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Xterminate Super Strength Fortefog XXL 16g Midi Fumer, Pack of 4

£22.99 inc VAT
£19.16 exc VAT

Xterminate Super Strength Fortefog XXL 16g Midi Fumer, Pack of 4

Super powerful smoke bomb to treat larger areas than any other fumer

8 reviews
£22.99 inc VAT
£19.16 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand: Xterminate
Height: 30 cm
Width: 29 cm
Depth: 20 cm
Weight: 200 g
  • Utilising smoke foggers are an essential part of eliminating a crawling or flying insect infestation in your home or a commercial property or even to remove poultry mites from a chicken house
  • The smoke contains an active ingredient that is ingested by the bed bug, moth or your target insect and works to kill the pest in question by affecting its neurological capability to survive
  • This is why pests will often behave in strange ways after a smoke treatment and why bed bugs come out of hiding after the smoke has dispersed. Normally, they would stay away from humans at all costs during daylight hours.
  • As used by professional pest controllers due to its super strength, super efficient capacity.
  • Simple and safe to use and providing a greater coverage against a range of pest

The coverage for each type of pest is detailed below for one smoke bomb:


Rates of application
34 Cubic metres for Bed Bugs, Ants and Cockroaches
164 Cubic metres for Fleas and Carpet Moths
548 Cubic metres for Flying Insects


How to use:

  • Open all drawers, cupboards and wardrobes to make the room as accessible to the smoke as possible
  • Place on a heat resistant surface and remove the lid of the fumer.
  • Light the fuse
  • Seal and leave the room for a minimum of 3 hours, preferably overnight
  • After this period, return to the room and ventilate the room and follow up with spray, aerosol and powder treatment.

To remove a infestation, a user must re treat at least once after 5-7 days and follow up with additional treatment methods such as sprays and powders. Using a smoke bomb alone, whilst killing many pests, will not guarantee a complete eradication.


The Xterminate smoke bomb will kill flying and crawling insects including house flies, cluster flies, fruit flies, mosquitoes, wasps, moths (carpet and clothes), fleas, bed bugs, ants, cockroaches and stored product insects including saw toothed grain beetle and adult grain weevils.


Rating 5 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.
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The capsules are easy to light and seem to have cleared a minor bed bug problem. There is a smell of smoke which disappears once the area is ventilated.
5 Feb 2019
Mike Langton
Delivered on time and did the job. Perfect '
13 Nov 2018
This product was easy to use and seems to have done the job in killing off moths.
18 Sep 2018
Nathan Morris
Did the job well nothing has come back
18 Sep 2018
Vlastimil Levicek
Work well and fast . We try it in big warehouse and work perfectly
19 Jul 2018
Debbie Bowhay
Seemed to work very well indeed. Set them off and left the house for an afternoon - returned home to a smoke filled house and hoped we had eradicated at least some of our unwelcome house guests. We repeated the treatment three times at four day intervals with much hoovering / steaming / insecticidal spray etc. Fingers crossed we now seem to be in the clear. But the bombs were impressive. Have ordered extra as a standby for the future in the hope that we don't have to use them. We also did our cars as well...........
19 Jul 2018
Paul O'Halloran
Does the job enough said.
13 Jun 2018
Anthony Boase
Bit of a struggle to get them to get going but good at what they do. Thanks.
13 Oct 2017

Frequently asked questions

I have a workshop in my garden and this time of the year gets infested with spiders will your smoke bomb kill these off Regards Simon Tullett
Although we cannot advise you to kill spiders, this product will kill most crawling and flying insects, including arachnids.
what do i do to food and clothes? should i clear the whole house? then have smoke treatment?I have fleas and flying moths i think .It eats away the carpets etc but flees are different which i have noticed now. should i put away the dishes etc? what happens if the smoke comes in contact with the fruits lying outside?
Clothes can remain in the treated area but any opened food packets should be removed prior to treating the room. Any dishes that come into contact with the smoke should be washed afterwards, so if you want to avoid doing this, remove before use. The fumer is for indoor use, so should not come into contact with fruits outside. Ensure windows and doors are closed for up to three hours, until the smoke has disappeared.
Hello, I do hope you can help me. I have a problem with tiny white mites, look like grains of dust, I bought a bag of threads online a year ago they did smell quite foisty, after placing them in the attic was when I began to notice these bloody pests,I've tried all.sorts, red raid spray only seems to work. Will these smoke bombs kill them off too. I await your earliest reply Regards Samantha
The Fortefog fumers would be suitable to get rid of the white mites. However, we would also recommend using them in conjunction with the Protector C spray. Retreating every 7 - 10 days until the infestation has cleared is also strongly recommended.
Will these kill off woodworm ? Thanks Tim
They will kill any woodworm on the surface of the wood, but woodworm can run deep into the wood fibres, and usually require professional treatment to get rid of it fully.
Hi i am over run with australian spider beetles i have had a professional fumigator out 3 times but they are still here all alive, was wondering if these smoke bombs would help at getting rid of them, this is affecting my mental health really bad as i can't see anyway of getting them gone, any help or tips would be greatful appreciated, Thank you.



Thank you for your enquiry.




To treat a roof space the easiest way is with Fortefog Fumers, remember to use the correct number of fumers based on 1 16g fumer for each 34m³. To treat the rest of the house, if these beetles have come down out of the roof space, a regular spray treatment should be carried out to wall/floor junctions with a residual insecticide over a period of about three months, we would recommend Protector C or Biopren. Remember, spray kills the adults and the larvae but it doesn\'t kill the egg or the pupae, so the treatment has to be carried out over a period of time so that it gives the eggs and pupae a chance to become larvae or adults and thus be susceptible to the spray.

What is the active ingeredient?
The active ingredient is Permethrin.
We have carpet beetle, is this product suitable?
Yes this product is suitable for carpet beetle.
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