luxurious fabric of your electric blanket means you won’t feel any wires inside your blanket as you lie in bed, so there’s nothing between you and a good night’s sleep.

Your king size Homefront electric blanket will keep you cosy in bed without costing the Earth – you can run your blanket for as little as 2p per night. This means you can keep warm in bed on even the coldest winter night without worrying about heating bills.

Made with trademark Homefront attention to detail

Your Homefront electric blanket is easy to fit, easy to wash, and easy to use. It’s designed to fit smoothly onto any king size mattress and comes with an extra-deep elastic skirt for a snug fit. All Homefront heated blankets are designed to be user-friendly and come with plain English instructions to help you get the most out of them. With two simple analogue controllers, you can easily flip between three cosy heat settings to get your king size bed just the way you like it. Each controller operates one side of your blanket independently so you and a partner can both set your side of the bed just the way you like it.

The controllers are detachable, meaning you can easily wash your electric blanket in a 30°C wash to keep it clean.

CE Certified and RoHS compliant. Fitted with advanced overheat protection, meaning the electric blanket is suitable for all-night use.

Please note the product is not suitable for users fitted with a pacemaker.


Rating 4.5 out of 5 based on 1021 reviews.
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Very good blanket. Fit king size mattress that's 29cm thick very well. Simple controls. Plug connectors where controllers meet blanket are under the pillow edge area, right out of the way. Works really well. Great !
3 Oct 2019
Juliana Jackson
Does what it says on the tin.
3 Apr 2019
Mrs Veronica M O'Brien
Review as above. Very satisfied.
4 Jan 2019
Denise Tedstone
Excellent product warms the bed up quickly and doesn’t move. It was my best purchase wish I had one years ago
21 Dec 2018
Excellent, speedy service.
18 Dec 2018
Tillman Kleinhans
Fabulous, great fit and the dual controls are are a hit.
4 Dec 2018
Jean Jensen
Good fit for deep kingsize mattress with cushion top. Really quick at heating up.
27 Nov 2018
Great product as described. The depth is perfect, fits right under the matress.
27 Nov 2018
B McLennan
I like the fact that it does not have to be tied on, but goes on top of the fitted sheet. I like also the dual controls. The fact that the electric blanket can be boosted to a good heat in a matter of minutes is a definite plus. I would certainly recommend this product to others.
6 Nov 2018
Margaret Ann Cook
This electric blanket fitted the king size bed perfectly. No tying of tapes as it fits on the bottom. Mattress . 15 mins fast track and the bed is cosy . Happy with this item.
6 Nov 2018
Amazon Customers
861 Amazon customers reviewed this product

Frequently asked questions

could you please let me know if this mattress cover is thinner compared to your premium version? Thanks
The Premium range is a different material, it is fleece. The blanket you have quoted is  polyester.
is the polyester cover puffier/thicker than the fleece used in your premium range? Thanks.
This is a polyester blanket and is thinner than the premium fleece version.
Can you put an electric blanket on top of a memory foam mattress topper (2")?
We would not recommend using this electric blanket on top of a memory foam topper or mattress. 
Can I put a Homefront King Size Heated Mattress Cover over a King Size Duck Down and Feather Mattress Topper ? regards Paul Edmonds.
If the topper is very thick then the electric blanket may not fit over both the mattress and the topper. For your reference the skirt depth is 32cm. However, if the topper is not overly thick, the blanket can be used over it.
Can I use this electric blanket with a Slumberland Mesmerise 1400 Pocket & Latex top Mattress
We would advise not to use this electric blanket with this style of mattress topper.
Which way up should this blanket be fitted Is it with the bulk of the switch unit upwards and thus the cable going over the top of the banket or is it with the bulk of the switch unit underneath and thus the cable going under the valence?
The connector is on top of the blanket so the lead/controller will fit over the fitted skirt.
Can we use a waterproof mattress protector with the electric blanket. If so should it go on top or under the electric blanket?
We would not advise you to use a waterproof mattress protector with this electric blanket. If there is any chance of the electric blanket becoming wet, we would advise you not to use one on the bed.
Do you manufacture any overblankets or preferably underblankets suitable for use on a memory Foam mattress? Does your Dual Control mean each side of the blanket can be individually controlled ie His/hers Would appreciate any help Regards Ray Hamer
Unfortunately there are no electric blankets available that are suitable for use with memory foam mattresses. 
I have the Divine Kingsize Fleece Matress cover. I didn't receive specific washing instructions. Once the control cable is disconnected should there be a plug of some sort which closes the end attached to the blanket? Thank you
There is no plug attachment for washing purposes on the Homefront blanket. However, we would advise you to make sure the connector is thoroughly dry before re-connecting the controller.
HOMEFRONT FULLY FITTED WASHABLE KING SIZE MATTRESS COVER DUAL CONTROL Where are the controls for the blanket, under the pillow position or further down the blanket? I have seen reviews saying the newer model's controls are not hidden under the pillow any
The controllers are above the shoulder not at the bottom of the blanket. 
Can you tell me where the connectors are located please? Are they right in the top corner under the pillows and therefore well away from sleeping area, or lower down at at the foot of the pillow? Many thanks
The controllers are just below the shoulder to the side of the blanket. 
Do you have in stock any single fitted fleece electric blankets please?
We would recommend product codes 230495 or 205908, which are both single size and fitted fleece.
Hi, do any of your single electric blankets or mattress covers have controls on the left when laid on the bed Thanks
As you are laid on the bed the controls are to the right. This is the same with all single size blankets.
is one single control able to control both sides of the blanket
No, you need one controller per side. This is a dual control blanket so there are two controllers.
Can you sleep on the blanket when it is turned on
Yes it is perfectly safe and designed to be used like this 
What are the dimensions of the blanket? will it fit a 123cm x 160 mattress safely?
The dimensions are 203 x 152cm. It will not fit your mattress dimensions.

What is the wattage of this blanket for each side and the total wattage
Each side is 60W, therefore 120W when both sides of the blanket are switched on .
Can the electric blanket be placed above a duck feather/down mattress topper?
Yes, this can be placed over a duck/feather down mattress topper.
Is there a timer
This model does not have a timer. However product code 152507 does.
Hi can you please tell me if the dimensions for this item are printed wrong as it gives the width longer than the length Thanks
The dimensions are W152cm x L203cm.
does the heating elements extend over full length or stop before reaching pillow area
The heating elements stop at the pillow area, so the top part of the blanket (where the pillows are placed) is unheated.
Is the connection between the lead and the blanket at the side of the bed and not on the sleeping part?
The controllers are just below the shoulder to the side of the blanket. 
Can the blanket be tumble dried?
Unfortunately it cannot 
Why is this product not suitable for people fitted with a pacemaker?
This is a recommendation from the manufacturer. The electric current may interrupt the rhythm of your pacemaker. We would advise you to consult your GP about this matter. We cannot advise on medical issues.
What is depth of the skirt
The skirt depth is approximately 40cm.
We purchased 152507 King size electric blanket 5 years ago. Very happy so far but one controller not working. Can you advise on price of replacement part or price of a new equivalent product. Thank you, Janet Williams
Please can you confirm how many pins are on the controller. We have the 4 pin version available to purchsae.
Is this blanket okay use on a Thermopur mattress?
No, the manufacturer advise not to be used with a Tempur Mattress.
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