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Bed Bug Killer Treatment Kit (2 Bedroom)

£19.99 exc VAT
£23.99 inc VAT

Bed Bug Killer Treatment Kit (2 Bedroom)

HSE Approved Bed Bug treatment for 2 small rooms or a larger double room

43 reviews
£19.99 exc VAT
£23.99 inc VAT

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Product information

Multi Room Bed Bug Killer Kit 

We offer only HSE Approved Bed Bug Killer Kits for safe and effective use in the home.

After years of scientific research, we have combined the most effective Bed bug killing sprays and other products to offer complete kits to kill bed bugs in the home - at a fraction of the price of Professional Pest Controllers without sacrificing on potency and effectiveness.

This kit come complete with all you need to eliminate a Bed Bug infestation from a small bedroom.

Simple to use, safe to use and proven to work!

This kit contains:

1 x 1 litre of Protector C Spray and an additional 300ml free!

Protector C spray is a Bug Killing spray for safe application in the home.


Spray carpets, sofas, mattresses, inside drawers and cupboards and the Bed Bug Killer spray will soak in providing protection for up to 6 weeks. No staining and no smell means you can use on all furnishings with no concerns.


Safe for children and Pets alike. 


Once the spray is dry, children and pets can re-enter a treated room. 


2 x Large Midi Fortefog Bed Bug Killer Fumers.


Simple to use:

Simply light in the effected room, and leave the room for 3 hours.

Leave all belongings in the room during fumigation.

The smoke bomb will release a insecticide to access all areas where Bed Bugs will hide, including in clothing, cupboards, curtains and in cracks and crevices. The bed bugs will be killed on contact with the smoke.

Safe to use:

Children and Pets are free to enter the room once the room has been ventilated after the 3 hour period.

Where to use:

Use in any room effected by Bed Bugs, including bedrooms and lounges. 

1 x 100g Residex P 100g Bed Bug Powder

A Bed Bug Killing Powder to be applied to where liquids cannot; including near plug sockets and where wiring is present.

Can also be applied to skirting areas to seal a room from further infestation.

Also supplied with 15 x Prevent wipes for a user to protect themselves from bed bug bites


Rating 4.6 out of 5 based on 43 reviews.
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Enid, Somerset
Can finally trust in a good night's sleep in my gorgeous bed again. My mattress was very expensive, and now I don't need to throw it away. Thankyou. Video hugely helpful.
31 Dec 2014
Michael, Essex
so far so good
10 Oct 2014
Anne, London
Absolutely fantastic results. Easy to use and together with mattress cover can safely say bugs are athing of the past
11 Sep 2014
Peter, Greater Manchester
Does exactly what you claim. Seemed to have worked with one treatment, but I gave it two as instructed just to be sure.
1 Jul 2014
Debbie Farmer, Stockport
I buy this kit as a preventative option as I have 2 dogs. I use this once a yr in my house and swear by it as does my mum who has 3 cats. It works perfectly and its pretty instant with no mess or bad smells.
10 Jun 2013

Frequently asked questions

We have a tempurpedic mattress which has a protective cover on it. Would bed bugs be able to penetrate or live on this type of mattress??
Bed bugs may be able to penetrate the protective cover and live on your type of mattress. We do have special mattress protectors designed to protect your bed from bed bugs. Please follow the link below for further details: https://www.hygienesuppliesdirect.com/search/search.php?query=mattress+protector
Hi are your products for use on carpets as well as beds etc as think they might be in there as well many thanks jeanette
Yes you can use this product on your carpet.
Dear Experts, I need to eliminate a recent spate of bed bugs that seems to be centred around my sofa. Can I use the 2-bedroom kit for the entire house? I have a two-bedroomed terraced house. Kind Regards, Harriett Bean (Mrs)
Unfortunately a two bed room kit will not do a whole house. Please read through the information on the products which advises how much Protector C is needed, how many fumers are needed and so on. If you do have any problems please call our Sales Team. 
i just bought the 2-bedroom kit for my single room, so i will like to know after using it when can i repeat doing it again i mean how many weeks interval bcos i will like to keep my room free from bed bug. thanks
When you treat your room you will need to re treat 7-10 days later.
Do you recommend washing all the clothes in wardrobes? dry cleaning suits etc? dry cleaning duvets and pillows? Or yes to washing clothes but the spray is sufficent for the soft furnishings?
A lot will depend on the severity of the infestation. If you open wardrobe doors and drawers before using the Fortefog Fumers, the smoke will penetrate into the clothes. Leaving the duvet and pillows in the room would also be sufficient. We would advise you to use the fumers first and then spray the Protector C on the mattress, bed frame, flooring and soft furnishings.
have just found a flea on our bed sheets, have 2 dogs who are regularly treated and not found any on either. what's the best treatment for our house please?
We would recommend using Fortefog Fumers throughout the house and spraying the fabric areas with Protector C. We would advise you to treat all rooms the dogs have access to.
I have just found a live bed bug on my bed and all of my family have been bitten, how much of your products will i need for one large bedroom for two applications like u suggest on your website?
Please check the size of your room with our fumigation size chart which will indicate how many fumers are needed. We would advise at least 2 litres of Protector C insecticidal spray.
Recently my wife and now myself have been bitten mainly down the legs and arms. I intend to buy your product but I have concerns re our health problems. My wife has been receiving Chemo for breast Cancer, and I have bad heart problems and a lod more, too

You will be ok to sleep in the room once the spray has dried and the room has cleared and been well ventilated.

Hi i would like to know if this product is harfull for babies and children? I have a baby with 1 month and 2 childre with 3 and 4! Many thanks
Our range of pest control products are not harmful to humans. However, you will have to vacate the rooms being treated with the smoke bombs, until the smoke has cleared (up to three hours).
If you need to do a repeat treatment in 10 days do you sell any packs that contain enough for one large room AND a repeat treatment? Is the whole process required again for repeat?
Please follow the link below to our kits containing enough products to retreat once. If the infestation is very bad, further treatments may be needed: https://www.hygienesuppliesdirect.com/search/search.php?query=retreatment+kit
will the white smoke leave a dust residue on clothes if they are left in the room? i do not want my clothes ruined but want to bomb them incase the bugs are hiding in them.
The smoke bombs/fumers do not leave a residue so clothes will be ok to leave out whilst application is made. 
can i leave my clothes, shoes and handbags in the wardrope while using the fumer/smoke bomb?
Yes, clothes and other items can be left in drawers whilst fuming.
I have leather furniture, is the products safe to use on the sofa and chairs. I am worried about colour staining
This product is a water based item. It is always recommended a tester patch is done before treating a full area on delicate/expensive fabrics.
How safe is the treatment when cats and dogs inhabit the room? Would they need to be kept out for a number of hours or is it safe to let them return within an hour or so?
When fumers are used the room has to be left for 2-3 hours, then vented when you re-enter. Once the spray is dry it is active therefore animals can re enter the room. If you use the powder you do have to ensure that this is not eaten by the animals therefore use only in out of site areas e.g behind/under furniture.
Are the Large Midi Fortefog Bed Bug Killer Fumers safe to use in the kitchen? I have a carpet in the kitchen and get bitten when sitting at the kitchen table so was planning on doing whole house.
Yes, the fumers can be used in the kitchen. However, we would advise you to remove any opened packets of food prior to using, and to wash any surfaces where food is prepared afterwards.
I've used the fumer, sprayed the mattresses, and inside the drawers and wardrobe and sprayed the table and chairs. I've put powder inside the divan base, thrown away the carpet and underlay. I've put the powder along the skirting boards and into any crack
The products can take up to 24 hours to work, but you have to be extremely thorough. Re-treament must be carried out 7 - 10 days after the initial application. This is because the products will not kill any eggs, so you will have to wait for them to hatch out and treat the area in exactly the same way again, until the infestation has completely gone.
Am not sure if it's fleas or bed bugs will this treat both?
Yes, this product will treat both fleas and bed bugs.
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