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Fly Killers for Restaurants

Fly Killers for Restaurants

We understand that maintaining high levels of hygiene is not only an essential part of running a restaurant but it is also a legal requirement. We have sold thousands of electric fly killers to restaurants who make pest control and hygiene their number one priority. Using a fly killer in your restaurant is essential to ensure flies cannot spread harmful bacteria and to protect your food, your customers and your reputation. 

Fly Killers for Commercial Kitchens in Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs

Controlling flies in the back preparation area is a key part of maintaining high standards of hygiene. For areas close to where food and food surfaces are present, we would recommend using a commercial glueboard fly killer. Glueboard technology captures the flies rather than zapping them, ensuring no cross contamination from the zapping process. For areas in the back but away from food preparation areas, an industrial traditional fly zapper can be used for powerful fly control.

Fly Killers for Front of House

For where your customer's seat, interact and eat, a discreet fly control method is recommended. Whilst customers will be pleased to know you are protecting their health, the last thing you want is a fly zapped right above a customers head as they enjoy their meal. Glueboard and decorative fly killers offer a solution without losing potency on capturing flies. Flies are lured towards the UV light (often designed to imitate a decorative lighting fixture) and are captured as they stick silently to the glueboard itself.

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