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Bathroom Panel Heaters

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Electric Panel Heaters for Bathrooms

A wide range of panel heaters to suit all bathroom sizes and budgets. All of the products are IP Rated and certified safe for use in a wet environment such as a bathroom. Units such as the Newlec range are available with built in thermostats and timers to ensure you can keep your bathroom comfortably warm without wasting energy and incurring higher energy bills. A wide ranging selection of styles and features to keep your bathroom warm this winter.

Electric Panel Heaters for Bathrooms

A electric panel heater can be a stylish and more efficient way of heating a bathroom. Ranging from a 240 Panel Radiant heater through to larger powered heaters from Dimplex, all are designed to be safely used within a damp environment and to provide efficient heat across a range of bathroom sizes.

To ensure you select a panel heater suitable for your needs, we suggest working out the cubic feet of a room, this then translates, as a guide, into the amount of watts needed to heat the room. Heat can be diminished by the toilet and bath, so we would advise going a little higher in wattage than the measurements work out at.

The majority of the range are only available to wall mount which saves space and provides with you with the knowledge that your bathroom heater is sufficiently and safely equipped for use in a bathroom. Using heaters from around the home can be dangerous as there are no guarantees these are IP Rated.

Our range of Dimplex Bathroom heaters are fitted with highly accurate thermostats. These are particularly useful if you want to keep the bathroom heated at a comfortable heat. Setting the thermostat to a low heat also protects from the effects of frost during the cold winter months. The thermostat also ensures you do not waste energy in unnecessarily heating a room beyond what you find comfortable.

The more advanced models of the Newlec range are fitted with timers which gives you great flexibility. We would recommend setting the timer so the bathroom is heated for when you have a shower or bath on a evening or in a morning.

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