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Super Strength Bed Bug Killer and Retreatment Kit for 2 Bedrooms

£42.38 inc VAT
£35.32 exc VAT

Super Strength Bed Bug Killer and Retreatment Kit for 2 Bedrooms

7 reviews
£42.38 inc VAT
£35.32 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand: Xterminate

Following on from our already best selling bed bug killer packs for 2 bedrooms, this kit goes one step further in allowing a user to treat 2 double bedrooms, twice as required.


This Bed Bug treatment pack contains HSE approved products.

What does this mean?

  • The products are all HSE tested and approved to show they do what they say they do. As a result, utilising this bed bug kit within your rooms will help remove a bed bug infestation
  • Please note the entire home may need treating in accordance with the manufacturers instructions but we understand that you may wish to treat effected rooms first.

This package contains enough products to treat 2 double bedrooms twice.

  • The manufacturer does strongly recommend treating an affected room at least twice (7-10 days apart as recommended by the manufacturer) This kit allows enough product to treat 2 rooms both no larger than 68 cubic metres in size

The contents are: 

4 x XXL Xterminate Super Strength Fortefog 16g Midi Fumers

2 x 1 Litres Protector C Bed Bug Spray

1 x 100g Residex P Powder

1 x Protector FCIK Insect Killer Aerosol

So why use XXL 16g fumers?

  • Our exclusive XXL Xterminate smoke foggers are packed with active ingredient, more than any other amateur use approved smoke bomb available.
  • They use more active ingredient to reach bed bugs well hidden in your bedroom, covering an impressive 34 cubic metres per one smoke bomb.
  • Compare this to the already super size Fortefog 11g Midi fumer that covers 25 cubic metres.
  • The Xterminate smoke bomb means you rarely have to buy additional fumers to go with our kits, saving you money and time whilst providing stronger results.

Here is a step by step guide to treat a room for bed bugs and the video also shows this treatment being completed.

  • Gather the required amount of XXL fumers for the room in question (each fumer treats 34 cubic metres when treating bed bugs)
  • These smoke bombs are designed to reach the areas we as humans cannot such as in microscopic cracks and crevices where bed bugs will hide during the day. Open cupboards, wardrobes and tip the mattress on its side so the smoke can easily access all areas where the bed bugs may be hiding.
  • They are simple and safe to use, seal the room and simply place on a heat resistant surface. Light the fumers and leave the room for up to 3 hours. The bed bug foggers will smoke for approximately 30 seconds to a minute filling the room with smoke.
  • After the 3 hours are over, re enter the room and ventilate the room by opening windows and doors.
  • You may still see live bed bugs that are in the open, this is due to the effects of the smoke and they will eventually die. This is a sign they are confused and dying, as normally bed bugs will very rarely be caught in daylight.
  • Then gather your Protector C spray (lightly not soaking) carpets, bed frames, mattresses (not bed sheets), inside drawers and cupboards being as thorough as you can
  • Protector C spray is to be used in the same areas and any bed bug entering a sprayed surface will ingest the spray and become dehydrated, leading to their death.
  • The spray soaks in and remains active for up to 6 weeks depending on the humidity
  • In any areas where spray is not suitable and down cracks and crevices where carpets meet the wall, use Residex P insect killer powder for long lasting protection
  • You can use the FCIK aerosol on surfaces where the bugs may hide in a similar way to the Bed Bug spray as well as killing any bugs you find in the area after fuming.


Rating 3.9 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
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Douglas J Frost
Superfast delivery... high quality, stuff
13 Nov 2018
No nonsense, products that works and will do the job depending on the situation.
24 Jul 2017
fast delivery. smoke bomb and aerosol spray were effective ,not so the trigger spray
21 Jun 2018
tikka khan
have used real strong smell
18 Dec 2017
Chris B
Its slightly early to state categorically that this has worked and even though our problem was not serious it seems to have taken 3 treatments over three week in one room. However so far so good!
3 Nov 2017
Name Richard Hardy
Spay works also arasol still got problems but not as bad
24 Jul 2017
Didn't have a big infestation but after bombing I would Hoover and spray everything, (Ive killed about 12 since starting the process) I've just done my 4th bomb as I was still finding the bugs, I took my bed slates apart and used white spirit to wipe over everything as there were STILL some bugs alive after all that spraying and bombing!!!
1 Aug 2018

Frequently asked questions

You advise using spray inside cupboards and drawers so what do I do with all my clothes?
Once the spray dries please return your clothes back to your drawers and cupboards. Please leave in the room when using the Fumers.
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