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Glueboard Fly Killers

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How do Glueboard Flykillers work?

- Glueboard flykillers use UV light to attract flying insects to the unit.

- Then, the glueboard retain the flying insects.

- As the insect is caught and retained whole, glueboard flykillers are ideal for more sensitive environments.

- Glueboard flykillers are ideal for use in commercial front-of-house areas, commercial kitchens and industrial food preparation zones.

Glueboard fly killers - a more hygienic way of killing and controlling flies

Gaining in popularity each year, sticky glue board fly killers are a hygienic way of controlling flies in either a domestic property or commercial property.

Due to the range of sizes available, glueboard units can be placed in living rooms and bedrooms through to factories and meat processing plants.

Use in restaurants:

Typically a restaurant will choose a decorative Glueboard fly killer such as a Upligher model or the Fly Shield Solo for the front of house areas. These are typically wall mounted and resemble a modern light fixture. Utilising a Glueboard unit rather than a zapper type unit ensures customers are blissfully unaware of the fly control measures taking place around them, whereas the 'zap' heard when a standard unit is working can upset customers.

For the kitchen area, a more industrial unit should be used with shatterproof tubes to meet health and safety requirements. Should standard bulbs be used and if they were to smash, the residue glass can land in food causing a health issue for customers and potentially disastrous effects for your business.

Countertop Glueboard Fly Killers

These units are perfect for the home where they can sit on a table, a desk or a shelf and silently deal with your fly issue. Typically a lower wattage and therefore smaller in size than the larger industrial units found in commercial premises, these fit seamlessly into your home as most people would believe them to be a part of the decor of the room as a light fixture. They can also be used in office areas during the summer months where desks are situated far from a wall and perhaps not in the range of a wall mounted, fixed unit.

Industrial and Specialist use

Food manufacturers and wholesale suppliers packing tonnes of food per day in large warehouses have unique fly control needs. They need units that meet certain requirements according to the food they are packing and the environment it is being packed in. Typically, a unit no less than 60 watts in size should be used in warehouses and more often than not the premises will have to install several units to ensure the entire space is packed. Some of the more advanced specifications require a unit to be IP Rated and safe if splashed from water, corrosion proof depending on the manufacturing being carried out and even ATEX Explosion proof to meet health and safety requirements.

Whatever the circumstance in which you want to utilise Glueboard technology to tackle flies, HSDonline will have a unit suited to your needs that both delivers high performance and meets all your health and hygiene requirements. Please feel free to call us directly on 0800 0913171 or 01977 552000 for expert, specialist advice from our highly trained staff.

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