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Protector C 1 Litre Insecticidal Spray

£10.98 inc VAT
£9.15 exc VAT

Protector C 1 Litre Insecticidal Spray

HSE Approved Product

Product Code: 150110

206 reviews
£10.98 inc VAT
£9.15 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand - Agropharm

Professional Product Available For Amateur Use! HSE Tested, 


The original and best ready to use, water based insecticide.

With amateur use approval Protector C has enhanced residual action with aqueous nano emulsion formulation technology making it effective against a very wide range of insects in fact almost all insects. No staining or smell once dry.During tests this product proved to be the very best insect killer we have ever tested.

One 1 litre bottle should be enough to treat most home and work insect infestation problems.

With a very low odour once applied to affected area this should provide protection for up to 4 weeks unless a complete extermination has taken place.

Protector C is ideal for pest control against the following bugs:

- Ants
- Bed bug
- Carpet beetle
- Cat flea
- Dog flea
- German cockroach
- Indian meal moth
- Mill moth
- Mosquito
- Oriental cockroach
- Silverfish
- Ticks
- Tropical warehouse moth
- Wasp

Applications: Insecticide for amateur and professional use, against flying and crawling insects such as ants, bed bugs, beetles, cockroaches, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, wasps and moths etc.
For use indoors on hard non porous surfaces, hard and soft furnishings, including carpets, pet bedding and other places where pets lie. In domestic situations and for professional use in public areas.

Also for use outdoors on ants and wasp nests, on animal bedding in kennels

How to use:

SPACE TREATMENT: Apply 1 to 4ml of product per cubic metre, as a fine mist.

SURFACE SPRAY: Apply 10 to 20ml of product per square metre, slightly wetting the surfaces to be protected. Spray all areas of room including headboards, pet bedding, carpets, skirting, non porous and hard surface areas, leave areas to dry before using again. Subsequently, make a maintenance treatment on a monthly basis, treating all surfaces as above.

* No smell during or after use
* Strong and Lasting effect
* No Fire Risk
* No Storage Risk
* Full strength ready to use product no mixing
* Protector C is normally a non staining product in domestic situations, but tests should be made first.

LEGISLATION: This product is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations act 1986 (as amended) for use as directed.

For the extermination of crawling insects (eg bed bugs, fleas) we recommend a combination of fumers and surface treatments for maximum eradication.

Repeat treatments may be necessary.

Please see our section on pest control kits.


Rating 4.7 out of 5 based on 206 reviews.
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Showing 1 to 10 of 206 Reviews
Lisa Bissett
Great product does what it says on the bottle with this product I woe a mask to prevent breathing in the chemicals.
14 Sep 2017
gerry pople
Effective ant killer. Bottle lasted far longer than cheaper brands I had bought from local Superstores.
4 Jul 2017
Ian, Cheshire
Excellent results after closely following easy guiedlines .
7 Apr 2015
Karen, Suffolk
First time of using it, very effective.
1 Nov 2014
Edward, Staffordshire
A safe and discreet method of treating ant infestations that is long lasting.
22 May 2014
Irene, Lancashire
worked well
9 May 2014
Louise Williams, Cumbria
Had little crawling beasties appear in most of my kitchen cupboards possibly due to 2 cold spots as where I found them looked a bit black (so could have been mould?). Thought flour weavels at first but they seemed far too small, about 1mm, dark, not black and crawled slowly. Anyway, sprayed with Protector C. Didn't dry quick enough tho so had to wipe residue with kitchen towel after about 10 mins. Took all afternoon to empty cupboards and spray but seemed worth it because the numbers of new beasties appearing have got less and less daily. After about 3 weeks of finding the odd few every day, I'm now on 3 days since last one found so....think may be on right side of it. Plan to do another spray in a few months with Protector C, instead of my usual kitchen cleaner. Only didn't give 5 stars as after spraying, they clearly weren't all killed. Little bugs can hide in the tiniest places though.
3 Feb 2014
Robert, Cleveland
works well with one application. the odour lasts for a couple of days.
21 Jan 2014
Audrey, North Yorkshire
This spray was very good it worked so well.
14 Nov 2013
3 Oct 2013

Frequently asked questions

Is this product safe to use in places where young children live?
It is safe as long as it is used correctly. It must be kept away from children being able to use it and also when using it make sure children are out of the room until the liquid has fully dried.  
Is this product safe around cats?
Yes, this product is safe to use around cats. However, we would advise to make sure the areas being treated is fully dry before allowing the pets to return.
Hi, Will protector C kill weevils. We have them on our window sills in one wall of the house and we employed the services of a pest controller twice who did not seem to have eradicated the problem. They appear to becoming in through the window and althou
This will kill any weevils. However the source of the problem must be located and treated to completley get rid of the pest. 
This product can be sprayed directly onto a mattress.
i have just bought one of your two bed kits, once i have used smoke bomb and spray how long do i have to leave room until i can start to use again, many thanks
We would recommend to leave the smoke bombs for up to three hours before returning to the room. Once aired, you can spray the Protector C spray which can take around 15 minutes to dry. The room can then be used as normal.
Hi there, What are the ingredients? I can't seem to find that info anywhere. Thanks!
The active ingredient is Cypermathrin at 0.1%.
hi , that protector c killing dust mite also?
This product will kill dust mites.
Will this product get rid of flour mites?
Yes you can use this product for flour mites. Please dispose of the products effected and clean the unit down them spray Protector C and leave.
Have sprayed protector c on the top edge of my work surfaces. How long do I need to keep it there before rinsing it off, as I’m not happy preparing food or putting my appliances back in the area that has been sprayed. Will be leaving it inside the kitchen cupboards, is that ok with the plates & tinned food etc? Thanks

Please be advised if you are rinsing or cleaning the area, then the product will no longer work.


Tinned products are absolutely fine, your crockery will require washing before use.

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