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Homefront Premium Fully Fitted King Size Fleece Electric Blanket

£61.99 inc VAT
£51.66 exc VAT

Homefront Premium Fully Fitted King Size Fleece Electric Blanket

Winner of a Which? Best Buy Award

1510 reviews
£61.99 inc VAT
£51.66 exc VAT

Order now for delivery 22nd October

  • Winner of a Which? Best Buy Award - 152 x 203cm
  • Luxury Fleece Electric Blanket
  • 9 Heat Settings and 10 Timer Settings
  • Independent Dual Controls
  • Costs as little as 2p per night to run
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  • In stock
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Product Code: 152507
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Product information

Brand: Homefront
Bed Size: King
Blanket Type: Underblanket
Blanket Controls: Dual
Timer: Yes

A Which? Best Buy Award-Winning Blanket Made from Luxurious Fleece for a Blissfully Comfortable Sleep

One of the Telegraph's Top 5 Electric Blankets of 2018

(Also available in Single, Double, and Super King Size)


Homefront is an award-winning brand of electric blanket. Find out why with this lavish fleece-lined fully fitted heated blanket for king size beds.


  • Thick fleece for a sumptuously soft sleeping surface
  • 9 body and 9 feet heat settings
  • 10 timer settings
  • Safe for all night use with Overheat Safety Protection
  • Machine washable with simple, detachable LCD controllers
  • Each controller operates a different side of the blanket independently
  • Extra-deep elasticated skirt to fit all mattress types
  • Costs as little as 2p per night to run


Keep cosy from head to toe all year round

With advanced heating elements that quickly and evenly heat up your whole king size bed, this fully fitted electric blanket is the perfect way to keep perfectly warm on even the coldest winter nights. Packed with a range of convenient settings and modes, your blanket can be used to heat your body and feet (separately or together) with a total of 18 heat settings, while the ten timer settings mean you can easily program your electric blanket to turn off at any time through the night.

You can adjust the heat settings of both sides of the blanket independently so both you and a partner can both set your side of the bed to different temperatures. Each side of the blanket has its own controller, meaning both you and your partner can stay in perfect comfort all night long.

Every stitch made with impeccable care

The advanced heating elements work with the sumptuously soft fleece lining of your blanket to give you an indulgently cosy night’s sleep. With an extra-deep elastic skirt, this Homefront Premium heated blanket fits snugly to any king size mattress with no creases for a blissfully smooth sleeping surface. As with every Homefront product, every stitch of this superb electric blanket is made with your comfort in mind so you won’t feel any creases, wires, or cold patches in the lavishly soft fleece material.

CE Certified and RoHS compliant. Fitted with advanced overheat protection, meaning the electric blanket is suitable for all-night use.

Please note the product is not suitable for users fitted with a pacemaker.


Rating 4.4 out of 5 based on 1510 reviews.
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Mr Riding
Excellent product, tried it out four times, the timer switch works a treat, in fact all the controls easy to use, I would highly recommend it to any one, especially people like my wife who is disabled,
16 May 2019
Keith Pusey
Good quality electric blanket - very comfortable; excellent purchase.
25 Apr 2019
Mrs Kathryn Williams
Easy to use, effective. Does the job well!
16 Apr 2019
Fits perfectly and great to have dual controls as well as body vs feet heat options
9 Apr 2019
Decent product, this is the second one we've bought. First one died through being used for so long
25 Mar 2019
Katherine Loveday
Great on every level
2 Mar 2019
Mr mark sweeney
Great quality , thick fleece and machine washable
21 Feb 2019
Exactly what we wanted. It fits the bed well, and the fleece is very comfortable. Heats up within 20 mins or so. It’s great to be able to adjust body and feet areas independently. I agree with other reviewers that a back light indicator would be ideal. Can’t comment on durability yet.
7 Feb 2019
Mrs Sheila Ansell
Fleece blanket is fantastic as you can have different temperatures for body and feet
24 Jan 2019
K F Ashley
Well designed product at a good price
18 Jan 2019
Amazon Customers
1313 Amazon customers reviewed this product

Frequently asked questions

does the heated portion extend across the full dimensions of the blanket? thanks!
The element goes within 3" to each side except the top where it's 9" down, to allow for the pillow.
Your Premium king size blanket is 40cm deep, but my mattress is only 28cm deep. Does that mean the blanket is likely to be too big for my mattress and consequently be liable to have a very loose fit and move around a lot?
The blanket dimensions are 203 x 152 x 32cm. The skirt is elasticated so it will fit tightly and will not move around.
I intend to buy a memory foam mattress in the near future.Which fitted electric underblanket would be suitable on my king sized bed?
We do not recommend the use of electric underblankets with memory foam products due to safety concerns.
Is it designed so that you fit your own flat sheet on top of the blanket? Also how long does it take to heat up?
A flat sheet can be placed on top of the blanket and it takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes to heat up.
Is it designed so that you fit your own flat sheet on top of the blanket? Also how long does it take to heat up?
A flat sheet can be placed on top of the blanket and it takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes to heat up.
I have lost the instructions to my homefront electric mattress fleece cover dual control. What are the instructions for washing it? I bought it from you and am very pleased with it. Thanks
Cleaning instructions are as follows:

Do not dry clean the blanket. The blanket has waterproof heating elements making it safe to immerse in water and wash by machine. Always remove the controller first. Do not allow any of the controllers to be immersed in any liquid.

Remove the controller. Place in a washing machine (size permitting) Wash on a WOOL or DELICATES cycle with a neutral detergent or mild soap powder at a wash temperature of 30'c. Do not use high speeds or extra spin cycles.
Hi, thanks for the reply about washing the Divine Comfort Fleece dual control electric blanket. I can't seem to detach the controls. Are they supposed to just pull out?
To remove the controllers, lift the D shaped tab up which holds the controllers in place then pull out the controller. A small bit of pressure will be required.  
Do the LEDs flash during the night, when the blanket is either on or off?
The lights do not flash. 
Does the dual control mean that the blanket has to have 2 plugs and sockets, or can you get a king size with just one plug? Also our mattress is 38cm (15") deep - will the skirt on king size fit? thanks
The blanket has two controllers, therefore two plug sockets are needed to use both sides. The elasticated skirt is 32cm deep but is elasticated, so will stretch to fit.
Hi, recently bought the homefront dual control fleece blanket via ebay and I think I'm being blonde! but presumably you can have the body and feet heat settings on together? I've tried setting them both individually but only the feet part heats up! I've
You can have the body and feet settings on together, and you have the option to have just the feet settings on alone, or the body settings on alone.
If I use a timeswitch to power the blanket from 2100 to 23.30 and then set the blanket to a 5 hour period, will that require resetting to a 5 hour period each night or will 5 hrs be the default setting each night.
The timer will not keep the previous timer settings once it turns off, therefore you will have to re-set it to the required time each night.
Both controllers on my electric blanket have stopped working. I think this is due to the over heat cut off protection kicking in. How do I re-set them so that they'll work again?
The controllers will re-set when you turn the blanket off at the mains electricity.
Can the temperature setting be preset on the controllers so the blanket can be switched on & off by a plug-in electronic time switch each night? In other words is the temperature setting retained after the blanket has been switched off?
The temperature setting is not retained once the controller is switched off.
can you explain the control settings, just cannot get the blanket to be hot, it is only just warm if set to one hour
We would advise you to use heat settings 7 or 9 to pre-heat your bed for 15 - 20 minutes before bed. After this, you can set the blanket to your desired heat setting, or turn it off if you do not want it on any longer.
Can it be tumble dried please?
We would not recommend tumble drying this blanket. Dry out as naturally as possible, and as flat as possible, preferably over a washing line.
Where are the controls situated in the blanket? Do they plug in at the top or bottom of the blanket?
The connectors are situated at the top end of the blanket, underneath the pillow area.
Hi if this electric blanket is so good WHY is there only a 1 year warranty on it and not 3 years like most other good electric blanketshower is it likely to brake or become faulty after 1 year
The warranty is determined by the Manufacturer, and in this case, a 1 year warranty has been given.
How long does the blanket take to heat up ?
The heat up time can be between 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the room temperature and thickness of blankets over the blanket.
Are Homeland blankets made in the UK?
Homefront blankets are made overseas in China.
Hi , what does the H stand for on the controls?
H signifies the hours you want to set the timer.
Hi. Is the packaging anonymous? This is a present for my wife (I know, romantic right?) and I'd like the box to be plain. Thanks. BK
The parcel will come in a plain brown box but the manufacturers code will appear on it. (In this case ACHPFK).
How to unplug controls
To do this, simply follow the control lead towards the blanket then lift the flap on the controller and pull it away from the blanket socket.
Hi do the control lights go out after about 10 seconds, is this normal? Thank you
Yes this is so the control lights do not keep you awake during the night. The controller is still on.
what sizes do the douple blankets come in not singles
This blanket is a king size. This model is not available in single size.
Is it possible to use this blanket with a mattress protector
Yes, as long as the mattress protector is not memory foam or plastic/waterproof type.
How long are the different time settings? Thanks
The timer settings are 1 to 9 hours at one hour intervals, then the 10th setting is for 12 hours.
I have just bought this top of the range version but there are no flaps on the controllers to lift and nothing in the instructions on how to remove them. How do I do this before washing?
To remove the controllers, lift the D shaped tab up which holds the controllers in place then pull out the controller. A small bit of pressure will be required.
Do you do a king size electric blanket with a single controller - to avoid that cold strip down the middle?
We have the Dreamland Cosy toes Heated Underblanket with a single controller

The Homefront are all dual controls.

exactly how far from the top of the blanket are the dual controls. Our last one had them where they dug into me.
The element starts approximately 9\" down, to allow for the pillow.
Does the electric blanket go over or under a normal mattress Protector
A cotton mattress protector can be used with the Homefront Electric Blanket been placed over the top. But we would not advise you to use with a waterproof mattress protector. If there is any chance of the electric blanket becoming wet, we would advise you not to use one on the bed.
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