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Xterminate 30W Powerful Commercial Electric Fly Killer

£34.99 inc VAT
£29.16 exc VAT

Xterminate 30W Powerful Commercial Electric Fly Killer

Use Wall Mountable, Free Standing or Ceiling Suspended

156 reviews
£34.99 inc VAT
£29.16 exc VAT

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  • This powerful electric fly killer is great for commercial use
  • Impressive 38W maximum output with area coverage of up to 80m²
  • 3-in-1: Use wall mounted, freestanding or ceiling hanging
  • Low maintenance: removable, large collection tray for easy and convenient cleani
  • FREE hanging chain and cleaning brush included
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  • In stock
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Product Code: 150334
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Product information

Power: 30 W
Brand: Xterminate
Material: Aluminium
Height: 30 cm
Width: 48.5 cm
Depth: 9 cm

The XZAP30 by Xterminate 

Our best selling commercial electric fly killer

  • Ultra powerful, easy to use electric fly killer with 2 x 15W bulbs and hanging chains included
  • Impressive maximum output of 38W and large area coverage of up to 80m²
  • Effectively eliminates annoying flying insects without the hassle
  • Use your XZAP30 wall mounted, free standing or suspended from the ceiling
  • Low maintenance: removable, large collection tray for easy and convenient cleaning


Say goodbye to flies!

As the weather gets warmer, flies can begin to invade our homes and businesses in the search of food. Poisons and pesticides can be messy and harmful and they aren't suited to certain environments - especially in commercial kitchens, cafes, shops or even homes with children and pets. Simply plug your XZAP30 in and watch it defeat the annoying flying insects.

Wide coverage and powerful output - the perfect electric fly killer for restaurants, kitchens and more

The XZAP30 is a compact, high quality fly killer perfect for both commercial and home use. It's extremely easy to use and clean with its convenient, removable and washable collection tray! It comes with 2 x 15W bulbs and a 1.5M power cable which allows for easy placement in a variety of areas. The bulbs have an impressive maximum output of 38W and a large area coverage of up to 80m². Use your XZAP30 Electric Fly Killer wall mounted, free standing or ceiling suspended - it's completely up to you!

Low maintenance and extremely durable

It's ideal for places where pesticides can't be sprayed such as kitchens, restaurants and hospitals. Made from sturdy, durable aluminium, this low maintenance fly zapper is scratch proof, corrosion proof and has an ABS fire-proof plastic sideboard.

Safe for home use

The powerful electric grid is surrounded by a protective cage making it safe for home use. 

FREE cleaning brush provided

Supplied with a free cleaning brush for easy maintenance and to remove any dead flies from the grid (ensure the unit is switched off before cleaning)


Replacement UV bulb tubes are available above and are always in stock.



CE certified

RoHS compliant


Rating 4.8 out of 5 based on 156 reviews.
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Mr Chris Scott
Good value for money
6 Sep 2019
good value and reasonable price
3 Sep 2019
bigben farhad merza
very good product and value for money
15 Aug 2019
Gez Whitten-Brown
The Exterminator is now the Terminator. Flies, ‘Do it now!’
14 Aug 2019
Laura-Jayne Davis
Really works to attract and kill flies, easy to empty the tray at the bottom, just wish the flies/moths stuck to the bars were easier to remove.
8 Aug 2019
Eden pest control
Tidy unit. No problems at all.
6 Aug 2019
Broody bantam
Fantastic! I wish I could post a photo to show how good it is. Especially getting those pesky midges
16 Jul 2019
Rauf Khalid
Highly recomende
16 Jul 2019
Sonia Holloway
Excellent product does exactly as expected
2 Jul 2019
Susan Edwards
Tidy, works well
29 Jun 2019

Frequently asked questions

Please give me the dimensions of Product code 150334. What discount could you give if I ordered three of them?
The dimensions are W 485mm x H 300mm x D 90mm. If you would like a quote for 3 units, click on the red tab which says "Quote Me".
How good are these products as WASP killers? Can they be used safely hung in a loft?
Unfortunately wasps are not attracted to the light from these bulbs.
Is it suitable wattage for commercial kitchen or is there another zapper that you could suggest?
We would not recommend this fly killer to be used in a commercial kitchen. We would recommend the fly killers with glueboards, rather than a catch tray, for health and hygiene purposes. Please follow the link below to our range of glueboard fly killers:
Hi. Is this product suitable for use in a bedroom to kill mosquitos? Is it noisy ?
We do not recommend this unit for the killing of mosquitos.
are there any side-effects to other animals like cats - does the light hurt their eyes?
No, this would not affect cats eyes.
Hi Can the Eliminator be wall mounted? Thanks Liz
Yes, it can be wall mounted.
Hi, what is the weight as we want to take this abroad. Many thanks
The weight of the unit is 2.46KG
what length is the cable which comes with it?
The length of the cable is 1.5m.
Product#150334. What are the actual colours of the finish (top/sides) as the pictures and video seem to be a mix of colours, but there is only one code to choose from? Thanks. Alan
The main frame of the unit is silver aluminium and the side casing is a black fireproof ABS plastic.
I see this device is fitted with a fuse. What is the type and where can I get replacements?
2 amp fuse which can be purchased at any DIY store.
I'm interested in one of the Vermatik 40 watt insect killers. Could you please explain what the difference is between the Prozap and Rapidzap models? They seem very similar to each other.
Essentially, the Prozap and RapidZap do the same functions. The Prozap is a 30 watt unit covering an area up to 100 square metres. The RapidZap is a 45 watt unit and covers up to 120 square metres.
Hello I'm looking for an electric fly killer with a remote control. Do you sell any? Many thanks Steve
Unfortunately, we do not stock remote control electric fly killers.
Replaced bulbs , still not lighting up does this machine require starters? Electricity is reaching machine because zapper still working.
Yes this product does need starters. Please see our product code 223 for the Philips Universal Fly Killer Starter.
can this zapper be used outdoors on patio
No, this product is not for outdoor use. Product code 150161 can be used outdoors.
Is this product suitable to kill moths?
It will attract moths, however many types of moth are too large to fit through the protective cage around the zapping grid.
Which side is the electrical connection, left or right? Is it a Europlug socket?
UK Plug and right hand side as you look at it left from behind
is it nooisywill be in a room where we sit a lot
It has a very quiet hum that comes from the bulbs and you may hear a quiet crackle as it catches flies.
How do you or I change strip lights Thanks
Before attempting to change the bulbs, ensure the unit is switched off and unplugged from the power supplu and the unit is left to stand for 40 minutes.
Remove the catchment tray and carefully lay the unit face down on a flat serfice so the power cable shows from the rear.
Remove the two screws and mesh securing washers from the top rear of the mesh.
Remove the bottom two screws from the black plastic side furthest away from the power cable. Important only remove the bottom screws leave the top two in position.
Remove the rear mesh which will expose the two bulbs.
Carefully twist the bulbs one at a timeso that the prongs on each face upwards and remove them.
Carefully insert the new bulbsand twist into position.
Carefully place the rear mesh back into position ensuring the top section of the mesh is pushed under the top section of the unit.
Insert the two screws and mesh securing washers into place.
Insert the two screws into position on the bottom section of the black plastic side.
Insert the catchment tray and the unit is ready to use.

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