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Prem-I-Air Remote Control Over Door Air Curtain, 2KW

Remote controlled operation for customer ease of use

127 reviews

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  • A stylish, remote controlled over door heater with a 7.5h timer
  • Allows your customers to enter a comforting atmosphere
  • Oscillating function allows heat or cool to circulate the area efficiently
  • Extremely versatile with a choice of heat settings: 1kW or 2kW
  • Very cost effective - saves on expensive energy bills
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  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Product Code: 224900
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Product information

Brand: Prem-i-air Elite
Height: 20.8 cm
Width: 61.8 cm
Depth: 13.2 cm
  • A stylish, remote controlled over door heater with a 7.5h timer
  • Allows your customers to enter a comforting atmosphere
  • Oscillating function allows heat or cool to circulate the area efficiently
  • Extremely versatile with a choice of heat settings: 1kW or 2kW
  • Very cost effective - saves on expensive energy bills
  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty


Perfect for all year round use

Ensure your shop or store is warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer with this air curtain by Prem-i-air. Ensure your customers walk into a friendly, comforting atmosphere.

Oscillating function

This air curtain allows heat or cool to circulate the whole area instead of just heating or cooling in one place.


Versatile model
This heater can be placed above doors to greet your customers as they enter or can be placed on a wall depending on your premises' layout and requirements.


Extremely efficient
The air curtain runs very efficiently using a PTC heating element which regulates itself to maintain a temperature, rather than constantly heating up and cooling down causing unnecessary peaks in energy use and associated costs.


Built-in 7.5h timer
This popular Prem-i-air model also has a 7.5 hour timer for optimum user flexibility and convenience.



W 61.8 x H 20.8 x D 13.2 cm



7.6cm above the unit

20.5cm on each side


Rating 4.4 out of 5 based on 127 reviews.
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Amanda Gibbons
Excellent product, good value for money.
9 May 2018
Victoria Adekanmbi
Wonderful and effective product
16 Apr 2018
Victoria Adekanmbi
Very great, works superfast.
16 Apr 2018
Very good quality and features for reasonable price.
4 Apr 2018
Philip, South Yorkshire
Delivered very quickly seems very good for money
3 Aug 2016
Darren, West Yorkshire
Super product, nice styling, good performance
29 May 2016
Barry, County Durham
Fantastic value for money
7 Jan 2015
Excellent heater for price.
21 Oct 2014
Steve, Kent
Bought for office reception - very impressed,bought another for conservatory at home.
26 Jan 2014
Abigail, Herefordshire
Fitted in my conservatory and it is brilliant
17 Jan 2014
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Documents & Instructions

Frequently asked questions

approximatly how much does this heater cost per hour. Thanks
The cost to run this heater is approximately 20p per hour (based on your energy provider charging 10p per KwH).
Do you sell the air curtains in Spain or just the UK please?
We only stock and send to the UK
What are the floor and ceiling minimum installation clearences
Please see the PDF attached to the web site for the full product installation instructions. Ensure that curtains are at least 900mm (3') from the top of the heater. Leave a gap of at least 200mm (8") at the sides of the heater.
Hi Please can you advise how long the plug cable is? Thank you Mark.
The cable supplied is one metre long.
is this unit quiet when running
The heater's fan and shutters can be heard whilst in operation. However the noise isn't a distraction.
Would remote control air curtain product code 228852, be suitable for a washroom/ shower area? Thanks, Jake
This product is not suitable for washroom/shower areas as it is not IP rated. Please follow the link below to our range of heaters suitable for this environment.
Is the air curtain easily installed on walls?
This Air Curtain Over Door Heater must be permanently fixed to a wall and does require a small amount of drilling. However, this procedure is very straight forward. Please follow the link below for further details. Installation instructions are on page 2:
Does item come with adjustable brackets so you can angle item
The brackets are permanent and not adjustable. However, the heater has a wide oscillation angle for greater coverage.
Hi, can you tell me does the cable come out of the back or the side of the heater and which end of the heater does the cable comes out, thanks.
The cable comes out of the right hand side of the unit, as you look at the heater mounted on the wall.
Is it necessary to mount it over door? or can it be mounted anywhere at high level
As long as there is an 8" (20cm) gap at either side of the heater, then this can be fixed to a wall. The heater cannot be installed in a bathroom.
could this product be used in a static caravan
As long as the caravan can take the 2Kw load on your electricity circuit, and the wall it is being mounted on can stand the 3.59Kg weight of the unit, then yes, this product can be used in a static caravan. Please read the Installation Manual at the bottom of the product information for general safety requirements.
will one remote work on more then one heater
No, you will need one remote control per heater.
Dear Team, Provided that the length of the cable is only 1 meter, can I extend this length? Thanks
Extending the cable will invalidate the warranty of the air curtain.
Is this ip rated looking at installing one in a damp atmosphere
This Over Door Air Curtain is not IP rated.
Need a heater for toilet in licenced premises approx size is 3mts x 2 mts
This heater is not suitable for a toilet as it is not IP rated. Please check our range of heater with an IP rating in our Bathroom Heater category:
How much would it cost to run for an hour
This depends on your tariff but if on full power for the full hour, approximately 24p 
Can this heater be installed hard up to the ceiling leaving no gap between ceiling and top of heater ? Thanks
There must be a gap to avoid overheating. • Leave a gap of at least 200mm (8\") at the sides and top of the heater
Which side is the flex as I look at the heater from the front
The flex is on the right hand side, as you look at the heater from the front.
Hello, What colour is the heater and is the digital temperature display active. Thanks
The colour is white, and the digital display will show the set desired room temperature.
how cool is the cool air setting?
It would be ambient temperature.
can this heater be installed in a bathroom above entering door.
This heater cannot be installed in a bathroom, as it does not have an IP rating. 
can the heater be installed on ceiling too
This product cannot be mounted on the ceiling. A gap of at least 7.6cm must be applied above the heater. 
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