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Flame Effect Electric Fires

These flame effect electric fires add a touch of class to any room! They're every bit as cosy as a real fire with none of the mess. Choose from a range of free-standing stoves, radiant bar fireplaces, inset and wall-mounted fireplaces below.

All the Cosiness of a Fireplace Without the Mess

cosy Christmas fireplaceThere’s nothing quite like huddling around a roaring fire on a cold night. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a fire to enjoy! Perhaps you live in a flat or a house with no working chimney, or maybe constantly making and maintaining your fire is just too much hassle. If you’re one of these people, then an electric fire is just what you need! They offer all the cosiness of a real fire without the mess and are a luxurious addition to any living room.

Low Maintenance and Cheap to Run

Fires can be a lot of work. They require constant attention as you add more fuel, empty ashes, and clean up soot and dust around the fireplace. This doesn’t even take into account the cost of buying coal, wood, and so on! For many people, this simply isn’t an option, and electric fires are a cleaner and lower-cost alternative.

A flame effect electric fire offers all the warmth of a real fire with none of the mess. They’re cheap to run when compared to the cost of charcoal and phurnacite coal, and they don’t produce any soot or smoke. As a result of all of this, they don’t need any maintenance at all – just turn them on and relax!

Install Them Anywhere

electric fireplace in a rustic attic bedroomYou’re not just restricted to using electric fires in the living room – you can install them anywhere! Many houses used to have fireplaces in the bedrooms for an extra-cosy bedtime, and an electric fire will let you bring that trend back! You can also use a stove-style model to add a rustic look to a stylish kitchen. They’re surprisingly flexible, so as long as you have the wall space, they can fit into almost any room!

Multiple Heat Settings

Like most electric heaters, electric fires have multiple heat settings for your comfort. That means no more piling wood on the fire to get warmed up!

Safe and Reliable

Electric fires carry very few of the safety risks of a real fire. They don’t burn fuel, so there’s no risk of carbon monoxide or smoke being released into your home. They also can’t overheat thanks to overheat protection and fuse systems.

Available in a Range of Designs

Dimplex electric fireplaceClassic fireplaces are timeless – they’ll never go out of style. They’re also very striking and will instantly become the centrepiece of your room, so you need to make sure you pick one that fits in with your décor. Our range of electric fires includes something for any style, from vintage-look open fires to modern stoves – browse above and pick out a few options that you like!

Flame Effect

All of our electric fires feature a flame effect. The look of the flame effect can vary, but it doesn’t affect the performance of your fire. This means that the best-looking fire is entirely down to your personal preference. Our range of flame effects includes cosy-looking coals, hyper-realistic fires on an LED screen, or a simple, warm glow.

It’s worth pointing out that most electric fires will let you use the flame effect without switching on the heat. This means you can use them all year round!

Inset Fires

Inset fires give you that authentic fireplace look. As the name suggests, the frame of the electric fire is set into the wall so it looks just like the real thing! Most will fit into standard fireplace openings or old chimney breasts and can be built around with a mantelpiece for a traditional, cosy look. Depending on the style of the fire, you may even be able to fit them in an appropriately-sized wall recess!

Wall-Mounted Fires

Wall-mounted electric fires are a little easier to install as they can simply be fitted onto the wall. They don’t need to be placed inside an existing fireplace or recess, so you can put them anywhere you like!

Electric Stoves

Dimplex free standing electric stoveEven simpler to use are electric stoves; many of them are free-standing and require no installation at all! They look just like a cosy wood-burning stove and make a great addition to any kitchen or living room.

Radiant Bar Electric Fires

Most electric fires are actually just fan heaters that blow hot air around the room in a process known as convective heating. This means they can take a little while to warm up. Radiant bar heaters work differently; they use radiant heat instead. Radiant heat emitted is by a real fire, and it heats objects directly rather than simply heating the air around them. That’s why, when you light a fire, you feel the heat instantly! You get the same effect from our range of radiant bar electric fires – instant heat that feels a little more natural.

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