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Jumbo Protector C 5 Litre Bed Bug Killer Spray

£29.99 inc VAT
£24.99 exc VAT

Jumbo Protector C 5 Litre Bed Bug Killer Spray

HSE Approved Bed Bug Killer Spray, allowing you to treat multiple rooms

Product Code: 150111

228 reviews
£29.99 inc VAT
£24.99 exc VAT

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Product information

Brand - Agropharm

XL Bed Bug Killing Spray, HSE Tested


Protector C spray is a HSE approved Bed Bug Killing spray for safe application in the home. Guaranteed to resolve your bed bug infestation.


Product Features:


Spray carpets, sofas, mattresses, inside drawers and cupboards and the Bed Bug Killer spray will soak in providing protection for up to 6 weeks. No staining and no smell means you can use on all furnishings with no concerns.


Once dry, any Bed Bug coming into contact with the sprayed areas will be eliminated. Finding dead bugs is a common sign that the spray treatment is working.


Recommended for use with Bed Bug fumers and Powders alike for a complete treatment of a room where Bed Bugs are present.


Safe for children and Pets alike. 


Once the spray is dry, children and pets can re-enter a treated room. 


We recommend topping the spray up after cleaning and hoovering to ensure it is always at its full potency.


Application takes no more than 15 minutes and a 5 litre bottle will comfortably treat a full home infestation.


Comes with a free trigger spraying hose so you can apply straight from the bottle!


Rating 4.7 out of 5 based on 228 reviews.
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Showing 1 to 10 of 228 Reviews
Jane wright
Caused bad allergy reaction and nose streaming and could only use it for short time. Which meant the rest was wasted as can't risk using it again. Even my breathing was effected. Will use natural methods in future! May just effect certain folk
19 Dec 2018
Great product,fast service and a good price Thank you
27 Nov 2018
Great prices and quick delivery
13 Nov 2018
Very good!!! I recommend it to everyone
19 Jul 2018
michael coleman
seems to have worked, no more bites yet
21 Mar 2018
Caroline Crammond
Does exactly what is says.
27 Feb 2018
Vilem Kona
Amazing service from you guys! Thank you
28 Jun 2017
Mr Earl Allen
great product that works well
24 Apr 2017
John Beeching
this product worked very well,but there is a need to retreat in 6 weeks time,to treat for any straglers that may have got away,witch I did,remember bugs can live for 18 months with no feed host,and resemble a grain of Weetabix,tucked in wallpaper joins,plugs ect,i also used electric plug covers as used for small toddlers to stop electric shocks,the bugs hide in them. all in all a great product.
6 Apr 2017
Mohammad, Oxfordshire
One must be determine to get rid of the problem and keep up with spray.
29 Mar 2016

Frequently asked questions

Does it work against hide beetles? And is it safe to use with cats in the home?
This can be used on Hide Beetles and is safe for cats once the place you have treated has dried.
Can you use this liquid in conjunction with an industrial carpet cleaner such as a "George" (part of the "Henry" range)?
Yes you can do this, just use a cap full or two in to your diluted solution. 
What insecticide does Protector C contain and at what concentration.
0.09% Cypermethrin
Hi, We just sprayed the Protector C along with the fumer we got in the kit. Is it the right procedure to use? Thanks
It does not matter which way the application is administered as long as the correct amount of product is used. 
i have a dog which has a tendancy to lick my wooden floor. Once dry is it harmless to dogs or can this be a problem.
If enough of the product is consumed this may be harmful.
Hi I have a book lice problem and I also keep tropical fish, are any of the treatments safe to use? Thanks
Unfortunately the Protector range of pest control products is extremely toxic to marine life.

However the presence of booklice denotes high levels of humidity in the area as such rather than pest control we would recommend a dehumidifier, as once the humdity is gone the booklice in turn will disapear. 

The following unit would be suitable for your needs:
Can u tell me how to use with water or without wate
This product is ready to use and does not need to be added to water.
Will it kill fleas too??
Yes, this product will kill fleas. It will kill most crawling and flying insects.
Can you sleep in a bed after treating it with the spray
Yes, you can sleep in the bed once the spray has dried. However, only apply on the mattress and base of the bed, and not directly onto the sheets or pillowcases.
hello, I need some advice. Last June found a few bedbugs in my bed. Still don't know where they came from. Treated proffessionally x 3. can't see any now but still being bitten on arms and sometimes on ankles. told by professional to get rid of my bed base as it is of a construction with air holes on the under side. really can't afford to do this. I have been using Rentakill spray without success, what do you suggest please. ps as there is no sign of bugs but I am getting bitten in groups of
The bites may be bed bugs. Look for little black spots on your bedding, which is a sign of bed bugs. They are not active during the day, and avoid daylight, so look in areas they can hide, on and around the bed. We would advise you to use our Fortefog fumers, followed by the Protector C spray, and repeat at 7 - 10 day intervals.
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