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Crown Under Sink Water Heater 10L

£98.18 inc VAT
£81.82 exc VAT

Crown Under Sink Water Heater 10L

79 reviews
£98.18 inc VAT
£81.82 exc VAT

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  • Crown Fast Flow Pro 10L Water Heater
  • Stores 10L of heated water for draw off
  • Ideal for basins, hand wash sinks and kitchen washing up sinks
  • Full range of free accessories
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  • In stock
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Product Code: 205136
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Product information

Brand: Crown Water Heaters
Height: 39 cm
Width: 43 cm
Depth: 27 cm
Weight: 6.5 kg
  • Supported by HSDonline for over 10 years, this Crown water heater is one of our most popular under sink models
  • 10 litres of water is heated and stored ready for when you require it. Commonly used for hand washing and for washing up in a domestic sink.
  • 2000 watts consumption for a reduced energy use and cost compared to instant water heaters that can operate at over 5000 watts for the same function.
  • Unlike other water heaters available; the fast flow pro unit can be connected to conventional taps and most mixer taps, eliminating the need for expensive vented taps that push up the price of installing a water heater
  • The unit itself has an indicator signal for when the unit is on or heating up the water within the unit (once the 10 litres has been used, you must wait for the unit to heat up a fresh amount of water as otherwise, cool water will be dispensed)
  • The casing is manufactured from durable and robust materials for when in use commercially, is easy to wipe clean for a hygienic and clean finish
  • Prewired including 1 metre of cable for connection to a 13 amp supply
  • Fitted with a frost protection safeguard and temperature regulation down to 5°C for protection when used in utility rooms.
  • Huge sacrificial anode for long term installation and peace of mind
  • Full range of free accessories including: safety valve; wall hangers; screws & rawl plugs; nylon adapters for protection against electrolytic action with washers (for improved sealing) and comprehensive instructions
  • Accurate high limit thermostat to eliminate false ‘lock out’
  • If an expansion vessel is needed, HSDonline can provide a very competitively priced Kit ‘A’ 2L Expansion Vessel and Check Valve or a Kit ‘G/A’ with pre-assembled Mounting Bracket saving up to an hour on installation


Rating 4.7 out of 5 based on 79 reviews.
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Good little water heater for the money.
16 Oct 2018
Mrs Helen Fisher
exellent product - good price, and quick delivery time.All in all a good hassle free experiance
29 Aug 2018
Easy to fit, does exactly what it says on the tin. Great product
16 Feb 2017
Irene, Hertfordshire
This heater works very well and does not consume much electricity.
11 Aug 2016
Steve, Nottinghamshire
Fitted loads of these they are very good
11 Jan 2016
Valerie, Cumbria
Good value would recommend.
28 Oct 2015
Glyn, Lancashire
Nice looking unit, heats quickly and retains heat well. Excellent for purpose.
18 Dec 2014
Geoff, Norfolk
29 Sep 2014
Michael, Norfolk
Excellent product
23 Sep 2014
Stephen, Notts
Brilliant kit, easy to install, great price
25 Jun 2014

Frequently asked questions

Hi, Can this unit stand up on its own?
No this unit has to be mounted.
can you have the warm/hot water coming out of a hose?
Yes a hose can be used with this unit.
Hi, I'm looking for an undersink water heater that will supply 2 points. A small kitchen sink above where the heater will be placed and a small wash hand basin in the bathroom which is 4m of pipework away. I need an unvented type, can you recommend a su
The next size up unit 205137 will be more suitable for your needs. An expansion vessel is required if you are putting the unit with in 2.8 metres of the mains water feed. 
how many kw is the crown water heaters
This unit is a 2 KW.
How can I determine whether I will need an expansion vessel for QuickCode:205136 ? Is there a technical data sheet available?
A expansion vessel needs to be installed if the cold water draw off or water metre is nearby (within 2.8m).
can the heater use an plug socket or does it need to have it's own fused bow
This item doesnt come with a plug fitted. There is no reason why this couldn't be used with a plug but this must of course follow current wiring regulations.
At present I waste 5 litres cold water before the hot tap runs hot water from a gas boiler and leaves 5 litres of hot water in the pipes - I intend to fit undersink HW. 1 Is the unit you supply connected to existing mixer tap 2 is the existing supply of
These units have to be fitted to a cold water feed only. You can supply to a third tap however this depends on the usage of the third out let as a 10 litre unit may struggle with the demand. This unit can be used with a mixer tap.
hi what are the running costs of this unit too fill a small sink .
This unit uses 2KW of power whilst heating, therefore you would have to see what you personally get charged from your electric provider to work out your individual costs. 
Two sinks either side of a partition wall - would this be OK. Only one sink will be used at one time (beauty studio). The main water mains is approx 6M away and approx 5bar pressure. Will this be OK and will I need an expansion tank ? Expect to only draw
No expansion vessel is required if the unit is 6 meters from the water mains.
dear sir/madam,i want to know that which electric water heater i can use to supply two points as i switch on water(without setting the device) and give required hot water( only little usage of water ) thank you
Whilst this unit would do the job for you we would actually recommend an instant unit. If you are only running two small basins with only a small amount of water, we would recommend the following:
Does the heater stay on all the time or does it only heat up when water is going through it?
This heater will heat 10 litres of water whilst storing it. If you would like a unit that only heats up when water is going through it you should take a look at an instant water heater. Please follow the link below for our range of instant water heaters:
Is provision made to allow the heater to be drained as a precaution against frost? i.e. a drain plug or drain tap
If you need to drain the water heater, simply disconnect from the mains water and electricity supply. Drain the water in the tank by turning the tap on to release the water.
Does this run off a normal plug socket or does it need to run off a separate connection on the fuse board?
The unit needs to be wired into an electrical spur due to the close proximity to water.
What is the highest water temperature obtainable with this heater?
The highest water temperature for this water heater is 65 degrees Celsius.
Is this water heater unvented? thank you
This water heater is unvented.
hi does this unit work of a pump to pump the water out or does it rely on water pressure coming into it as I have very poor mains water pressure any help would be appreciated thanks
This water heater relies on the mains water pressure to operate, with a minimum of 1 bar pressure.
Hi We are opening a small hair salon and have one backwash unit installed. The basin has a showerhead to wash hair and we need a water heater to heat the water up. I was looking at a 2kw 10L unvented unit and my question is would there be enough pressur
This water heater would be suitable for your requirements. The water pressure from the water heater will be the same water pressure from the mains water entering your property. The unit will need at least 1 bar of pressure to work. If the water pressure is more than 6 bar, then a pressure reducing valve would be required. (We would always recommend you to confirm with a qualified Tradesman before purchasing).
can the unit be mounted with inlet and outlet pointing down . as in one of the photographs.
No, this cannot be installed with the inlet and outlet pointing down. You will have to purchase an oversink water heater for this option of fitting. Please see product code 205138 for further details.
once the water temperature is reached will the unit switch of automatically and once water temperature drops will it turn on automatically, or does the unit require to be turned on and off manually.
The water heater will automatically keep the water to the temperature you set it at.
Hi, would this unit be suitable for use in a touring caravan?
This water heater would require a constant 2Kw of electric power and a minimum of 1 bar cold water pressure to operate. If your touring caravan cannot provide this, then the water heater would not be suitable.
Can this unit be used with an existing vented mixer tap?
This heater cannot be used with a vented mixer tap. This is an unvented water heater and the two cannot be mixed.
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